Cesar's House Rules | Dog Whisperer

when certain family members avoid the

responsibilities for setting and keeping

the house of rules you are asking for

trouble good feeding time is just

bizarre yes I refused to even feed them

yeah that's why we put Greg Murray in

charge so he can kind of handle them

the robbers family dog George I tell you

Prince is breaking another of my primary

rules showing dominance and overly

excited behavior at mealtime out of

frustration Greg and Cathy place all the

responsibility for Prince on their

teenage son Gregory

yawns Gregory's dog where he'll even

actually nip it Gregory bid him a couple

times you say several times so he's very

keen live somewhere else mm-hmm what I

mean your dog is the whole family to go

cuz no one else really like he drives us

except the dog Oh God huh when somebody

says this is her dog or his dog

automatically I have to say is everybody

else's dog cuz that's how the dog sees

each other you know we all family now

this is boundaries okay we're gonna

create boundaries I wanted to teach

every member of the family how to get

Prince into a calm state before they

start the feeding ritual all right so

just the fact that you created an

invisible bubble for him to be away from

food it calms him down see what I'm

doing is I'm claiming he just heard the

bolt there we go perfect give up give up

yeah because the energy that was on the

ball was not nervous fearful hesitant


it was just claiming the ball I think

this is gonna bring us all together

because we do have to act as a team

instead of individuals in my family we

have new dogs staying with us all the

time what we do is we hold family

meetings and divide up the

responsibility for the dogs exercise

discipline and affection

as evenly as possible that way every dog

learned to respect every member of the

family not just the dog whisperer

but my wife and sons do