When To Give Up On a Man

good evening hey I was trying to go

laughs um how are y'all

hi Angela plan so wait for a few people

to get here oh good evening Friday

evening how are y'all okay so this topic

was requested and I was on my beauty and

haul channel and I asked some of the

ladies over there to suggest a topic and

this was the one that I drilled so thank

you for the topic so we're gonna be

discussing when to give up on a man okay


height elop sprinkle sprinkle

wait to give up on a man when you still

when you start waiting that's when when

you have to wait when you have to remind

him 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 times when you

have to ask him multiple times to do

something that's simple when you have to

put in more effort into getting him to

do something simple

then you should thank you I imagine

sprinkle sprinkle because that means he

don't respect you respond to you or even

want to impress you anymore so basically

you've lost your power okay so when you

give up it doesn't mean you leave it

means you start finding another one or

you find another way to get what you

need done and you continue on and let

him watch you get it done and let him

wonder how you got it

where you got the money from etc etc you

know because you don't want to give up

whatever he's doing for you because

you're angry and upset

you're gonna reap all benefits from

every angle but what you've done is

you've given up on waiting on him to

take care of certain things that he's no

longer trying to take care of and once

he realizes that he's not needed that's

when he's gonna want to feel needed

again so the next time you ask him to do

something he's gonna get up and go get

it done okay so when you when I'm saying

when did you give up on a man I'm not

talking about when do you dump him if he

broke you should be with him anyway so

we're not talking about that you give up

on trying to change them trying to get

them to do something when they're


you've lost your power Thank You Queens

I you let my hair oh and my shirt thank

you so you don't need to stick around

and keep begging and asking him to do

the same things over you just take care

of yourself find another one to take

care of them no I mean and the things

that you need done that he's not doing

then he's gonna slowly start to see you

paying less and less attention to him

then he's gonna start doing all that

stuff plus the more that you've been

asking him to do especially when you

stop asking him and just show it what

you already needed okay so this is a way

to gain back your power now if he's

broke if he's not doing anything if he's

trash you should have been gone but I'm

trying to tell you like a lot of women

have a relationship and they they're

getting you know the bare minimum but

they want a little bit more so if that

man is not willing to give you that

little bit more or you know stay

consistent then you got to let him know

that if you'll and will do what somebody

else will and you give up on asking him

and you just go take care of it but let

him know that it's done you know the

door about it's already done and leave

it at that

because he's gonna wonder how it got

done and he's gonna wonder who helped

you he's gonna wonder you know Dame she

don't really need

I guess I better get up and do something

because she's gonna replace me

so you know oh hey teen 25 did you hold

on let's go scroll back okay you're very

shy when I go out and dresses everyone

stares okay

that's cuz you look good sprinkle

sprinkle this is high bar Walgreens or

to you know drop off package about let

them stand baby that's what you for know

that's what you for mm-hmm

you don't do you want to look the

opposite ring pass you to the other chip

over there

you're supposed to be looked at that's

what you are dressing up for and before

so that you can be seen amongst the

crowd Thank You monkey sprinkle sprinkle

thank you for helping me reach my

potential after following your advice

everything just fell into place

Thank You Mikey sprinkle sprinkle yeah

you know when you get that confidence

when you level up when you stop taking

the least and giving the most you're

gonna get what you always wanted

so what I'm taking up some music so yes

you gotta you gotta learn when to give

up big and somebody to do something then

just go have someone else take care okay

and when you do that you're gonna start

to see the the power shift back in your

favor you know like you're basically you

just told him he was useless and that

he's easily replaced so he better do

whatever you need to be done or else you

know this is not gonna last too much

longer how to meet guys and get needs

met by other main while still with the

other guy separate bombs separate fall I

don't know who she responds these days

but hey do you know people that share

phones okay sure I know this is another

channel oh yeah

save that for the other channel I

noticed that even through the amazing

women of teaching their ways I don't

reach a six-figure salary for another

two years he's boring and don't have how

often would you been there for two years

your husband won't leave citizen until

you were born a girl

hey y'all you're only 27 and he ain't

even reached that oh well I don't know

what you look like have you leveled up

and you sparked his interest how you

started trying to go out and invite him

and say hey let's go do this tonight

let's go do that today

mm-hmm oh she said separate no way if

you're with somebody already and you're

dating on the side because you're not

really married whenever he's at work or

don't he's got to do and you have a long

time that's when you go

that's when you go in you know date or

freestyle mm-hmm so how do you act if

you find out there's another one get

another man um if you don't let's say

you're not going to leave you're not

gonna leave him you still want him

painting your stuff then x mark and go

get another one and get to just as he

has to obviously you guys have an open

relationship that means you'll have an

open relationship wheezes he didn't even

step down you can step back this open

relationship okay um if you find out

he's in an open relationship then you

were left out of that information now

you you're lucky you find out so you can

join in in the open relationship and go

get you one if you get cops say well I

thought we had an open relationship

who's already looking and seeing other

people you love an open relationship so

you know I did what I had to do

so you know let okay let's go back to

the topic so when to give up

okay now let's let's switch the topic to

when to give up trying to get money out

of the person who just a sugar daddy

later when you realize he's not the

correct target because it's hard you

shouldn't have it shouldn't be hard

right if it's too much of a hassle if

it's too hard if it's a challenge if you

have to work for and he ain't have to

work for you that's when you know it's

time to go get another oh make sure you

realize that don't keep trying trial and

error it's not it's time Thank You Emma

girls unless you were getting time

effort money and happiness from their

could in level up yeah you look closely

video to help the ladies get yeah thank

you for uh spring a sprinkle um she has

workout chance and uncle uh chick around

also so if it's hard getting money out

of someone you've been dating for weeks

and months you know you paddle is dinner

you know it's time to cut it and go get

another one

um just stop accepting the dates leave

the door open in case you want to come

back in and you know pay something later

but you know keep that door open but

less and less and less and less until he

gets the picture you know um so if you

think that means you pick the wrong

target okay so learn from that lesson

next time pick the correct target or

target that you don't have to do that

lunch to get what you want

another time relieve I guess in your

marriage when you're not getting any

benefits that's when it's time to go Oh

Thank You Cecile spray the spray the

girl she does for me hey thank you Wow

she's really sprinkled me huh I

appreciate that you give up when he has

no interest on Polly himself sprinkle

sprinkle did I lock the door with that

okay Sasha can you find out the hidden

me and this you just me

what do you message you give up mm-hmm

just between you and me so good thank


she got me what do I think about twin

flame relationships

stupid dumb non-existent okay I don't

believe in torn sling relationships I

believe it's a bunch of silly nonsense

that people come up with so that they

have an excuse to see what somebody does


not doing at the forum because they did

a clean frame you know if they went your

twin flame they would know you liked the

finer things and nice things and give

them to you okay so I don't believe in

it I live in a city where yarding is

very popular once you get in balls on

the Richmond just wait how do I break

into this seed well a lot of times on

the marina

they have like restaurants in places

where people go that have yachts and

some you know hang out there go hang out

in some of those places and maybe sign

up or some type of lessons or started to

you know they have it

so another time you know when to leave

you know if you've been in a

relationship and you're trying to get

married and they have a pop the question

and you're just hanging on wasting all

your youth if you don't only want to

marry you by your three or four it's

time to go suspect like if you're young

if you're older I mean you know right

away after the first few months if you

want to marry somebody or get engaged

with somebody but it does not take 10

years to figure out if you want to marry

somebody it don't take seven years to

figure out if you want to marry somebody

don't take even five years to figure out

if you want to marry somebody you

basically already married if you live

together so why can't we just go in get

the ceremony and the papers you know so

leave when you feel like you're wasting

your time you know he should know and

next like if y'all lost 20s like early

20s yet maybe five four to five years

because sometimes it's too early to get

married then after that then he should

know in two years one year depending on

your age and maturity level you know in

finance and if you keep stalling and

next year next year next you come find

me because I'm out right right a man

feel we are obligated to sleep with them

but so shocked when you ask them for

bill money because they think you enjoy

sex just as much as they do

mm-hmm okay what the man is dynamic but

lack chivalry what does that account

look like you know that's my question I

don't care about now that stuff is he a

provider can you protect you all right

the other stuff I don't need you know

for me is the added bonus but it's not


you know if that's gonna keep you from

the bag then that's to me that silly

some people don't you know like

doing certain things they weren't raised

that way they don't know how to do them

but they can get it didn't get someone

Thank You SG r SJ 33 dating at 8 months

dating man eight months met his family

both holidays he gave me anything I want

find out he was cheating bleep girl or

stay and make him pay buy me more girl

stay and make a play I'll go they all

don't cheat you don't get cheated on

behind us t I might as look at that

money just don't sleep with him tomorrow

and that'll be it if you if you if he

knows that you find out then you get

away with not sleeping with you know

what if he says he doesn't believe in

marriage then you don't believe is X

better you start believing a marriage in

how to protect your time um don't talk

on the phone for more than five minutes

at a time to a man if if he's not trying

to ask you out on a date get off that

phone you know if you've dated him for

couple of weeks and he's not trying to

improve your situation get another one

mm-hmm so yeah let letting letting your

time be wasted is very bad don't do that

so yeah I you know how that Beyonce song

she said ring the alarm I've been

through this too long but if I be damned

if I see another chick on your arm she

gonna be rockin chinchilla coats if I

let you go that means I'm not gonna let

all this go I'm gonna get mine and you

gonna give it to me and you gonna give

me more because you're cheap okay so

every time you find out he cheated guess

what is new car time the first time new

vacation time extra money time so he

still have to pay for his mistakes


thank you glam baby is sure you look

stunning thanks to you Lynn my man and I

are taking in talking engagement no sex

in dating six months I told him not

moving in until paperwork yes she has

the back and older people are judging me

sparkle Sparkle girl well they don't

think I'll be judging you when you got

that money in that green mm-hmm do you

have to be kind to amend and sugar that

in they keep taking advantage of me

because I'm cute and kind I don't know

why you're kind of you need to be like

smarter than that

you know yeah you got to play the game

sometimes they even hit me on the first

hit on me the first date or I please

answer because you're too nice nice

people finish last girl you know you

already know that nice people finish

line Thank You Thelma I was going to

leave my dusty of five years and I

recently I kind of in his jacket how do

I handle this I am going to check him

out but any other ideas - girl furs

while he does the second of all he's

cheating you gonna kick him out um well

before you kick him out sign all things

of value collect them take them over

somebody else's house gonna stage a fake

robbery and say oh we got robbed and

then kick them out okay there you go


okay sure at 23 should I be looking for

a husband huh you should be dating a

serious potential husband's yes because

think about it you don't have to meet


you'll have to date them for a while you

got to get to know me take family it's

gonna take a couple of years and by the

time you're 25 you know you could be

engaged and then you can have a year in

game H mint then by the time you're 26

or 27 t be getting married so yes 23 you

need to be looking for husband material

don't be messing around with nothing

that's not gonna be a provider okay so

another rep like you know to give up is

when you know you can do better and he's

holding you back from getting a bag a

bigger bag like you know if you want you

can you know that you don't want to be

there no more there's nothing left in

that relationship and you are being

offered left and right you know this and

that that best mean that means your life

is trying to level you up but you are

keeping yourself down and you'll regret

it later

so took the hint in the clue and get up

and leave yeah so also for people that

are in abusive relationships it's time

to go you know oh you was just stressed

out oh he was mad oh it was my fault

you're not y'all know the typical thing

I leave because you know you don't want

to risk your life and that's like

risking guys will get my number but

never call me why they just wanted to

see if you would give it to them you got

to make them work but another baby they

were caught I always say this if you

give your number up too easy they may

not call you gotta make them work for a

number Thank You strawberry loli all

was stuck on baking with a dusty takes

the 5300 CEO I met in the area and he

paid $400 for taxi hotel to different

city before even meeting for dinner

promised me designer bag on second date

thank you okay barbarous did she know

how to do it you don't know baby

ah that's good um you spent New Year's

alone and he went to Disney with his

wife yeah that's the life of a sugar

baby or sad chick baby you used to live

I read about the sugar baby that's being

haunted by her sugar daddy he died he

took her out the wheel - that's funny

that's why you got to get the life

insurance policy how do I get this guy

back after telling him I met someone

else you don't go backwards maybe just

text up a random question and see if he

asks if you're still with someone that

means he's trying to get back with you

but don't don't try to go backwards

thank you so much for first night should

we play shy or not you need you need to

be trying to get the bag shine may be

boring to some people you know what I

mean so feminine bubbly or feminine and


yes shy and boring


is it true that James has to get you and

the girls a hotel whenever you go visit

family because they don't like you no

it's not true

I like staying at very nice hotels

five-star yes and it's not true because

his family's home does not have enough

rooms to facilitate all of us okay and

he does not want to intrude on other

people they have jobs we have young kids

bujji first of all so no but his family

does come here and stay in our houses we

do have the grow but oh I really wish

you guys would stop listening to rumors

about people who have never ever met me

never will meet me because I don't deal

with ratchet people so I really wish you

people would please listening and saying

is this true is this true if I didn't

say it don't listen to it okay because

half the time it's just mist and people

are just trying to get numbers up from a

YouTube channel weddings money so we

don't really acknowledge that type of

stuff but yeah how do you become sorry I

gotta I gotta go a Bona how do you

become girlfriend life and not Oh


sprinkle sprinkle well they got to be

the right age ready to settle down and a

provider okay they got a day I'd be the

right age which mean older most older


we've already either been married or

never been there and getting up in their

age and think it's time to settle down

those are the types that will marry or

if you are so great and they know that

we'll never find another one like you

and they do not want you to get away

they will try to you you know get

engaged with you so you have to pick the

correct target it means you're way out

of their league and they know it or you

have to get them at the right age okay

how would you go about getting a bigger

bag on me read by dating somebody would

have bigger back I mean I guess when

they go to work you go to work I'll get

that back when people make a video about

you it makes me cringe I know like

there's I mean they could be making a

video about Beyonce why thank you

hopefully more views how to deal with a

potential deck it's coming on so strong

sexually set a date and make him spend

money up until said date you'll fake ant

gonna die you gotta go to the funeral

and you never make that date okay

that's how use it for your advantage

oh I can't wait to do that with you

either let's look how about next

Thursday at this hotel but the room oh

by the way I need some new tires

I need a B C and D - Thank You princess

shear I have met with a shooter four

times each time got four hundred at six

each meet though I know I messed up but

can I still get more money from him I'm

twenty thirty a girl asking for five go

up one hundred every month can give

yourself a raise I don't know yeah sure

what are the consequences of staying

with dusty I see some dust such as dusty

dusty marriages last for years just cuz

they lasted for years don't mean a good

and beneficial you know I just mean they

can't afford to lead each other okay

okay how to keep interest when dating

can be sexy talking your baby boy ask

for help lay down what are excuses to

tell to hold off on fix that a date get

your limit

don't or you can just say I have to go

to a funeral I gotta go out of town I'll

be back I lost you know I can't come

today my mom showed up in town I don't

understand how people can't just grab

live up air you know sprinkle sprinkle

but you just had to lie I tried to make

him chase me and he started mimicking my


I took hours to respond he would do the

same I dropped him smart

um I guess Lin Lin yeah he was playing


and he knew your game he was letting you

know that he knew your game so next next

I've been with him for years and we

still ain't moved out or half a ring and

currently he has no job then you a

prisoner you've been kidnapped by broke

man honestly I don't even know why you

stood there

Thank You Andrea my sugar daddy bought

me an engagement ring but I don't like

the ring should I ask for a different

one only girl wait so after you married

they go get soup the way you want as

long as it's worth a lot I don't matter

if it's ugly now after you get after you

get it to the altar into the place where

you get the marriage license then after

you say I do it's been a good month or

so then you go change

Thank You Erica I'm shy in public hard

to look approachable by men smile

be confident ask for help everywhere you

go and from help from in assistance okay

that's how you get their attention

he stopped texting good morning after

not answering his late-night call so so

does every husband in every serious

boyfriend you think they still gonna

text you good morning every day for the

rest of your life you know I

I don't even like when people do that I

hate and people good morning okay

what's the good news worth what you put

in my account this morning I'm just like

that go like don't bother don't bother

with that impress me some other way I

don't find him attractive but he

provides for me I want to find someone

else but I feel like I won't find anyone

who can provide like him I ain't getting

no younger and I wanna have to use a

girl you better have kids with him okay

you got money sure I find some of the

dusties men are dressed the best wolves

in sheep's clothing when I see a bowtie

you run with it run

okay so give up when the relationship or

situation is no longer beneficial to you

okay be that because you're now you're

giving and not receiving giving your

time your energy and your use and not

getting anything so don't do it

sure I find some of the toyou just wait

down ok so sure I've got some I think

you can stop repeating that question of

Radiance thank you

they dressed well because pick Misha

bottom clothes that's true the other

woman that they don't take out in public

is buy the clothes how to get money

back from a dust X each dummy girl you

trying to get money back from a dusty

hey whom he's supposed to get it from

pig misha move on get another one baby

you listen to learn just take that as a

lesson to never go backwards in life

okay you're 27 your channel that's me

my channels made me realize how much I

deserve thanks to you I'm leveling up

all the way good be you little oh um

also you know if you know it say this is

one of my best quotes in one of my

quotes but uh you know if you marry you

sleeping with somebody and you broke

something wrong okay

xoxo sprinkle sprinkle where's your top

front speakers for fun she and I call

baby she in your like this cube right um

so yeah and you married and you and it

be it don't what you need to do and you

can't go do what you need to do in the

store and the mall at the dealership

then you need to cut it off everywhere

in the house no laundry no food no


great mm-hmm go on strike playable so

you get what you want what do you think

of converting your religion for any of

needs or is that a sign of low

self-esteem um for me I don't have a

religion oh um I wouldn't have to

convert cuz I don't have one Thank You

Lou chin a guy not a sugar daddy I met

at a party said I look like I'm 25 but

talk like I'm 41 is it an insult

yeah it means you're too smart you need

another job

got it down dumb it down when getting a

guy he looks at other guys went out he's

gay don't want to seem insecure but oh I

guess if he's gay you might be gay tree

okay so I can't okay so okay you're a

guy that's right you've donated before

okay Alico don't want to seem insecure

but what they all don't look man do the

same thing to women all man straight and

gay go look at whatever they want to

look at you know but he's with you you

see he's with you his eyes don't stop

working when he with you if he is rude

about it and disrespectful about it then

that's when it's a problem you know if

he's breaking his neck to look or if

he's being disrespectful to you and

trying to talk to that other person

that's disrespectful but if he just

glances that there's nothing wrong with

you know that's human nature people are

gonna do that if if he see that it makes

you uncomfortable and he stops that's a

good sign I think he was doing it and he

knows it makes you uncomfortable didn't

it that's that's not a good sign so just

take it as you know human nature but as

long as it's not disrespectful I don't

see anything wrong with it tips for

dating while living with dusty he pays

the bills sometimes sometimes don't have

excuses to be out late and don't want to

look suspicious

to either one okay sometimes

thank you sprinkle sprinkle

raspberry Mena unless you need that

Dusty's money I would not care I will

say I got a night job and be out as much

as I need to be out at night looking for

another once your replacement you know

what I'm saying

so I relieve mm-hmm sprinkle sprinkle

that dusty is just going throwing

pennies and dust you're like wow I'm

reading something's coming so um when

you get caught having an affair what do

you do what no what is what's he gonna


who caught whoever caught you what what

aren't they gonna do it's not what you

don't do it's how are they acting then

you figure out what you wanted

okay trying to leave or they'd stop

paying bills are they sad do they want

to stay what where do they stand that's

what you have to figure out so if he if

he wants you to stay then you could stay

and figure out you know how to tell you

it's because if you won't do this you

won't do that and I was just very

unhappy you know they didn't get him to

do more but if you don't want to look at

you no more because you cheated then

it's time to pack your bags baby or Papa

divorce him to pack his bags okay cuz

mostly most the time I don't forgive

unless they really want you um why does

he blame me of being with others I don't

know why because he's insecure okay if

James got someone pregnant would you say

no because James James would never get

anybody pregnant because we are already

handled his ability to get my craving

token the Gatlin thank you my Easter I

did what you said he's old with lip and

he's aren't really an arat no god

million-dollar business ultimately

dollars but he seems to be cheap and

don't respond to my damsel story it's

only my gym membership $200 unless is it

time to go I think you spent a sprinkle

um challenge is ego come up with

something I said

oh I don't want to ask you because I

don't think you know your

you probably can afford it right now

you're too frugal and you know I

couldn't ask you that so I need to go

get me a new part-time job at night less

time you spend with him and you know

bruise that ego he might go ahead and

give you some money

bruised his ego pretend you're gonna get

some overnight job and cut down on the

time that you spend with him because you

have to go find something somewhere at

another job but really just go out and

freestyle and get another one

um right see like you know I don't know

if I'm a little mean yeah you probably

low mean if you have bad looking like

thank you Karen how can I make peace

without having taken better advantage of

previous relationship provided man make

peace with yourself go get another one

with better and more money keep going

leveled up go get another one that's the

only way to make peace with sprinkle

sprinkle or if you can't level up and

get another one

then just say oh okay well it wasn't

meant to be I'll do the best that I can

now with what I know I'm glad I had to

listen not just glances but double takes

a lot okay well thank you then he

basically he's letting people know that

they he can be pulled away you know like

I'm not committed so you start doing the

same thing as sugar daddies though not

little young things look at the old man

with the hmm-hmm

oh look at the old man with the money

why why are you asking me all these like

personal puddings about what James that

that's thing

like imma tell ya okay so Miss Natasha

we're in Canada are you okay y'all are

talking to each other

my future sugar daddy has they picked me

shield mom is that good or bad

he really close to his mom was bad cuz

she don't tell her you don't need to be

doing ABCD so you have to act very

feminine if his mom is probably

masculine you need to act very feminine

okay and you don't every to emasculate

him cuz it's mom probably does in some

way or another

um your thank you they say they stay

concerned about you I know she so anyway

sure how to give my number in a way that

I don't look like an easy woman do you

don't give it at all you make them work

for it okay you make them work for it

so if they ask you for your number like

oh I don't know should I give you my



well tell me this if I give you my

number it's gonna be worth my while you

know cuz I don't just give up my number

like that you know you have to make it

seem like they gotta work for this I

don't just go around giving anybody who

asked me for my number no and he's gonna

remember that

and he's gonna use it because it was

hard to get okay mm-hmm

thank you for responding you welcome is

it best to be celibate while dating men

of me it's best to do whatever you need

without telling people what you're doing

all right it's best to be whatever you

need to be without telling everybody or

telling them

hmm okay what would you say to a woman

that's been I saw 20 years that's what

been dating a man for 20 years living on

him but he doesn't want to talk about

girl yeah but he bout to die don't need

to be prepared for a funeral not a win

20 years girl y'all are they've been

married divorced gonna be planning on a

funeral into retirement now um thank you

you know for me that's your body heat

you I can't even blame him tomorrow

that's your fault for staying there that

long and putting up with it so if you

want a ring lead baby leave get up pack

your stuff and get out if he if you want

you back he'll come and give you the

ring in the marriage

all right should I move in with my sugar

daddy seven years he's 45 okay yeah go

move in with him save your money collect

money seven years y'all Minds will

already be married um thank you can you

show us your family's tax which I'm sure

let me go get it right now so I can show

you hold on one second

my ex-husband keeps calling and texting

me just to keep chicken on it what does

this really mean it means he tryin to

give you a booty call and see it if you

lonely okay I'm trying to get you trying

to get some

when to give up on a man when the when

the man is no longer beneficial give up

yeah you ain't get no money you ain't

getting nothing that you want then now

you're investing time energy and getting

nothing so it's time to go so sugar

daddy wants me to move in with him and

wife it's wife it's okay that it won't

eight three girl I hope you don't work I

hope you don't pay no bills I hope you

drop the car big dream I hope you have a

savings account and your own apartment

somewhere else okay unless you come from

extreme poverty and this is your coma I

ain't doing it I gotta be the only one

and I don't need all of the money okay

just turn 26 neat to level up now yes

yes yes any day is a good day to level

up thank you for all the amazing videos

all you helped you so much sprinkle

sprinkle your potential is mad that you

don't take some first what should I do

get another one baby Emma thank you hi

sure I love you any tips on please to

back a spiritual girl

he's very switched on and he's got the

back I want him to ensure his he's a

victim what spiritual mean like

religious man or spiritual man do you

gotta play the spiritual game here by

doing it sprinkle sprinkle

when I say Erica by doing him I mean you

gonna make either be the spiritual

fantasy I don't know

you know you gotta figure out when his

dream woman is his spiritual dream won't

you then becoming right I'm 24 and he's

41 he has own trucking company what

should I wear on first date both law and

not the truck 40 woman girl I don't I

would not go on that date

honestly mm-hmm I wouldn't be on a date

but you know on the first date if you're

gonna go you need to wear something very

very bushi like I don't do dusty okay

you know wear dress heels fancy stuff so

if he tries to take you to some common

place you're not gonna fit in okay

because I he may not have the type of

needs maybe he does today that is going

to you know be beneficial to you in the

long run so just make sure your extra

bougie and upscale that way he know he

has been Lenny I love your hair oh thank

you this is uh this is a week but thank

you it's by Y weeks calm I think I did a

video on a couple like last week I did a

wig with you on this channel he owns the

company trucking is very lucrative when

you're the owner is it how many trucks

do how many truckers did he have

one two you know how much money is he

make is it six figures seven figures you

know got got to make sure if he's making

that much money then you should he

should be taking to you to the top spots

okay so just I'm gonna talk about just


make sure he knows you're about this

money you know make sure your standards

are very high with him so he knows that

he got put out more money take you to

nice places and do nice things okay ah

yeah I'm just saying just make just have

very high standards make you meet them

Dusty's are smart too

but we're smarter Thank You JW it's ten

plus years that's the other ones to a

sugar daddy too long should I demand

more of him or keep silent um as long as

you don't have to work and he's paying

all the bills and you're saving and you

got a business and stuff like that and

he's your sponsor I don't see anything

wrong with it you can always go get a

man and you know date them and then if

you ever want to get married you've got

somebody to get married to and talk to

sugar daddy so if I were you I'd be

making plans for my future with his

money you know what I'm saying

you've already had your own business you

shouldn't be working you should already

be dating someone else and plotting your

future so if you haven't done that start

doing it

how to find illegally up legally blind

crippled and crazy sugar daddy with one

foot integrate

they got this website out now and

somebody I don't know like I got an

email from elderly dating calm or

something like that they have an elderly

dating site shake that out okay the

elders called elderly dating or

something like that I'm in a bad

situation 29 your own middle-class

boyfriend would support me if it's a

good idea to move in with him in a

different country while I look for

another ground I can't relocate for know

middle class by unless it's gonna save

your life or you can't you know or your

life will be terrible if you don't I'm

not gonna do that if you are already

middle-class we'll move into more

middle-class but in a different country

I'm not moving for all of that and I'm

not moving nowhere to no other country

unless I got reigned it's easy to get

money from in without meeting especially

if he's in another city I guess is it so

you know y'all better just use a lot of

common sense when dealing with people

and you have to do the math if you

haven't gotten what you've been promised

if you if your standards haven't been

met if you're not happy and you're not

benefiting it's time to give up and go

on to the next because what you're

really doing is waiting for something

that may never happen and wasting your

precious precious time that you will

never ever get back meanwhile they're

benefiting and you're not so

um he said since it's a since it's not


thank you blessed easy p68

on 24 CEO of hospital about to get me a

job there and green card chased me for a

year and I gave in two weeks ago he's

still chatting with a girl he claims

they are just friends how do I make him

cut her off okay

first worry about your job you're pretty

car secured it back first don't worry

about that other girl okay thank you

blessed spring special

who cares about that other girl okay get

your stuff get your bag get your green


get your everything okay he's gonna

flirt with people before after during

get your bag okay don't worry about her

you're gonna miss the whole thing up

over some stupid girl that's dumb get

your stuff okay

then worry about that later on after you

didn't got everything you know what

makes me upset when I see people that

are disclose disclose and then go do

something stupid and mess it up get your

bag get your money get your grant card


it's crazy how people still don't get

the general thing with the whole job I

know some people are new though zone you

ain't working if you talking to a 68

year old man and she need a green card

she she she's trying to get that first

ding quit your job okay

get pregnant girl talk about child


okay be careful I'll be careful

I've been watching Forensic Files okay

so yeah don't mess up anything because

you're emotional get your bag Marlo

Hampton I don't know what that is I

guess I don't look hurt so he works in

IT in charge of networks in schools and

he has second job security your opinion

girl not a target at all not a bypass

run fast go to the good part of town or

he can't afford to go and go find you

somebody that has some real men cook

that's not our target okay you got a

Turkish a real housewife I don't watch

Real Housewives what do you think about

girls who make money from only only fans

I don't know what that is either

how did get a man who to get into the

habit of giving money always asking for

something no matter what every day every

time you talk to him be asking them


he'll get in the habit of giving I'm 27

the guy said Oleg 17 because I'm petite

is that a good desk you don't do not

have an OPS


with that as an ox be so glad more women

are finally understanding the game we

need more women to level up and benefits

with it that's right the only fan is

like showing your body naked and make

people a girl if that's the only way you

can get money if you have game you ain't

got to do all it in and like if you are

doing that fine if that's the only way

you can get money but if you're smart

and you know this game you can get money

without even doing anything but just

plan the game I just

I think people Russ I think people rush

to do certain things before they even

start thinking about how they don't have

to do those things you know Oh oops

oh those did opps sorry my husband owns

truck business for trucks and takes care

of me and my family and I get allowance

monthly but I want more should I look

for super daddy well happy new there was

a woman on her earlier who was asking

about a truck driver who owns trucks and

she got he was able to you know provide

but you know all her wants and needs but

if you're if if you need more and that's

what you truly want and you're willing

to risk and give up what you already

have then I say go for it if that's what

you want to do you know I think you know

what's best for you but I always say

don't give up one and when you can't get

another one you can get another one to

replace him and art is already replacing

him again you know that you're able to

do it right

where you'll be in it watching

basketball in the other room my husband

is in the other room watching basketball

I'm a guy would you sign a prenup I sure

would I would use the monthly allowance

to start an online business yeah that's

what I would do

you met a professor on tinder who's 50

want you to meet an air B&B that spent

time together hits it that he caught up

dating money issues but he can't call

off duty can't call off due to money

issues he didn't offer money what to do

nothing girls hope yo bad tell you you

need to paint you to show up before you

look because he's already rented it he's

already can't get his money back so now

you are in a position of power to get

him to give you something in order to

show up okay like oh well but you know I

already had something planned that day

but I guess I could cancel it I was

supposed to meet my sister she was gonna

give me this much money and it's been a

while I don't go that she never gonna

pay me back so unless you can give you

this money I came in you can't make it

so get your money all right and then and

why should get it don't even show up if

you don't want to okay good luck to you

you can give you the money and her money

that's what you'll think you did

Thank You angel if I'm pregnant by 28

year old business owner who wants

custody should I give should I get an


child is too much I used to listen to

you and I got with him and I stopped

with girl I ain't got pregnant I yell

dusty you used to listen to me at night

you back sprinkle sprinkle thank you for

the donation um he wants custody just

telling the baby ain't yes

hope the baby's not yours honestly I

can't tell you what to do but I'm not

gonna I'm not gonna be with no dusty

that's all I'm not gonna give up no baby

- no dusty and I'm not gonna be what it

does that's all I know

do what you gotta do Frank Frank I told

you stop shot the hole and stop trying

to only diaper teach you but he loves me

but I believe in now you see how quickly

things change you know oh I want custody

of the child the only thing you want

custody is so he don't have to pay child


why cuz he broke or because he don't

want to give you any money because he

thinks that bad of you okay so told

y'all man - look Joe I gotta learn the

hard way and I know what I would do okay

that dusty would never see me again

elbow is over I feel like the longer I

stay in this role the more disgruntled I

am with him he isn't willing to let me

go and I feel stuck doing doodles

Thank You jwe you know what you are

never stuck it doesn't matter if what

he's willing to do if there's a front

door and you got feet you can leave

whenever you choose to you know what I'm

saying if you want you back he needs to

pay you point-blank if he wants you back

where is your new car where's your

investment money for your own business

if you want you back you got to pay

it's not that he won't let you go hug

does he have a rope around your neck you

want to leash that's not how it works

you got beat there's a door if you want

you back key that's the pay

that's how you get your money I do

consultations and but I don't know pick

Misha consultations and I don't do

victim consultations I only do

consultations to get the bag and get the


thank you clue midnight destroyer what a


gracias for helping me realize that I

was being a pick Misha and waiting on my

ex-fiance who dumped me and I realized

he was dusty thank you for having me

level up and quantum leap and now I am

the prize okay she's a prize now she's

figured out her work yes sprinkle


mm-hmm what should I do with my

boyfriend have social anxiety get

another one that doesn't have social

anxiety and go out with him and let the

don't stay home that's easy

you know what situation to set up get

guy give you money before you meet

online be be very beautiful and out of

Italy and hopefully as money get if you

just ask Thank You Brit hi over 5,000

tender lights and no shortage of

potential options

I lost 120 pounds and look very

different with clothes on how do I make

the best of my situation and represent

myself as a high-value 31 year old I'm

by being classy feminine and having high

standards and looking good every time

you leave your house that's how by

leveling up all the way mentally and


um shop all along with social anxiety

yeah you have trouble being not nice to

guys so maybe you don't really like me

in you know you got to work on that you

gotta practice be nice to random people

until it's a habit and then you'll just

be nice to him

um all right you're nervous about

meeting its family don't be nervous too

we should see you have to look at stuff

from the prizes point of view okay a lot

of a lot of women don't see themselves

as surprised okay so you're meeting his

family and you're nervous they should be

nervous little prize you know you you

just there meet his family hey how you

doin um bla bla but it doesn't matter

what they think if you the privacy if

I'm gonna give you up you know just be

nice and respectful and that should be

fine mm-hmm but I felt like what's my

stance on polygamous relationships you


dating a millionaire that has another

wife or a multi-millionaire that has

another wife because that's the only

type of polygamy that makes sense um

they got millions hey whatever I don't

care my Widow for anyway so they can

have whoever day well how to be nice and

play hard to get at the same time I mean

that's easy promise stuff it

you never deliver on it said said it

barn to the future so they have

something to work for it

thank you

not should be you know you're under my

poncho thank you

trying to stand out on dates how can I

be unforgettable

what should I say be their fantasy

what's every man's fantasy sexy not too

smart but not too dumb looks good is the

envy of every man at the wrong that's

all you have to do make them feel like

you're the best part of their day drop

stuff and pick it up we are about to be

in a recession I need a market crash

girl you sure you guys don't give you

money to start asking me to come over at

night and I know what he is trying to do

should I give up on him and move on

tell them why should I come over you're

not even helping me anymore that's shady

like you're not even helping anymore

self I don't want clover I'm laying in

the mood to come on because I'm upset

because you're using this against me and

it's just not right you're taking

advantage of me and Dad but you plan to

make the wrong now go do that please

victim then get your money so I'll give

you half before you come on

at least you're gonna get something

didn't come up with something how you

can't I got stopped by the police

because I didn't have insurance because

my insurance are canceled because you

wouldn't give me no my money there you

go they towed my car no I need when to

get my car out

y'all gotta write this stuff down in

college do I avoid these boys at all

cost and go for the computer geeks tell

them I mean have fun if you know if

you're not gonna be serious about these

men at college go have fun so that when

you get out of college and when you

start dating for real for serious

husband material then you have it all

out of your system no date the mean you

really want to date the cute guys the

fun guys

the young guys and then when you get out

to the real world and you date the

serious man colleges have your fun okay

what if you suspect he doesn't have when

he claimed he did or he lost it already

investment in London Google background

check that way like whenever when I when

I talk to people I always tell them go

get you a background check on him they

look up all you can or he works how much

money he earns a B C and D and then you

can figure it out otherwise you're

wasting time you don't you can um yes


what do you do with the rich man who

hates being asked for money but freely

gives it about every other week but on

every day or maybe or a large deposit

we'll just have a talk with them have to

talk have the automatic payment talk say

look I really hate talking about money

too but we all know we needed

so what I was thinking was and before

you think you finish do something with

him or he thinks you said do something

with you know why don't we do the

automatic deposit that way I know it's

coming and we're not to talk about and

it's just less awkward then you sit in

it and you know through PayPal on your

bank account to where every month or

every couple of weeks that amount is

deposited okay so do that have it looked

all be wearing something to look your


thank you is it Eliseo or leaky oh I

can't even how to fit in with a wealthy

guy and fan when you're not wealthy and

they are asking questions about what you

have done lie

wealthy people always live of the

creative type or the eclectic type so

you're an artist

you've traveled you you don't need it I

mean you don't need a time to you know

Peace Corps does lie no they find you

interesting ok make up a story about

yourself well I'm an artist I travel um

I just like we like a you know a

eccentric rich people tell me you a

spiritual medium for celebrities oh yes

I'm a spiritualist I had celebrity

clients and you can't really talk about

it there you go

laughs oh really really read me

read for free baby you know how much

that's how you get money you know if

you're if you have anxiety about not

fitting in don't fit in stand out and

get paid okay

make up some stuff but honestly you

don't have to fit in you must stand out

be above them


how'd it go find out he how do you find

out he's not a spiritualist all you got

to do is put up a website that's free

online and start a Facebook page do you

know you are so good-looking

Thank You Gigi and sprinkle sprinkle I

hope that helped you thank you but

pronounced to see like an S okay Eliseo

thank you i'ma pronounce it right next


he told me he Iran eclis lost his mother

today when he had a date planned

told him I need money for a new car and

my business

could he be married and thoughts girl he

just told you his mama died he can't see

you you need a new car yeah it's time to

get you good you know it probably means

he's married he's got another one or you

should be also seeing other people as

well no one's need a back-up plan or you

know just take advantage and go

freestyling you know if next time he

wants to see you telling me to I can

deal ur because you need help

because you want to buying a car and you

don't want to get ripped off and he'll

probably put the downpayment bright

color or pastel color hair for hair

color and is well kept up what do you

think sprinkle sprinkle I think you

better date a tattoo shop owner or

someone who is comfortable being seen in

public with a woman with pastel colored

hair you know there are people that own

businesses that are not

you know corporate or anything and they

might like that type of look so if

that's what you're going for aim for

that you know in for someone who doesn't

mind that look not the corporate people

or the you know the upper crust mm-hmm

sure we are around the same height I

want to try the one the 1,500 calories a

day or less what's your ideal weight

orange I don't really have an ideal

range you know I just watch what I eat

and whatever I end up um I think I'll go

more about the eyes what sighs I'm gonna

be so is it you know I like medium is

always something good to aim for because

I have a I'm very tall so I'm our medium

in between like my top I'm a little

larger than a boot one about a medium so

mm-hmm how do get him to pay for breast

implants lion Sates for something else

exactly tell them it's for some other

type of surgery that medical

right so um another thing when it's time

to leave or let it go or give up is when

you are too much you don't you are too

masculine to even have a man now let's

talk about this buddy

there are so many women out here - don't

even need a man but looking for life

when I say need I mean need there's so

many women out here that are so

masculine and wonder why they can't get

a man is because they're walking around

acting just like a man talking like a

man and you know doing what a man is

supposed to do so for those women it's

time to give up when you realize that

you're not gonna find a provider

protector if you're already back you

don't need one okay so you're gonna have

to really up you know feminine gain and

feminine charm you know you can't talk

to people like they're a co-worker you

can't talk to people as if you know

you're in the corporate you know

boardroom you got to pull out that

feminine energy that feminine charm and

that voice

and you have to be softer and you have

to dress the part you have to wear the

girly colors you have to be extra you

have to ask in a certain type of way to

get what you want so you know being mean

hard rough knowing at all not wanting to

compromise they don't want that you know

they don't want now you can get

everything you want if you play your

cards right and use your voice and use

your feminine feminine charm to get them

to give it to you so you can't be this

harsh masculine woman and expect

somebody to want to take care of you and

you know give you whatever you want

that's not gonna work

so I do I do a lot of consultations and

it's amazing how many women sound like

men on the phone

it's amazing how dry some some of these

women sound

it's amazing how uninteresting of these

woman's out and sometimes when you're on

the phone with a man or a little bit a

man he's hearing that he's falling

asleep he's not thrilled

it's like hurry up so I can get out of

this situation never call her again you

know so y'all gotta really work on that

because you don't even know that's the

problem a lot of people don't even

realize that's their problem how they

speak you know you're trying to level up

you're trying to date men of means but

you you sit in here talking like you're

in junior high school you know you don't

sound as if you aren't even an adult so

you got to level up your speech you got

to level up your feminine charm Thank

You Linda you met a 54 year old

impersonal Christmas Eve so the Vegas

pay for it all expenses rent bills pay

girl but you didn't hit the jackpot huh

took you to but he won't take me to


I'm 27 he lives in Kuwait and come comes

back sprinkle sprinkle

okay so telling the money is for

something else and take yourself to

Gucci grumbles Frankel okay take tell

him the money is for something else and

then go take yourself to Gucci thank you

Ivana should I tell you happy boobs

should you tell you have a boob job

before doing it no no giving you a

social security number to your blood

type talking your fingerprints - why

don't why don't y'all women want to tell

people everything it's not big business

okay good ain't they be incest girl

sprinkle sprinkle

what if he like spit names and sweet

talking or whatever and I'm not good at

it get you the dead I'd like to talk to

a dog okay or me at all okay that's how

you do it

no women talk to animals like oh you're

so cute

oh hey buster hey buster oh you like

that Oh talk to my dog that's easy

he so why do men wanna know body count

because they broke that's the only time

people asked what's your body count then

use that's translation for I'm broke

keep it real baby

minute means don't ask that question you

you and does Bill you please

except you live killed then start

counting oh he and see we do that's how

you get rid of them

sprinkles if I may even ask you that

it's time to get up because he don't

have what you need baby so you know you

know what that means it means I want to

guilt trip you and any lower your value

as a woman by counting how many men you

slip with even talked about I said I

want with it that's what he's thinking

so that I can lower your self-esteem and

your standards for me because I don't

have what it takes to impress you

that's all that means that means I'm

dusty and I don't have no other way so

I'm gonna try this okay very dusty I'm

nineteen college guys can't provide this

for me so how to I meet older men that

aren't creeps you go out you meet older

the end but you're too young you're 19

girl go have your fun you ready come

back and go with this one are you too

young you need to go and you all make

the mistakes and I finally when you

about 23 24 then you know you you ready


or twenty at least 22

never ever talk about how many mean you

slept with never exactly that's that's

an inappropriate question for unclassy

men okay but did I see your tip miss

Proctor you know how to only go scroll

back up I might have missed it

I don't see it did you delete your

question so here you are watching you

all on the Stairmaster at the gym 2020

is my year of leveling up thank you for

all that you do oh thank you very much

for the sprinkle go go for it girl 2020

let you know

how can you address fit minute in a

laundry plant it dress with fitted

clothes and feminine colors like pink

wear makeup okay um do you wait until so

because you have a high body count

anybody that asks that is looking for

some way to devalue you as a woman so to

me it's a red flag that you have no

other way to impress me you know that

it's like oh he can't impress me so now

he trying to make me feel like I'm less

valuable because I've slept with several

men mm-hmm what if I'm not experienced

in the bedroom don't matter you supposed

to be trying to impress you so don't

even that okay y'all get down to it you

said your count is low anyway yep my

count always go me low because if you

really want to know it's gonna be zero

okay sitting here with two keys zero

exactly if they ask you that question

and really expect your answer to them

zero sheer I want to have a signature at

nail style any ideas I want something

collapse me and Finn I'm done with alone

nail well you can always go for the

classic like vintage nail it's like

almond shape maybe a little bit more

tapered towards the top like just you

know look at all Hollywood glam just

like short on shape not short short but

like this or maybe a little thinner

you can do Red's news you know Pink's so

if you want done with long nails you can

do that right you said the phrase body

count is dusty mm-hmm

you got radio dusty miss nailing good

for you

sure can you make a video on how to

mirror a man means after dating for over

a year they do and the do's and don'ts

well you got a lucky way more than you

like him hope you pick the right target

you know that's always gonna be the the

main thing

so you know we gotta realize when our

value is high and we can't stick around

for anybody to bring it lower it's time

to go so you know if you have to

compromise your values your you have to

compromise your standards and you're not

benefiting from that why you call

maizing you know don't make any sense

can I do a level of interview well I see

a lot of these ladies don't want to do

that because then their stuff is out

there you know and they're still in

these relationships so women who are

with sugar daddies and stuff like that

don't have to be all over the internet

blasting it you know that was a rare

case so you got to keep that in mind -

you know people that talked to lunch you

know not good a lot of these women keep

stuff quiet because they want to keep

their stuff so keep that stuff maybe


just gotta find the right target that's

it hmm I'd have a white guy

attracted to me but he makes almost 400

okay I like black man what do I do you

do whatever you wanted yeah

that's your free will I'll tell you that

if that's what you like it don't mean

that Miriam ain't gonna be your lip and

it's not gonna be a babe dad you know

you could start a business you get level

up of him at least you can get his money

and invest it into yourself and then do

what you want to do later on are y'all

y'all are thinking I'm just saying take

they money that's what you if that's

what if they are offering to take you

out get their money that's all look most

of these women aren't sleeping with

these dudes and they're still getting


since a h-line what's the best answer to

why are you single I was engaged but you

know about the country and I wouldn't go

we broke it up that means somebody

actually want to marry you girl but you

know you could do better so who's date

lucky for him right that's what I said

well I was engaged for a couple I was

engaged for two years but he wanted to

move out of the country and I didn't so

we kind of brought broke it off and

parted but lucky for you right that's

what I'd say looking for you mm-hmm

that's why all the pygmy Shezan here

asking the same quest right how would

you feel what would you do if a woman

was flirting with James hands and only

touchy-feely I wouldn't do nothing

because he can't handle that baby James

will handle that I don't I shouldn't

have to do anything

he'll wrong man he reached out to me I

don't text him he'd contact me first get

his money here Tracy Lynn thank you bro

sprinkle sprinkle get any type of man

money don't matter what they look like

just get their money okay

that's what I would do I'm not I don't

discriminate against money so yeah you

don't got to do nothing you don't handle


it's the big bad thing I found this

channel at 17 you know is it you be the


Thank You Malik where I said I like your

smile oh thank you sprinkle sprinkle

I appreciate that that was a nice


what's the best response for why you're


already and have a child he died you a

little or he's he left you I don't be

telling people on my business unless

they were ready to pay all these bills

you know what I'm saying

I'm glad you like it what people are

asking silly questions I say people do

whatever they need to do or want to do I

don't care

do whatever you want you know um

whatever make you happy do it when to

give up on man when you're no longer

benefiting from it then it's time to go

practice when do we give up on a man

when you can't get no money out of them

then get another one and get some money

from you you said you do coffee dates

because you don't want to get stuck

Oh Lisa look coffee dates are cheap

though and if you make him take you to a

decent place he's not gonna act weird in


you know she know I think it's a good

idea to date younger men no I don't I'm

twenty-two my boyfriend gives me money

and but cheats lies his abusive etcetera

his or spanker you know the answer to

that question

he broke him he does he what's money to

you though what's funny to you a hundred

dollars you know um do you have to work

is he paying your bills

you know Andy hitting on you you need to

look at you old man and get everything

you deserve in this world okay what do

you say to your provider that just comes

out of jail for a small offense tell me

your bills are due baby and they doubled

up how much does it cost to join the

level of Facebook I don't give out

prices online but if you go to the

description bar after this video is done

scroll all the way down the last two

links you can join my fan page and then

contact detailer which is the last link

and inquire about joining the group why

do you feel so conflict about dating a

married man because Society has made you

feel bad because if it ain't you it's

gonna be somebody else grandmas will get

that money

Thank You Katie I want to cancel my

sugar daddy but he pays for

all my trips well get another one and

put him on the back burner mm-hmm you

know it seems money is more important to

you than time with a man

I noticed you spend a little time with

James yeah well I live with James James

work from home together all day every

day 24/7 you know if I walk out there at

their goal James you wait long enough he

might pass through here okay I see him

all day every day thank you Christina

sprinkle sprinkle when I wake up there

he go when I go to sleep there he go

when I walk out of this bathroom into

the next room there he's gone okay I

spent 18 years with James I think that's

enough time baby you want me to go hold

his hand and rock

oh it's getting time together so right

how to keep dates from time to kiss you

or be handsy girl get this lip plumper

so on my pasta I sell these really

pretty cosmetic bag and it comes with a

free gift of a lip plumper I have a

little of cosmetics of course and it

smells like Listerine and when you get

something like lips it burns its gonna

pull over so where it is and when he

keep close and he kissed him lips his

lips don't start burning

he ain't gonna try to go back in you

just keep reapplying it in front of me

just for that dish it literally smells

like Listerine or like that strong

mouthwash but when it gets in contact

with your lip it burn not bad but it's

gonna feel weird to him because men

aren't used to live plumper you know we

used to do this but when it gets on him

you don't think he'd have an allergic

reaction or something so mmm but

honestly I'll answer your question

instead wrap his hand and hold it and

you know let him kiss your hand

Thank You Kate give sprinkle sprinkle

was mocked for my look was mocked for

your looks and black man never liked me

now I only want kids by a white man so

my daughters don't have the same

experience in his Rock um to me

it don't make sense logically because it

means whoever Maki who has one you know

what I mean it's kind of like they beat

you into submission to where you are

going to go out of yourself so to me

it's likely one okay

so much they don't have kids so it's a

level of abuse that has taken mental

effect on you but that has created you

to not want to see yourself reproduced

so I don't know you know that's that's a

mental thing that's not something that I

would do I'd do the exact opposite just

because I like doing stuff to make

people mad I'm going do the opposite

okay let's light it up but I would teach

instead of trying to avoid I would teach

I would learn about who I was I would

learn about myself and I would not take

people's opinions about who I am

personally and I would just keep it


you know honestly people talk about me

every day hopping on this channel I've

got trolls I mean I've had people

telling you to say that's why I beat

black women because I live lower my

standards for my cell I guess that's why

you angle be deadly you should not keep

you over you know you know somebody

somebody gonna do what you wanna do

sooner or later mm-hmm

I don't care what people say I'm I care

what I do

how to got a first date I've been on

he's 17 years older were dining but I

want to sit up front you want to sit one

you want to do one set it up front what

it is I want and it well unless he asked

you what you want you don't need to set

nothing up front you just need to look

like you don't take no less than the

best I'll show up look at extra look and

feminine and in line you can get anybody

to give you money that's what you need

to do a song you can let all this speak

okay orders expensive stuff order the

bottle blow air then what you already

know what time I'm 29 and single that no

kids is there hope for me to still find

a provider yeah you 29 you visit just go

for older man I'm sprinkle sprinkle


so should we expect to do that hot coal

game the whole relationship no but you

need to have a life you know what I'm

saying the more into yourself the less

pygmy ish you see and the more they

value you when you spend time with them

you know you just need to have in July

that's basically it

don't be all up under that person all

the time don't always ticks back right

away have your space mm-hmm so work 40

hours a week take a dance class take

your time with work 40 hours who do that

don't do that I got a dog you know all

my time is taking on the living with the

dusty for over eight years let myself go

and energy so low to level up just turn

30 can't move right now what did a girl

get yourself back together and level up

level up work on yourself welcome you

look you said you let yourself go go get

yourself back okay that's the first step

then you're gonna start seeing how

people look at you different treat you

different and you you might be able to

go freestyling and level up get you a

sure dad and you meet somebody else

different to get promotion so if you're

at work you know and then move a health

girl you got a little up

mmm-hmm thank you it's just tough to get

that with no money you don't take money

to run up and down the street

you don't take money to run around in

the backyard going up and down some

stairs and stop eating you don't take no

money to do that that's free okay if you

have weight issue

you'd better weight down take more time

putting yourself together in the morning

by doing your hair you can do your own

hair you know you can do your own nails

you just try to work what you have until

you can get something else correct

um you said no more soda you know if you

need if you go getting government

assistance buy food products make the

other product sell sell the products you

know just saying you look you're on

government assistance and you can get

free food buy stuff in the grocery store

and make stuff and go sell it online I'm

32 and soon-to-be divorced with a child

how much older should I go when dating

60s 60s

sprinkle sprinkle you need somebody

named sixties girl so like for example

you know you can get coconut oil you can

get containers you can get like

different stuff and you can make

products you make sugar score looms and

all that constant I'll go to the church

to sell them right now you need to

figure it out if somebody wants

something bad enough they'll get it you

bought incredible thing blowing up I'm

wrong what's your name

ja Sasha come on you want you want to

join in

you show I'm about to get off you mean

like ten more minutes gonna put this

stuff up okay

alright y'all so she want me to wrap it

eating that's my that's my cute you said

non sixties is too old if you're dirty

not if you want all your bills paid and

to stop working and get you a new heart

angel okay um I'm just being real you

know I I'm trying to get y'all to the

bag quick fast and in a hurry you I

didn't say you gotta marry him I didn't

say you got to have his chewed and I

just said you want some money

misses you gotta do then whatever else

you do with that money that you get is

up to you okay mmm-hmm how do you come

on - oh you don't come on - oh me and

they come on to you baby you go to the

hole in a while you know the old place

where they playing hole you know 112

y'all remember that 112 go find where

they playing 112 that and that's me go

to the the live music bars and Mike you

know the jazz bars where the live music

is played in the bougie part of town the

final minute Thank You Tracy I have a

boyfriend of three years he pays my

bills and gives me money he makes over

200,000 a year he hasn't brought up

marriage yet but asking when will the

intimate I want to quit my job and start

a business but don't feel secure do

y'all live together you know tell them

you need

Ranga thumb you want to move in but you

need a ring and then quit your job or

get fired after you move in and he'll

take care of you and then you could say

my mom is saying you know we need to be

married we're living in sin and then you

stop giving it to him once you give it

to him a couple of times and you don't

give it to him then you're gonna do

whatever you need to do to get back what

you stand okay okay so you move in you

give it to him make it two times then

you feel bad and guilty about it you

lose your job and go dog you supply my

house you need to be married I think it

that ring she will go into your family

before James goes Mokka go attend to

your family or are they spread apart in

different households and do your own

child support

bye-bye uh dusty don't you go focus on

your family you know you'll baby models

spread across the board okay you know

James ain't gonna go in GT o W correct

I want a mint already in the break room

go to Funeral Homes they might make

Marion a date but legal now they can

make Marion a dog and a horse legal so I

need the petition for that um it don't

steer you just to depend on him and I'm

already a kept woman but I have to kiss

a lot of ass I'm actually thinking

that's a bad girl on several businesses

because I depended on a man depend on

him to give you money and I stack that

money and invest it into myself so I

didn't I didn't spend it on stupid stuff

I got

and I paid myself so if you smart you

always invest back into self and so I'm

a dependent independent one that mean

what I make my own money but I don't

spit cuz like I still got hit so make

sure if you're getting money use it for

leveling yourself up business-wise as

well get your money start a business

I'm guessing something you know get your

money save it invest it start a business

all three whenever you choose then when

you start feeling ill still you've got

your money up and you like I've got

options baby and then he'll put some

respect on your name okay

just like Kimora Lee Simmons baby

remember Kimora Lee Simmons she married

Russell Simmons she was just a local you

know it she was model he but he had way

more money what she did start a baby fat

got her own show lift him living it up

to another person to another person you

know you gotta take what you got and

make it work for you is it a turn out to

be in law school if you don't tell

nobody it's not at all

all right it has not been ten minutes

about about six more minutes bath Alicia

said it for five minutes ago and let me

finish I gotta wrap it up the song you

know when I get off here you know what

you're gonna do

go upstairs what do you want to do you

watch a movie click

okay go get it oh she want me to play

clue it's like a board game but okay she

all right back on her phone watch

tick-tock what can I do

traveler's check left at my home bye my

egg supplier I don't know all right

tough situation your meals by Sasha

spent all day together we went shopping

I took her out to eat she had a little

outfit on tools all looking cute

yesterday I took Leila out and we went

shopping big money on her took her out

to eat she looked cute and now they want

me to go in there and play games so I

guess I'll go why James didn't go with

us to eat cuz we didn't invite him as

well it was mommy daughter day it is it

turned off for him to know that I want

to start my own business

yeah don't talk about it just do it you

got plans okay so um what happened to

the birch old Wallace

I don't know Ashley mama baby what

glasha mama what happened to the birch

was wanna let her give you school okay

that's mama Thank You Kate sprinkle


Thank You Mandy how do I learn to get in

abundance mentality by acting like the

prize you know by having high standards

by accepting nothing less than what you

desire it ain't good enough I don't want

it you better exit and act like the

prize and get the prize

you know people will treat you let you

treat yourself just think about it if

you work somewhere and you see somebody

walk in and they're all dressed up and

look extra and they look like you know

they care about themselves you're gonna

treat them better then some sloppy

person slide name one somehow she was in

a bonnet on that's you treat you're

treated how we treat yourself okay so

your abundance comes from your abundance

mindset comes from understanding you're

the prize and people will give you more

more will come to you when you're you're

living in your best self and feeling

good about yourself and understanding

your value

thank you first matter model sprinkle


alright job I'm gonna go thank y'all got

a who donated I appreciate it I'm gonna

go place where the game

cool with sauce figure out who did it

and why he's dead James need to divorce

me I'm still weighing if you divorce me

I'm gonna prenup I got two key it's

either way I win baby sprout sprinkle