When to Hire Employees?

Tayler asks how does a start-up know

when to add staff what positions are

most critical to line up first

tailor and by the way before we get into

your answer tailor obviously this is a

startup themed episode in honor of the

43 north competition Taylor I think that

um there's a lot of ways to go about

this I think you reverse engineer the

founders of the company so there's a lot

of things that are needed financial

understanding is needed marketing

understanding this needed product

understanding is needed there's a lot of

needs when you're a small company I

think what you need to do is first you

hire as soon as you can afford to wait

too many like there's startups that I

know that are literally paying their

founders and CEOs way too much money and

because they want to take the money home

I mean you've got to start spending it

to invest in your business but not more

than you have and so if you make you

know 30 or 40 thousand dollars a year as

an entrepreneur that's plenty you're

building an asset for yourself for the

rest of your life it's better than

making a hundred so you can take that

seventy thousand and go and hire your

head of marketing hire a project manager

hire whatever needs you have who to hire

is actually quite easy in my opinion you

hire around the thing that you believe

you most need that you yourself can't

most provide I don't hire salespeople

very quickly in my companies I don't

hire you know HR people very quickly we

didn't have a HR department or a sales

staff for the first five of the seven

years of vaynermedia and everybody

thought that was so crazy because there

were the things I did those are things

that I could do with my hustle but we

did have a CFO and a legal person very

quickly over our means because those

were shortcomings the gauge a could have

probably learned it on the job but those

are things we didn't have as much up so

I think when you hire first is the thing

you need to round out your team with

even if it's not let's say sales is more

important than legal but you're great at

sales I think you still fix legal even

though it's less in priority because by

doubling down on a person you're still

zero here and you might just gain 20 to

50 percent here where maybe your hustle

and your efforts can just be the part

that gains and so I think sometimes

people say well sales is the number one

thing for this company and even though

I'm great at sales I'm gonna hire

second salesperson and we'll get to that

I find it to be a vulnerability I would

say up your game by 20 to 40 percent and

allow you to fill some of the other

needs that can become vulnerabilities on

your team