top five signs it is time to junk your

car number one knocking noise uh

knocking noise coming from the block is

a sign that your engine is severly worn

worn piston rings cylinder wall main

bearing rod bearing crankshaft journals

all contribute to a knocking noise some

of the main causes are not changing

engine oil on schedule running on low

oil or topping the engine with oil

instead of changing oil number two

transmission issues a failed

transmission is not a good reasons to

junk a vehicle however it is a good

reason to junk the vehicle when it has

very high mileage also some vehicle are

known to have failing issues all the


for example 2004 nissan maxima and older

acura such as the Acura CL & TL number

three high mileage this one is common

sense some vehicle lasts longer than

others and some don't most Japanese

vehicle can last 200,000 miles and more

and some cars just do not last that long

and will be plagued with issues number

for water and fire damage this one is

pretty much common sense again if a

vehicle has been flooded with water it

will have severe electrical issues that

is never-ending also a vehicle that

catches on fire should also be junked

number five major electrical issue some

vehicles just have never-ending

electrical problems such as the Kia

Sedona simply due to poor design it does

not matter how many times you fix the

problem if a vehicle is known to have

electrical issues it is best to sell the

vehicle or junk it thank you for

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