Tutorial How to Harvest and Dry Lavender

hi everybody it's Kathy from huckleberry

herbs in nara and today i'm going to

show you a little bit of my lavender

harvest amar so these ones are a little

bit past what I would have wanted to

harvest them at as you can see some of

the blooms have actually begun to pop

open which of course the bees love and

they've been a little bit busy over here

and it seems as though the darker colors

are the first to be ready to harvest

anyway these particular ones right here

with the buds still tightly closed

they're more in the perfect range of

when you want to harvest and this

particular species this particular

version of the lavender is a lighter

lavender and it's just coming in to its

color so that I won't be touching any of

that so I'll definitely be taking some

of these tighter ones that are perfect

and some of these ones that are starting

to pop open and I'll share a little of

that with you okay so all I do is with a

pair of scissors you really don't need

anything heavy-duty they pinch off

pretty well with a pair of scissors is

snip down I might leave a few of the

leaves here so that I can get an

extension because at least until you

know what you're going to do with them

you do want to have longer ones now I

have the time at the moment

and the freedom to at the moment be

picky and take these one at a time there

have been times where I just had so

little time and I needed to harvest them


and I've just grabbed them by bunches

and gone down as far as I can and

gathered them to get them off the plant

so I can use them for my craft projects

and other types of things because of

course with lavender there's so many

options there first of all beautiful and

they are wonderful in arrangements and

they dry really well so the arrangements

can go on and on they're also extremely

fragrant and are considered an herb for

relaxation so some people might lay a

sprig of lavender on their nightstands

next to where they sleep so that they

can rest most people really do like the

fragrance and it's a very powerful

fragrance very strong once they're dried

of course you can break off the buds

and you can make sachets which can go in

the closet too or your draw to fragrance

fragrance sell your clothes and you can

make soaps with them and it is edible

although I don't really eat lavender I

have on occasion seeing ice cream

parlors with lavender ice cream and I

would not suggest any medicinal purposes

that your doctor is not approving but

lavender has for centuries been used for

medicinal purposes so this is what I'm

doing I'm just gathering them in little

beautiful bunches and then I'm just

going to place them in my little harvest

basket there and I'll bring them in and

show you what I do next with them

alright so here is today's harvest this

is what I brought inside I have a good

amount of the lovely dark purple and

again this is the kind that I will make

crafts with and use for visual type

stuff and I did harvest a little bit of

the lighter purple and this is what I

will use for fragrance and sachets and

things like that and all I'm going to do

is show you how I bundle them which I

just take rubber bands this is a really

good size actually just fairly thin

rubber bands and you might be able to

see that I have the longer ones on this

side and I try to put the smaller ones

over here so that when I go into the


it's a little bit easier for me to grab

a bunch trying to get the end to be

together and truthfully these have been

in the house for a little while they've

been cut for a few because I had other

things I had to gather out there you

should bring them in as soon as possible

but can't always run right back in the

building so they're starting to get

slightly soft and you want to get them

hung as soon as you can because if they

get a really serious bend in them before

or as they're drying out they will keep

the bend so if you wanted a straight

lavender for something you were making

then you would have you know curls and

tips over flower buds that didn't look

nice and straight for you and I just

take the elastic band go around a few


and then I just take a paper clip and

this one's been used quite a few times

so it's not beautiful mm-hmm I just take

a paper clip a large paper clip and

unwind it so I get a straight Center and

I will hook one side into the elastic

band and then I will hang from the paper

clip so that's it I'll get all these

bundled up and ready to be hung and here

they are all wrapped up and you're ready

to go and I really did end up with you

know some long sets and some medium

length sets and even a little teeny one

and there's my two bunches of my lighter

colored and now I will take them out

into the back and the workshop where I

dry things and put all the rest of the

paper clips on and hang all right - the

final step is to get the lavender hung

and all I have done is created a long

rope essentially here by taking plain

old twine and making it into a braid

and then I simply take a paper clip that

I have hanging off the elastic and I put

that into any old hole or space and I

can hang my lavender and hopefully get

that to dry nice and straight so that I

can put it on cards or whatever I choose

so I have actually a lot of things

hanging up here a dry dark cool space so

this place doesn't stay perfectly cool

in the summer but it is dry and dark

most of the time and you don't need to

leave it hanging that long actually in a

couple of weeks this will be good to go

it's already drying out quite a bit it's

the I don't know through it or fourth

day that it's been hanging at this point

and I have plenty of space on my rope to

come back and continue hanging on a

vertical so I'll probably make some more

of these because putting them straight

across the top actually takes up so much

space that I can't fit that much in and

I have quite a bit to dry but my herbs

up there my time my sage my rosemary


oh boy lots of different things right

now it's all about the lavender anyway I

hope you enjoyed this I hope you learned

something from it and I'll be making

things with these there's already a

tutorial on how to make a card using

dried herbs and pansies and lavender are

in them so till next time everybody this

is Kathy from huckleberry herbs in art

god bless