Why do you want to leave your current job? - Expert Answers, Interview tips


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and today we'll be discussing about one

of the most tricky interview questions

why you want to leave your current job

hiring managers are often curious about

why you want to change jobs they want to

hear that you are leaving for the right

reasons a better opportunity more

challenges and career growth your

interviewer will want to be sure that

you are a leaving your job because of

poor performance difficult working

relationship or because you hate your

job or your boss when responding to

questions about why you're switching

jobs it's important to provide

reassurance that you are moving on the

courrier reasons not just to get out of

a bad work situation some of the most

common and easiest to explain reasons

for leaving a job include desire to take

on more responsibilities and grow in a

career desire to take on less

responsibilities desire to relocate

desire to a career change company

reorganization has led to

dissatisfaction in the workplace desire

a shorter commute to work desire to

improve work-life balance now look

forward in your response unless you're

part of a well-publicized corporate

implosion or reorganization stay

positive in your response start by

responding with what I really like about

this job and company that is different

from my current organization is take the

opportunity to share what you have

learned about the potential new company

demonstrating your interest in the

opportunity talk about the environment

and the culture of this company and how

you feel it's a strong match with your

strengths and experience now

demonstrating your buy-in to the

company's breadth and culture is a good

mail to sell yourself as a match talk

specifically about the job for which you

are currently interviewing show

excitement about the opportunity to

learn some new skills and adapt to

change focus on your strengths and what

you'll bring to the employer make sure

you take time to describe your

accomplishments and all of the good that

you have done for your current employer

most importantly you want to demonstrate

that you are dignified and professional

and will not disappoint li about at the

boss or the company don't be negative

about your current job or employer

according to several resources the

number one reason most people

voluntarily leave one position for

another is because of a bad boss or

supervisor there may be a combination of

reasons as to why you leave this job but

most all of them will likely tie back to

the poor management or a bad supervisor

so knowing that you shouldn't say

anything negative regarding a company or

individual supervisor in an interview

how should you answer this question if

you speak poorly about a company or boss

during an interview what proof does the

potentially new employer have to believe

that you would say the same thing to a

customer or co-worker in the new company

everyone knows that you would be bad for

business sample answer should be one of

the aspects that I like about the work I

currently am I doing is that I one of

the things that has made it a little

more challenging is that I like to have

a platform where I could share my ideas

and offer up way to service to improve

like in service operation technology

communication etc now bottom line is if

as this question on an interview

remember to keep it positive promote

yourself in your accomplishments and

follow the odd advantage of if you can't

see anything nice don't say anything at

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