PART ONE: When Should You Define the Relationship?

so one user recently asked a question on

the ask reddit forum about when is the

appropriate time to define the

relationship you know the big question

right so say you've been dating somebody

for some time now it's been three weeks

or so maybe even longer things are going

really well you don't know if you guys

are boyfriend/girlfriend you don't know

if you guys are exclusive you don't know

what the situation is so you want to ask

but is it too soon but you're afraid if

you don't ask you might end up in a

situation where you're catching feelings

and that person doesn't want to be in a

relationship so it's a very important

question to ask I want to ask ladies

when is the right time to ask what are

we honey what are we what are we doing

are we exclusive all of them I'll play

them games you hit this twice we go


by whites twice three times a lady okay

oh you better got they all what's your

point you know and I've said it before

like no one's hittin unless we are the

Builder but I think also at this point

in my life like I'm not dating to just

like enjoy each other's company

you know like cuz that used to be a

thing you know like we're just enjoying

each other's energies it's an energy

exchange and at this point it's like if

I am dating you like I am dating for the

purpose of meeting somebody that I want

to have a meaningful long-term

relationship with like that so if that's

not something you're is that that

something that you want for yourself

then it feels like that we shouldn't

date when you had that conversation you

honestly I have that conversation offer

it but and having that conversation

right now tell me if I'm wrong I don't

think that you should want to be in a

relationship with somebody who you're

afraid to ask or you feel uncomfortable

okay King where we are in the

relationship like that that's just set

the tone that maybe we shouldn't be if I

don't even feel comfortable enough to be

vulnerable they're like what are we


yeah or that feels like I'm lying on a

shell I think it's just it's not that

they don't feel comfortable with the

relationship it's just the first it's

the actual first step yeah I crave ulnar

Balai just horrible yeah I was horrible

horrible at dating because I didn't you

know I didn't do that lot so I can

remember when I was dating Adam within

like two or three weeks I thought we

were dating exclusively like naive and I

remember I was trying to get a hold from

one day and Tim was like what is wrong

with you he's probably dating someone

else like relax and she actually was

right though so that's the way he had a

mean rotation he actually