When Is It Time To Hire a Virtual Assistant or Office Manager?

welcome to alive with Amanda I'm very

excited to be here today and our topic

is on when is it time to hire a virtual

assistant or even an office manager

here's the thing that's a good rule of

thumb is if you can't get back to your

phone calls quick enough then it's time

to hire somebody to answer your phone

that's the first thing that you can let

go of I know there's a lot of therapists

out here right now who are cringing it's

like I can't let go of my phones I need

to let people know my personality I need

to let them know you know my style I

know how to close the deal I know what

to do I promise you you can still do

that and I'll tell you how you can do

that but I want to come in to you first

to hand over your phones to somebody

that you trust most people are used to

calling service professionals and

getting somebody else whether you call a

doctor whether you call an acupuncturist

whether you call it higher partner

whether you call somebody to do your

hair we're used to receptionist it's how

people build their businesses and how

they grow and expand so it's not

something that's like a novel you know

idea it's like I have to book with a

receptionist I think a lot of people are

used to booking with receptionist if

you're not comfortable with your

receptionist booking the calls for you

have your receptionist booked that 15

minute consultation set up time and your


every single week to set up 15-minute

consultations so that way if you want

people to know who you are you want to

know if you're a good fit you want to

sell it that's perfect but half those 15

minutes slots throughout your day so

that you can make sure to allow your

virtual assistant to answer the calls I

know it happens for me I know it happens

for a lot of other people they call

therapists number one doesn't answer

hang up therapist number two hang up

therapist number three and they

generally book if all things are sort of

the same with the therapist that calls

them back first and gets them back first

so you want to make sure that you are

getting back to people fast enough and

so if you're in a session for an hour

how are you going to get back to

somebody who called you at the beginning

of that session you're not you're

letting a whole

or go by you're letting somebody else

make a call to another therapist and

potentially booking with them and losing

out on that business I want to give a

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note they are a all-inclusive electronic

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clients nice and satisfied with those

reminders that's like one of my favorite

parts like I don't have to send text

messages to clients so going back to

answer your calls your electron are your

and call your electronic health record I

wish a electronic health record could

call but when you have electronic health

record clients you go directly on and

book so your virtual assistant can book

you clients for you on your electronic

health record they can send the

paperwork they can do follow-ups you can

even have them take the payments run

insurance billing there's a lot of

things that help that a virtual

assistant can do for you they can

promote your social media they can make

posts so you want to make sure that

you're really utilizing your time you're

a clinician what you're good at is

providing therapy you want to be able to

maximize that amount of time you're

spending three hours a week on calls

which could be like not even that long

for some practices that's three hours a

week you could be seeing clients and

generating income and paying somebody

just a fraction of what you're making

and so there are a lot of virtual

assistant companies out there there's

one specifically for therapists or you

can just find somebody local that's

maybe already answering the phones for

some people and are willing to do your

phone so I would say definitely when you

can't answer your calls quick enough you

want to either get an office manager or

a virtual assistant or have somebody

in-house if you can't give a group

practice you definitely are gonna want

somebody entering those calls because

the call volume is gonna be so high so

thank you for watching if you have any

questions for me at Amanda please send

them to me you can email me or you can

message me and I'll be happy to answer

them on my next live with Amanda