When Is It Time To Buy A New Laptop?

since buying a new laptop can be a large

investment it can be difficult to decide

whether it's time to bite the bullet or

wait a little bit longer so today I'll

be giving you five tips that you should

consider when you're thinking that it's

time to buy a new laptop welcome to a

top spec I'm Erin let's get the obvious

out of the way the first question you

should be asking yourself is are you

satisfied with the way that your laptop

is performing for what you need it for

as Hardware evolves newer software and

especially games exponentially require

more and more resources to run smoothly

everyone has different needs and wants

and so if you're somebody that requires

144 frames per second for every single

game that you play you're definitely

going to have a much shorter window

between the laptops that you buy

sometimes all it takes for your laptop

to be running smoothly again is a little

bit more RAM to account for all those

Google Chrome tabs or a little more

storage space to account for all those

thousands and thousands of files that

you have just lying around on your

computer thankfully the majority of

laptops are user upgradeable so you just

take a few screws out and then you can

add more storage or more RAM as need be

but in other situations the RAM and

storage are all soldered to the

motherboard because Guillaume on a

serious note opening your laptop even if

it's very easy to upgrade can be a

little bit daunting so link two I fix

its website in the description they're a

good company that provides upgrade kits

for laptops and good tutorials all for a

great price please sponsor us if you're

in the same situation as I was your

laptop may not be in the best physical

condition as Chris so subtly hinted at

in last month's video not every little

blemish should be a reason to buy a new

laptop but if for example your screen is

cracked the keys are sticking or missing

altogether and it's constantly warm

because of dust buildup these are some

serious red flags for me personally my

biggest issue with my old laptop was

that its screen would wobble back and

forth constantly because the hinge was

so loose this made everyday use

including just typing difficult because

the display would rock back and forth

every single time I'd hit a key for most

laptops just tightening the hinge is

usually a pretty easy thing to do but

because it was a MacBook you needed to

take a lot of things out

just access the hinge and I was pretty

far out of warranty

I've ran a use of the exact same harder

for a long period of time is bound to

lead to a little bit of degradation of

the quality of the components but

especially with the cooling if you're at

the point where you're letting your

laptop or on its course without

maintenance it's bound to build up dust

at some point in time and become

unreliable and begetting crashing

however if you are going the route of

maintenance it's pretty easy to just

purchase some compressed air and open it

up and blow it out

alternatively there are some cooling

stands that you can purchase on Amazon

but personally I would never use these

myself as it kind of takes away the

point from a laptop in that you can use

the laptop on your lap as I said in the

intro in most cases buying a laptop is a

pretty long-term investment so chances

are the original intentions that you had

for using your laptop have evolved since

you bought it for example when you were

in high school you may have chosen to

purchase an Alienware laptop to play

games on the go but now you're in

college and you don't want to be having

back problems or made fun of for your

game reel app top my general

recommendation is to buy something that

fulfills your needs all while not making

something gimmicky the sole focus of it

I'm a power book kind of guy so that

works pretty well for me considering

that power books are both generally

powerful and portable as implies the

name overall it can be a little bit of a

difficult decision to decide whether

it's time to buy a new laptop or not but

if you have the money to and you're

pretty unhappy with your current laptop

you shouldn't regret buying something

new though keep in mind that it's

usually better to save up for something

that you actually really want other than

just buying a replacement for what you

currently have that's pretty much it for

this video guys so if you enjoyed it

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