How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled? - Dr. Arundati Krishnaraj


hello everyone I'm dr. Arun Mehta

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how long do you have to wait for the

dentures after teeth are pulled out now

dentures are artificial replacements

which rest on the jawbone now ideally

you need at least six to eight weeks for

the gums to heal for the swelling to

come down and for the bones to heal so

that the denture fits firmly on the

jawbone you can have immediately also

the dentures can be placed the day the

teeth are pulled out also so idly

waiting for six to eight weeks is the

actual time before a final denture is

given when you are given an immediate

denture which is the same day as the

teeth are removed you will have to get

the denture realigned after three to six

months so the longer you wait it is the

allows the bone who healed and the

swelling to come down and the dentures

to fit properly sometimes if the front

teeth are pulled out it may become an

aesthetic challenge to go without your

teeth and the same day so temporary or

immediate dentures can be given on the

same day which need to be realigned

after a few months so that enhance the

better fit of the denture