When is it time to GIVE UP ON SOMEONE?


hello everyone thank you so much for

joining me today for this video my name

is Laura

I am the happiness coach and this video

is going to be about how to know when

it's time to let go with someone to say

no more sayonara bye Felicia

okay this is a very very important topic

most of my followers out there you guys

are healers light workers mr. and mrs.

fix it we want to save the planet we

want to say it's the world you want to

lift everyone's vibration we want

everyone to be happy happy happy but

that means that it comes at a cost to

ourselves sometimes sometimes we

sacrifice our own well-being our own

mental and emotional and spiritual

well-being because we're trying to fix

everyone and fix everything who's fixing

you teachers need teachers and healers

need healers okay so how to know when

it's time to just let someone go to let

them be gone first of all this is

difficult for some people because a lot

of you cuz you are healers and light

workers you see people's highest

potentials new is hoping that one day

they're gonna see what you see you're

hoping one day they're gonna change

you're hoping one day they can

understand and you know twenty years

later he you are in the same position oh

you have to first communicate with

someone I've seen you know growing up

where people keep you know information

to themselves and it builds up and it

builds up you do you know what I mean

it's like they did that I saw this they

did this big why do they do that

write it and keep it a mental note in

your head and at some point you're gonna

that that that's gonna quit at some

point and then you leave and then

they're like where are they gone right

you have to communicate what it is that

you expect from someone you actually

have to teach people how you want to be

treated you have to show them you have

to tell them if something's not right

you can say to them I expect a B and C

this can be any

it's gonna be a relationship this can be

a friendship this could be someone at

work you can say look I expect this to

be done in the week this is what I need

I need this this is part of your job

role well you can say I need you to show

me more appreciation because I'm doing

with it stuff when it's like you don't

acknowledge me some people don't realize

what they're doing other people do and

it depends what the situation is okay

but you have to communicate what you

expect and what you need from someone

okay so if you're still trying to figure

out the piece of your voice then if

they're more about less sort of

boundaries learning how to communicate

your boundaries learning how to

communicate your needs and your desires

and your wants that's very difficult to

people especially healers we're used to

being the ones that are always helping

and then we stir all we need help right

but the thing is is that we attract

people that need help and we don't

attract people that done and so when we

need something more we're screwed and we

need help it's like okay right we need

to have people there for us as well it's

really really important and I'm learning

this journey with you guys as well I am

mrs. Fixit I see people's problems I can

fix them in a day if you let me control

your life but there's only very few

people that I come around that are gonna

be there for me as soon as I ring you

know so we're gonna be changing this

dynamic together all right

so how to know when to walk away from

someone well first of all they're lying

to you flat out and they're lying to you

that's that's gonna be a good enough

reason to walk away from someone so you

may see this in different ways I've had

people in my life that they lied to me

I'm not just a direct life as it could

be an indirect I like oh I just didn't

tell you because you didn't ask I don't

think it was important

you probably knew that was important you

probably should have told me that piece

right so it's like indirect or direct

line you create your boundary I think

none of its acceptable okay but if

you're say for example you're saying

look I need a B and C you say to the

person at work you need this needs to be

done by my

can you do that yeah no worries I've got

this team doing this and I got this

doing this and I'm staying late tonight

so it's gonna be done and then Monday

comes along where is it

oh I haven't done it yet okay but you

said you have people working on it yeah

I did but it just hasn't been done yet

it will be done on Wednesday I promise

Wednesday comfortable where is it I

haven't done it yet right

and it can be in relationships as well I

need you to be to do these things this

isn't about making someone make you

happy this is just about general

self-respect this is just general stuff

you know I need this from you and I need

that from you to have a basic back and

forth relationship and if they keep

saying yeah and all right I'll do that

yeah I'll stop doing that you know it's

not very nice or change or do this not

do that and they're still not doing it

bye Felicia

okay because you've communicated with it

and then if someone is saying yes to you

but they're not doing it then you know

it's disrespectful to you and they're

not really listening to you and they may

be trying but maybe the hard part is

they trying just to kind of keep you

there that's the time when you want to

say goodbye to someone that's a four

that's just a reason to say no to

someone obviously we have other very

much more serious issues like abuse

I should go without saying abuse

straight out no excuses no apologies

needed because I'm gone okay that has to

be the quickest way the quickest thing

that you see as soon as that happens no

apology needed no forgiveness needed I'm

out okay that's gonna be the first big

thing and then I'm gonna save the lying

right that's a big thing someone not

appreciating you you're putting in all

the effort are they giving it back no

right so again if you're giving and

putting in all the work and you

communicate it to them like baby

doing everything you know doing anything

then you know it's time at some point to

say I'm done because there's only so

much you can give all right everything

has to be balanced it's the same in the

universe it's saying in the world in

relationships the same with friendship

it's the same with everything

sweet and salty right you have a couple

of M&Ms and you have a couple of chips

you like the sweet and savory thing and

play everything has to be balanced and

if you're constantly giving and you'll

never get anything back and you

communicate you didn't eat so big I'm

really not getting anything here and

they're still not doing anything about

it or this thing that they're going to

in there nothing changes bye yeah and no

turning back

bye so that's kind of people want to

pick a reason for you to be able to say

I'm out so the next thing I'm gonna go

with and this is the biggest one and

this is gonna be the final one that I'm

gonna say this is a big big reason you

have to say no to someone at some point

is neglect neglect neglect neglect okay

if you are constantly being there for

someone taking care of someone taking

care of their needs and as soon as you

have a problem and they're not there

mm-hmm okay that is neglect so this

isn't about this video isn't really you

know the spiritual side of things all

that going in deep but healing things

within yourself because obviously those

things have to be done you have to ask

yourself why you try you allowed you to

have to be treated like that for so long

why you're scared to let that pass and

go this already has to do with

codependent issues right you don't want

to let go of someone you love them or

you want them to love you or whatever's

going on right but you you keep getting

neglected and they're not there for you

and you give up things and you say yes

to that person and I'll take care of

this as new do that but as soon as you

fall down you need someone to pick you

up and then although it's out okay that

can happen a couple of times you

communicate it with that person and they

say they're gonna do it but they don't

and they're lying to you or they flat

out don't do it you might have to give

them maybe the Overmind of baby look I

need you right now I think

I'm here and maybe you know a couple of

times go by and oh yeah I forgot it

no we a lot of time oh you guys Sheila's

and my workers you spend so much time

loving yourselves and figuring

yourselves out you deserve to be

surrounded by people who treat you with

love and respect that's just the

flat-out tough period okay you deserve

to have those types of people so if no

one has said this to you today

or if no one has said this to you for a

while let me tell you something you are

amazing if you are doing self-love work

and you're working on your best self and

you're trying to heal things and not get

triggered so much or at least learn to

deal with the triggers if you're in that

space then you are awesome okay

and you didn't have to have people with

you every day cheering you on like yes

look at this one look at this Queen look

at this King look what he's doing

you deserve that flat out okay so if you

are not being treated in that manner of

respect from someone it's time to say

goodbye and this is really really tough

if you are a fixer if you are a light

worker or you're an empath because we

want to heal everyone now we stick

around and we just hope that

everything's gonna be okay and then

guess what

it isn't people start getting depressed

been there people start getting lonely

been there your hair falls out been

there okay this does not need to happen

I put this video out in hopes that

people don't have to go for your I go

through because all these videos that I

talk about I've been through it myself

and I've had to learn these lessons and

yes we fail them and we do it again and

we fail it and do it again but at some

point I'm gonna tell you right now

you're gonna figure it out and you're

gonna stick to those guns because you're

creating room for these people and then

not assisting you or being there for you

and all these people over here that one

with you and take care of you and love

you there's no room for them because of

these people here okay you're going to

make room for the people that really

want to love you and take care of you

and be there for you these people here

there's no room and no space okay so

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