How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard | Beard Question #4

what's up brothers welcome back to beard

questions our video series where we

answer questions about all things beard

and today's question is how long does it

take to grow a beard now

beards come in all sorts of shapes and

sizes lengths in styles so this question

is really kind of hard to answer I'm

gonna break it down for you

you see depending on the style and the

length of beard you want it can take

anywhere from a month to two years or

longer or anywhere in between but your

beards gonna grow on average about half

an inch per month so depending on the

style that you want that you prefer that

you want to rock

it's pretty easy to figure out so if you

want a beard that's about six inches

from your chin it's probably gonna take

about a year to get that length and I

would recommend kind of planning a

little bit longer because as you're

growing your beard out here at live

bearded we recommend checking in

trimming your beard styling it so as

you're growing out your beard

your beard always looks great alright

for my guys out there that are a little

impatient the guys that don't want to

wait the amount of time necessary to get

the length that you want fortunately for

you there are three primary factors that

impact beard growth genetics

testosterone and your health now

genetics unfortunately there's not

really much you can do to modify those

unfortunately testosterone and the

health there's a few things that you can

do to help in those areas so starting

with testosterone as men our

testosterone levels vary and it's

completely normal to range several

hundred points spread from low to high

and fortunately there's a few natural

ways that you can boost your

testosterone levels number one is get

active whether you hit the gym or you go

hiking and get outside if you move in

your body you're getting active you're

likely to boost your natural

testosterone production another way you

can do it is get more sleep recommend it

eight hours of sleep per night if you

like me that's nearly impossible but get

at least five hours minimum if you get

five hours or less your testosterone

levels can actually be reduced by as

much as 15%

also de-stress ID stress by being active

hitting the gym going on a hike if you

stress your cortisol levels go through

the roof and when your cortisol levels

go spiked your testosterone goes down

which means slower or worse beard growth

all right and a third piece of the

puzzle is your health now in the world

we live in today there's all sorts

experts out there telling us what's

healthy what's not healthy what kind of

diet you should follow from high carbs

low carbs high fat no fat keto all sorts

of different things right I'm not here

to tell you what kind of diet to follow

to be healthy but what I will tell you

is there are certain vitamins and

minerals that are proven to help

increase the rate in the health of your

beard growth you know vitamins like

vitamin E biotin b6 b12 there's a ton of

these vitamins you can find them in

foods dark leafy greens lean proteins

avocados almonds I mean there's all

sorts of foods that you can when you're

eating these foods you're gonna get the

vitamins and minerals known to help

promote better beard growth now if you

don't feel like tracking your calories

or watching what you're eating you can

also supplement these you can buy all

these supplements individually and make

sure you're getting them every single

day and that is going to help you get

better or faster beard growth here at

live bearded we bottled this up and the

two capsules make it super convenient

for you guys if you haven't checked it

out it's called beard boost definitely

recommend taking a look at it I'll let

the reviews speak for themselves

but they'll absolutely help you grow a

better beard alright guys so to sum it

up how long does it take to grow a beard

well I guess it depends hopefully found

this helpful guys if you have any


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