The Truth About Leaving The USA

today we're going to be talking about

the truth behind leaving the u.s. away

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hey Lambo that's a nice flight you got

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hey guys how's it going - welcome back

today we're gonna be talking about the

truth about leaving the u.s. survey

that's right this is a little bit of a

touchy subject for some not for

everybody but I think that most of you

guys out there that are watching my

channel already are already planning on

leaving the US and one form or another

and the thing is that it's daunting just

like anything else and that's what we're

gonna be talking about today you know to

help dispel some of the myths and help

make that transition a lot easier for

you okay so the truth is that leaving

the USA is actually a little harder than

one first attend anticipated why because

the thing is that first and foremost

even though you might leave the u.s. its

unless you have a lot of money and

influence it's actually really hard at

first to start setting up shop elsewhere

and why well the reason is because

you're always gonna be tied down to the

US of A you're gonna be tied down to the

US banking system you're gonna be tied

down to how what they do over there and

as each day increasingly gets more

difficult for you to function as an

American in the US of A and it's only

gonna get even worse and it's only gonna

become even harder for you to leave and

function abroad and what do I mean by

that well the

pending on who you are depending on how

easier this is again the more money you

have the more resources you have the

easier it is to just complete this

transition but a lot of you people out

there a lot of you guys out there

literally have very limited resources if

any resources at all and you guys want

to escape you guys want to leave the us

and me personally I live in Mexico you

know some of you guys want to move to

Mexico but I know a good majority you

guys just want to get the [ __ ] out of

Dodge and that's where this video comes

in okay because the reality is is that

you know like I've talked about many

times on my channel the US of A is

getting into a very very dangerous point

in its history right now in which it's

turning into a communism and again guys

you know we can talk about this all day

long and in fact I make videos about

this on my channel talking about these

subjects and we can you know agree to

disagree you know just like I do

sometimes in the comments section you

know it doesn't matter what were you

guys think up there at the end of the

day the country the US of A the first

world you know whether it's you're up or

Canada or any other place a lot of these

things are falling apart and a lot of

people are looking for a way out

especially the people living born and

raised in these countries especially

again the USA so what happens in a

communism for example is that they make

it extremely difficult for you to leave

well the same thing happens is happening

in the US every single day they're

making it harder and harder for you to

leave they just are okay seriously and

that this is why it's a major concern

for a lot of people if I were you guys

out there the first thing I would do is

get your passport if you don't have your

passport already you are long overdue on

getting that Passport step number one

get a passport

assuming you can still get one step

number two sell everything

step number three buy a ticket step

number four get the [ __ ] out that's it

plane ticket this is probably best all

right now I know this might sound fairly

you know easier fairly I don't know

dumbed down but the reality is is that

the difficulties that we have about

moving abroad or Liv leaving the u.s. is

just a lot of fake propaganda that is

fed to us by our own country countries

all right the reality is is that when I

left the US and I moved out here to

Mexico sure there were certain things

that were a little difficult here and

they're just like you know having any

big major change in your life but the

reality is is that things have never

been easier since I've been living here

why because I don't have to deal with

the constant harassment of my government

in all shapes and forms and sizes I

don't have to deal constant harassment

from the banking system I don't have to

deal with constant harassment from the

police and from everyone you know out

there with a little bit of power so many

things okay and and like honestly the

hardest part the hardest part of leaving

the u.s. is just getting over that

mental barrier that things are worse out

there the reality is is that once you

actually leave the country once you

actually explore outside of the US you

start to realize really quickly that

it's a lot better out there now granted

it's not you know there's some places on

earth that are obviously not better than

the u.s. obviously the u.s. still leads

the pack and leads you know in many

categories but I think for the most part

when you guys are looking for what most

humans are looking for is a roof that

they can afford

food they they can actually eat and

freedom and liberty that actually exists

and that's basically I mean everyone has

you know a few more things here and

there you know everybody has different

variable things as to what they want but

the reality is is that what you really

just want to do is leave so for example

the reason I always say that Mexico is

more America than the United States of

America when Mexico is more free than

the United States is because again if

you want to leave here it's not a

problem if you want to get a passport it

doesn't take that long if you want or

whatever the [ __ ] you want to do for the

most part it's really not that hard

what again then this is coming from the

point of view of an American because I

come from the United States of America

who which everything is very difficult

even getting a passport is extremely

difficult even though it's easy it's not

ok and it's expensive and there's so

many other and each day as they pass

there's me even more pearls to be

constantly jumping through in order to

make sure that you you know are qualify

for a passport or even get to keep the

one that you already have and you know

this is you know a lot of reasons you

know why you would want to leave the

u.s. but the main reason the main reason

is the things that I already talked

about now the difficulties that come

about leaving the u.s. is basically just

getting you know over the fact of you

know the the same societal norms that

everyone is always telling you about

that you're not gonna find elsewhere

again guys one of the main things I talk

about out here living in Mexico is that

it's like I'm living in the USA I mean

again I'm from Miami or when they speak

Spanish in Miami for the most part I

come out here everybody speaks Spanish

but you know outside of that you don't

end the Latin culture

I mean basically it's the same thing as

the US and if you go you know pretty

much anywhere in the world you're gonna

find the same comforts the same

everything that you've already find here

the things that you already already find

in the UI

and that you're gonna want now this

video before I started recording today

the title to today's video was really

gonna be things that I miss about living

in the US of A and in all honesty I

couldn't find anything I really I was

really trying really hard I was really

trying to just see if I could make a

list I was really trying to make it an

exercise in fact the harder it was for

me to come up with things the more I

wanted to do it but honestly the only

thing I could really really come up with

about you know things that I miss in the

USA I mean outside of friends and family

you know the obvious but outside of that

in-and-out burger that's it you know

that's it you know just a few food items

here and there that's it yeah I mean

like honestly and again I can live


and again if you travel enough or you go

to the right places it's better food out

there all right I mean I miss myself up

a New York slice I miss a real Philly

cheesesteak I miss me some barbecue

don't get me wrong there's a lot of

things I miss but basically they all go

around food and sure I know I'm a fat

guy and I like to eat but that's not the

point you know really I don't you know I

don't miss the chemtrails I don't miss

the government you know control I don't

miss the taxes I don't miss the civil

war that's happening I don't this isn't

so many I don't miss the politics I

don't miss any of it in fact again if

I'm really gonna sit here and start

naming things I start literally naming

reasons as to why I'm happy and so

thankful about living out here in Mexico

I mean I could literally go off on a

list you know as to why all the other

major reasons as to why I am happier

here and why you know you know moving

out here so is a great choice

in fact I make videos about it all the

time check out the rest of my channel

and you'll find them but the reality is

is that you know there's it's there's no

right country for anyone you know

doesn't matter where you you know for

most people out there you guys don't

even care about where you move to as

long as you get to leave the u.s. that's

the sad reality

because to me that's basically what I

was dealing with before I left the US

was trying to find the cheapest option

out the cheapest place that I could live

and survive for the time being

and that was really the most difficult

thing you know that's we know that's why

I ended up here many that I just

happened to [ __ ] land into one of the

most awesome places on earth you know

and most places don't even most people

don't even know about this place but

again that's another you know topic for

another day in fact again like I said

you know just check out the rest of my

video collection all right but the

reality is is that you know that was

basically my you know motive thinking

what was the easiest way what was the

most financially stable solution what

was the you know the best all-around you

know you know cultural similarities and

so on and so forth and that's why I

chose here I wanted to leave and move in

Argentina it was more expensive I wanted

to go to Venezuela they're going through

a crisis I wanted to you know there's a

lot of places I wanted to go to Spain it

was it was cheap but it was expensive to

get there

I wanted to there's a lot of places I

wanted to live but I chose here because

it was literally I was just at the point

of like I'm because I was at the point

of no return meaning that if I didn't

leave when I left I wouldn't be talking

to you guys right here right now today I

probably would have been on the street

God knows if I would still even be alive

and again this is sad reality of to most

Americans right now and this is why this

video is basically just trying to dispel

some myths that it's not that hard guys

it's not that hard you can do it trust

me all right I'm not gonna be talking

about here you know like the visa or the

all these other [ __ ] you know

there's a million other videos and other

channels talking about more specifics

I'm just trying to psych you guys or I

suck you guys outs like you guys in

whatever into realizing that it's really

not that difficult the difficulties come

and shaking out you know all this

misinformation this mis-education that

your government your society has given

you all right and scared you to the

point of

to ever leave the US of A but again if

you look at the countries that are the

most dangerous on earth and you actually

go there they're not that dangerous you

know again there's exceptions here and

there for the most part you know when

you go to the safest places on earth you

know they're actually pretty dangerous

and I'm again I'm just I'm literally

loosely talking about this but again

everyone talks about how the US is crazy

safe and it's not we all know it's not

you know we all talk about like how

Mexico is crazy dangerous and it's not

you know sure it's dangerous in certain

areas just like any other part of the

world but for the most part it's

actually pretty safe in fact I'm living

in this the second safest city in all of

the Americas

all right that's literally all the way

from Alaska to Argentina

right there sir lotta frame there but

okay so I don't want to hear that [ __ ]

okay and um you know the reality is that

once once you leave the US that's really

when you realize what you've been

missing the things that you've always

wanted have always just been there

they'd just been taken away from us as

Americans and then as the sad true

reality of the situation again this

video is basically you know it was

titled you know the truth about leaving

the USA the truth is is it every day

it's getting harder and harder one day

when this guy is saying he was he's

gonna build that wall he's building that

wall to keep you guys in just like Fidel

and in Cuba you know built that system

to keep the people in just like China

built their system to keep the people in

same thing is a USA they're just

building the system to keep their people

in why because you guys are all debt

slaves and you already know you guys

can't leave that plantation you guys are

in an open-air prison and that's why

it's increasingly more difficult to

leave each state whether it's because

you don't have the finances or they

don't give you the proper paperwork or

whatever the [ __ ] it is it's just making

it harder and harder

every day and now with the new special

Real ID that you guys are about to start

getting well they've already been

issuing it but you guys are now gonna

have it mandatory for next year going

forward you guys can

yeah sorry but I got interrupted by the

US government for a minute there

actually I just read the battery all

right many ways but like I said you know

with the whole Real ID situation you

know and everything that has to go with

that you know right now you're not gonna

even be able to cross state lines

without this special ID special

identification special paperwork and so

on and so forth you know I mean for

reals I registered statistic the other

day in which the you were the police

within the u.s. have killed more US

citizens than soldiers and you know Iraq

or whatever the [ __ ] out there in the

Middle East have killed

um enemies so again the police has

killed actually more people in the US

than our own army has actually killed in

combat out there now I know it sounds

like a crazy stat but again if you watch

my channel enough and you know what's

really going on out there and these wars

and so on and so forth these numbers

actually do make sense and especially if

you are a victim of the police in the

u.s. are in which I think most of us are

right now in fact there's another stat

that one in three people or one in four

people has either been the present or

know somebody directly in prison now

think about that for a second one in

four people all right so if you're a

family of four either one of you guys

has been to prison already or you guys

know someone that has been closely

related to you that has gone or is in

prison at the moment it can be your

cousin it could be your best friend it

could be a boyfriend or girlfriend it

could be it could be a [ __ ] dog for

crying out loud anyways but you get what

I'm saying and that's again a [ __ ] up

since that you know statistic you know

the US has become a prison an open-air

prison nobody denies these things

anymore you know we can talk about the

FEMA camps we can talk about you know

that hyperinflation that's coming we can

talk about the death of the petrodollar

in fact we do talk about all of these

things on my channel please if you want

to know more just scour

my channel but the point is is that the

truth is that if you don't leave now

it's just gonna get harder tomorrow and

the next day and the next day alright

and before you know it they're gonna

start implementing special rules or laws

or whatever to make it even harder okay

and again most you guys already know

what the deal is every single day they

pass new laws to help the banks to help

the people in power and take power and

take rights away from you they give more

power to the corporations and the people

at top and they take away from you okay

they literally um keep you guys from

moving that's what they're trying to do

then they literally don't want you guys

to leave they want you again going back

to the whole debt slave you know

scenario conversation you know there's a

reason why that exists that word that

verbage it's not you know trying to just

you know get you guys to you know hear

that word slave and then trigger you

guys know it's really because we're all

debt slaves and that's the sad reality

we're all born with debt okay and

basically what you're trying to do out

there is escape this slave ship okay

you're just escaping the plantation and

that's why the hardest part about

leaving the u.s. is still having to deal

with the u.s. even though you're gone

okay because that's been my most

difficult thing about my journey alright

and that's the thing that's the most

difficult thing about most people's

journey the less you have the most more

difficult it is okay the more you have

the easier it is to buy your way out

okay but it doesn't mean that you know

that money is gonna be Salvage on your

way out a lot of it is gonna get taken

away from you one form or another

whether it's through taxes whether it's

through whatever the [ __ ] okay and

that's the thing most people out there

are trying to find a way out and in some

cases even preserve your wealth why I

talk about goal

silver and in this case Bitcoin all the

time because again if you're trying to

escape the US and you've got a lot of

gold and silver you have good luck

crossing your state border let alone the

country's board but again if you have

all your wealth within this little

digital USB you know and it's in Bitcoin

listen you can convert it all to Bitcoin

across the board and once you get back

over to the to wherever the [ __ ] you're

gonna live then you can reconvert it

back to gold and silver so just keep

that in mind alright guys it's a way to

you know transfer wealth to move your

wealth to keep your wealth in your hands

and then the out of the hands of

everybody else I can go on and on as to

why you want to leave the US but you

guys already have made your decision if

you're watching this video and if you're

still watching right now that you want

to leave the US and you want to leave

ASAP and all I'm telling you guys to do

is to get the [ __ ] out as soon as

possible because at some point it's

gonna be so difficult for you to get out

that you're the one that's gonna be

crossing the Rio Grande and you're the

one that's gonna be called a [ __ ]

[ __ ] alright

straight up the invasion is gonna be

coming from the north

going south and again I've talked about

this many times in other videos guys the

most difficult part about leaving the US

is literally just leaving crossing that

border because to me my heart was

pounding out of my chest as I was

leaving the country

and I got to leave out of Burbank

Airport you know a small tiny rinky-dink

little airport I did that on purpose

all right instead of leaving from LAX

all right I was able to escape literally

okay because at this point even if even

if you don't have any tax problems they

create tax problems so you're not able

to leave once you're gone once you're

out of the country you can resolve just

about anything literally and if you

can't they can go [ __ ] themselves but

you can literally resolve everything and

anything outside of the country and in

some cases like me and others we're

looking to get our own citizenship in

other countries and trying to break ties

but that's another thing you learn that

once you know with like let's say Cuba

you leave Cuba and you're gone for two

years they break all ties with you

you're not a citizen anymore you don't

have any more rights you don't have any

more anything if you leave the US

it don't matter you're a US citizen for

life and if you actually look up

relatives and how do I renounce my US

citizenship how do I get rid of my US

citizenship hide away not become how do

I become stateless how do I you know

again for example some people out there

might want to become a Mexican citizen

and renounce their US citizenship guess

what guys you can't do it then I'll

allow you to do it that sounds like

slave to me all right

they want to make sure that you belong

to them no matter what that they can if

they want they can drag you out of word

little [ __ ] you are and drag you back to

the US all right and again this is why

me and a lot of people once we get to a

outside of the US we start taking the

proper steps in order to make sure that

these things don't happen but we don't

[ __ ] know you know look at people

like Kim calm this guy has never even

stepped foot in the US he's a New

Zealand citizen and yet you know they're

trying to extradite him and deport him

to the US to stand trial look at Julian

Assange another individual who has never

stepped foot in the u.s. and they are

trying to extradite him to the US

overt reason now I know we've discussed

this many many more times and they've

changed you know the charges on him but

regardless it doesn't even [ __ ]

matter they can do what they want for

the time being as you guys already know

as we talked about this on this channel

many many times they are losing their

power and you want to be out of there by

the time that that happens because if

you're still stuck in the USA when the

whole thing hits the fan when the [ __ ]

hits the fan it's this too too late guys

all right I can tell you from personal

experience you know not just my own

family after Cuba

you know after Fidel took over and then

you know the process of them getting out

took literally almost a whole decade and

I can talk about other people that have

left Soviet Russia or select other

countries and that are in a similar

situation as if the US is about to hit

and it's not that easy and right now

most people don't even see it but I

think that anyone that's still watching

right now this video you guys not only

see it but you guys are living it and

you guys can't wait to get the [ __ ] out

and all I know all I need this all I

want to really tell you guys is that

just do it already just freakin do it

okay while you still can

because there will come a time in a very

very you know near future in which

you're not gonna be able to do this

anymore and it will be a figment you

know it'll be it'll be just like the

American Dream you need to be asleep to

believe it alright guys I hope today's

episode was informative I know it was a

little bit of a click Beatty type title

but [ __ ] it you know I mean I had these

things in my mind I wanted to talk about

and we need to create a good title for

the video so hey what are you gonna do

sue me

actually yeah you probably can but

whatever I'm in Mexico so you can suck

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