When to Put a Dog Down for Aggression - Reactive Dog Training Video Podcast Episode 20

good day my dog loving friends and I'm

trying to do something different here

with my podcast so I'm gonna do the

podcast but it's also gonna be a video

podcast at the same time so I can put it

on YouTube and you can see it on or

download it as a podcast to take with

you so just so you know this is the

first time we've actually done a video

of a podcast so you can see my face or

you can just listen it so anyway in this

podcast I want to address a really

difficult topic and that is that

difficult decision to put a dog down for

aggression and I received two emails

this week that really really pushed me

into making this podcast and I want to

read parts of that they're very very

long and I'm not going to read them

forward word-for-word I'm definitely not

gonna disclose the names of the people

this is a really traumatic thing to go

through the first one deals with and

again there I'm gonna really explain

this stuff nitty-gritty but I'm gonna

read the first one to you this is from a

person overseas it says hi Robert I hope

this reaches you before the decision has

to be made but I have a ten year ten

month old German Shepherd have worked

really well together bonding yada yada


talks with all the training and all that

stuff when at home he's got a pillow in

the lounge with us or in a crate he

needs to go sleep after working outside

he gets a lot of work the the person in

there partner went on a holiday the dog

went to a border and that person also

has German shepherds

by about five dogs during the day with

him the border would have walked him

every day and done some games played

some games was told that he was fed

alone and was told that there was no

issues surrounding my dog and the dog's

behavior that's great they got him back

at 1530 so that's that's 3:30 and at

2100 hours which is what nine o'clock

the dog had bitten both the the person

and his partner they were outside he was

having a bone since he was a puppy

they've always made a point of taking

bones away after a while and then

playing with him so that's a good thing

with puppies I do teach take the bones

away and all that stuff however this

time the partner went to take the bone

and he bit her and attempt to get

in and I guess this person tried to get

the dog off of the the girl and he got

bit as well yeah yeah it's a long email


they tried to recondition him by hand

feeding for a couple days now last night

he was having a bone outside to get in

his own space on the lawn with me and my

partner sitting outside on a table I

decided the next thing would be tell him

to leave it and make no movement to take

just to get him to stop and and he can

have it again so some people are kind of

really criticized a person for doing

this like just let the dog have his bone

thought it up well here's a good point

this is a young dog they've had the dog

since he was very young and I believe in

training dogs if you're really gonna

train the dog especially if you had a

sincere young puppy that the puppy or

the the dog must acquiesce to my demands

the dog must give up food or a toy or

something like that because that's what

we're training the dog dude now if you

rescue an older dog and then that dog

has possessive issues it's still

something you want to work on because

there's an inherent risk of the dog

having something in their mouth that may

be poison to them or may be dangerous to

them or it may be just a dominance issue

and you can't get it away from and you

have that risk of getting bit I don't

like it I've seen dogs a friend of mine

Jimmy had a dog that had severe food

aggression and he counter condition and

Jimmy's a great protection dog trainer

and placed the dog with the police but I

do suggest that dogs learn to give up

things like goofy if he's chewing in a

bow and I can take it away Maya boss

Jimmy Doohan everybody they have to have

that skill anyway so this he says he

told him to leave it and he left it

however he has stood over it which I

knew he was guarding it which I wasn't

prepared to deal with so I gave him his

release to carry on eating but he didn't

neither me or my partner moved or got up

but he ran over to my partner and bit

her on the arm I have gone to get the

dog off of her so that she could get

away from him in doing so in knowing

that he wouldn't that he would then turn

on me he has bitten both my arms however

when I pushed him down and backed away

from him he came at me again so now

we're looking at some problems right

and then when he came in later and they

left about siding it was very sheepish

he went to his crate so the question is

that this person has asked me what is

what do I think you should do with him

everyone thinks he should be put to

sleep because of the biting here was no

growling the lick lipping and though

showing of teeth is unpredictable even

though it's a little predictable even

though it's something I had done with

him since he was a puppy sure or he

should hear eHome him and more of a

working dog life I know he is a working

breed he has got an assessment line of

to potentially be a police dog know

usually dogs that bite are horrible

police dogs because they have that

they're not stable now this dog probably

has more stability than the average dog

that has this issue but people always

say to me the dogs aggressive the dog

should be a police dog I'm gonna get you

no protection dog or whatever wrong

protection dogs most I mean if you

unless you talk about a junkyard dog

which is great put them in a yard with a

bunch of cars or whatever lock them up

and hope one person can get them out and

anybody else is gonna get bit but for

the most part you know we want a sport

on a dog that bites to be very well

conditioned we want the dog to be able

to listen to commands and obey commands

especially an out command or leave the

command or anything like that I think I

know in my heart he needs to go

somewhere else but I'm so attached him

because before I got him I was so

depressed and suffering from PTSD he

brought me back up and this is terrible

this is just a terrible thing first of

all I would really want to know I would

check with the breeder since you got was

a puppy we know that he has a breeder

and the breeder should have some kind of

an indication if any other dogs have

this tendency if any of the parents or

the grandparents or anything have that

Tennessee if they have a really kind of

a pushy dominant kind of an obstinate of

thing I find it hard to believe it was

just brought out since he was at the at

the Border's house because you know

again and you're asking me if you did

anything wrong no I don't think so I did

I do something wrong should have never

tried to take something from no

absolutely 1000% no you did the right

thing and teaching this dog to leave it

and you're finding it out an early stage

in the dog's life because I do think

this dog from what you're saying your

you know this dog would probably work

well in a protection home he's not over


the aggressive where he's just running

up and biting field he's got resource

issues and sometimes resource guarding

issues are things that we used to train

a dog for protection right we want them

to be kind of possessive over the sleeve

or over the the toy or over the object

or over the person because that's what

makes that gives him that drive to be

able to do that so you said he's had

some formal training in a hall but

didn't like it and then I think you kind

of go into this this self-deprecating

feeling bad thing which I totally

understand but I want you to know that

you didn't do anything wrong in this

situation right so the dog has some kind

of a dominance issue I don't know if

it's a nervous you don't have to see how

the dog did this and whenever somebody

says there was no indication olla

clipping no nothing the indication was

there because he stood over the object

so he was showing you that and I think

somebody who deals with protection dogs

and you know or a police dog in this

kind of situation might be able to

harness that much better but you're

doing the right thing because both times

you're telling me that this dog went to

bite your partner and she has to be an

important aspect in this picture and I

just talked about that in another ask me

anything on my channel my member Channel

where somebody there are three dogs and

one of the dogs I cut one of the dogs is

causing fights with the other two and

his wife or girlfriend or whatever it

was has gotten bit in trying to break

him up when he's not there so that's not

fair that's not cool to put somebody

into that and now here you've got your

girlfriend you know you're gonna leave

for your partner you're gonna leave her

you know in the house or something and

this is gonna happen it's a really bad

situation I would rehome this dog 100%

right because unless you you know if you

were single if you were a single man and

you were working with this dog or a

single woman I'm not being sexist here

and you were gonna work this dog and put

him in a protection training and do some

severe severe so hard work you know some

strong obedience with the dog and get

the dog to understand this I would say

yeah but when you have two people and

the dog has already shown the propensity

to attacking the woman in the house

right and I'm assuming that you know

she's not doing anything to make

something happen she's probably not

being a jerk to the dog everything shows

me that you guys are very kind

this is something so this dog has a

resource issue and a resource issue is

different from just an overall

aggression issue and if this dog was

aggressive like lunging at children

lunging at people abiding this attacking

dogs attacking cats attacking you know

people who come over and all these

things I would say put the dog down and

I'm gonna go into that in a minute of

why I say to put a dog down and and I I

know I'm gonna catch a lot of back lash

for this and I'm totally okay to deal

with that because I have dealt with

enough dogs in my life and I've dealt

with enough situations in my life where

I can clearly tell you that if I say to

put a dog down it's probably the best

decision for a lot of different reasons

and we'll get into that in a second so

here's the other email I received eight

year old beloved pitbull and the message

I'm again leaving these anonymously I

don't really want to point fingers at

people because this is a really hard

thing to go through but it's also a very

responsible thing to go so I'm gonna

talk about that as well so this person

writes me and says I'm seeking support

our beloved blank the name of the dog

bit our granddaughter last week my

daughter is pushing to have him put down

we are desperately seeking to have him

rescued the name of the dog is an

exceptional boy incredibly trained he

cannot be around children or other pets

please help us save him so this is where

the problem comes in pitbulls in general

are great dogs with people but horrible

dogs with other dogs I'm going to get

the backlash of people saying well my

pitbulls great with other dogs and

that's great but in general terriers and

I'm not just saying pit bull terriers

I'm saying Staffordshire Terriers I'm

saying a Manchester terriers I'm saying

Wheaten Terriers I think all all

Terriers have a propensity for having

aggression towards other animals because

that's what they were bred to do they

were bred to furrow out other animals

and that's going to give them that

underlying aggression a pit bulls kind

of caught the caught the crap train

because they were taken by people and

bred and trained and and bred and bread

and bred to fight and have that

underlying aggression and that has snuck

in there was only a certain couple lines

of dogs but that has snuck into so many

lines and it's in so many of the

of the pitbulls that it's it's it's an

epidemic right you're seeing this over

and over and over there's fighting dogs

they're all going to be in that pit

bull-type family the course is there

this or that but they're yeah I know

they're great dogs

I like pit bulls too I've advocated just

for saving more pit bulls and a lot of

people I know but I will say that when

they have this aggression issue it's a

nightmare so now I heard back to the

email to this person I said this may not

be what you want to hear but your

daughter is right this dog attacked a

child right if the dog bitten

an older person a UPS guy I'm sorry no

no no slam on UPS people I don't want to

don't get my packages but you know a guy

with a hat a guy lurking over so like

that it's still bad but to bite a child

is really unacceptable for me right

placing the dog is putting him in

another child at risk that's what I'm

finishing of my email it's a difficult

decision but for you but a clear one for

somebody on the outside and then the

person said thank you for helping us and

I was expecting a really bad email back

but I thought that could be a safe place

to keep this incredible boy and the

final email that I sent back was simply

I really do wish that was possible but

I've seen countless dogs and shelters

that have zero issues and they're being

put down because of a lack of space I'm

so sorry I have to go through this so

let's look at this for a second when is

it the right decision to put that dog

down or a dog down first of all if the

dog is sick the dog is a dog is in

immense pain it's all he's not gonna

recover then I do advocate putting a dog

down if a dog is kind of just you know

peeing on the floor and kind of having a

harder time standing up no we don't put

dogs down for that I mean Baz man I

cherish that every single time even if

it's just one in the morning because I

go to bed at 7:30 even if it's one in

the morning that I carry him down the

stairs and sometimes she gets nervous

and he'll pee on me or pee on Janet but

that's not even a concern to me right I

don't even care about that what I really

care about is the ability to be able to

care for this animal right he's not in

pain he's not having any real serious

issues he's deaf and blind which is fine

and he sometimes tips over and stuff

like that but he's happy he's eating

he's enjoying life he's barking he zips

around the yard and if he doesn't crash

in anything he keeps slipping around the

yard but if he was an immense pain I

would put him down and then this is why

I really resent people when they take a

dog like that to the shelter and the

shelter has to put it down I mean

imagine the the horrible horrible

feeling of a shelter worker seeing this

old dog as dog never did anything wrong

and the shelter work and never anything

wrong having to put that dog to sleep

having to hold that dog while it dies

and the crappy I'm not gonna swear on my

podcast so I can keep it

g-rated but the crappy feeling that that

dog must have to have given so many of

its years to a person and that person

doesn't have the decency or the dignity

to hold that dog to take their last

breath that is just reprehensible it's

just completely unacceptable to me now

those are times we put a dog down for

medical issues and stuff like that but

what I really want to focus on this

podcast is the aggression issue and

aggression is something that I've dealt

with over the past 10 plus years

countless times and very very very often

most often I should say in a shelter

environment I've been LA City shelters

have been shelters throughout this

country and I've dealt with some

severely aggressive dogs some severe

behavior issues and a lot of can be

fixed and a lot of them can't be fixed

but when I say aggression issues I'm

saying these issues that that put the

dog in a situation where there is no way

out right so a dog that it you know when

it's touched where there's a cocker

spaniel okay so here we're gonna talk

about a spaniel not a pit and not a

terrier and not a massive of course or

anything like that but this cocker

spaniel if you touched its back end the

dog would go ballistic

right the bull I mean just would tear

after you and it wasn't like hey don't

you know snap don't bite me and don't

touch me I'm gonna bite you it was a

turn around and come at you and it and

I'm a big guy and the dog kept coming at

me and kept coming at me and here's the

danger right you work on this you kind

of work on this you kind of think you

got a handle on this and then you place

the dog and let's say you place the dog

in an adult home

and the people go out for a coffee and

they're not paying attention and the

little kid comes up and goes to pet the

dog because he's cute cocker spaniel

right and the kid gets his face bitten

off is that fair

and the answer is no right because

what's gonna happen eventually is the

dog it's gonna be put down inevitably

right if the dog bites somebody and

invites a second person at some time you

know again I believe in the death

penalty because I'll tell you why and so

for people who are gonna catch me okay

we have DNA and my father was murdered

so hey you know I would be the one to

you know to to put the bullet in the

person to turn on the light switch to do

the injection I believe in that just

like I'll say this I believe that if I

if I say to put a dog down that I will

take the dog to the vet or to the

backroom and do it personally because

I'm not you know when a dog bites

somebody it's unacceptable

if they're sick it's it's not their

fault if they bite somebody they have

behavioral issues or you know mental

issues brain tumors and stuff like that

it's not their fault but I still think

it's better in life to put them down

than to let them go on suffering if they

have severe aggression issues then they

don't deserve to live I'm sorry they

just don't the world is not an easy

place it's it should be made easier and

easier and eliminating things like

murderers violent criminals dogs that

buy drugs and all this is a way we can

make the world a little bit better place

so for a person who's fought for dogs

and I've defended aggressive dogs I've

defended dogs that have bitten I'm the

right person to come to you and say what

I believe is right and wrong and here's

what happens so you take this aggressive

dog and if right away you know people

will rally around the dog and rally

around the dog people say well you know

the child probably crawled up in his

space and the child Bobby poke the dog

in the eye the child probably did this

or did that well if the dog doesn't have

a right to attack right the dog doesn't

have the right to be violent against

this we've bred dogs we've conditioned

dogs in evolve dogs for thousands and

thousands of years to be man's best

friend and man's best friend doesn't do


right and so if he does that I'm not

saying and this is really important part

I'm not saying beat the dog or do this

or become file it with a dog because

oftentimes that's what will happen with

some of these trainers that you see some

of these trainers will say oh I can

counter condition any aggressive dog and

stuff like that I'll tell you what

they're doing they're beating these dogs

into submission and it works right to a

degree but here's where it gets

dangerous that when the dog figures out

this guy can do this to me right like

with me around goofy and Maya aren't

gonna do anything but if somebody else

has them they're different personally

I'm not saying aggression wise but I'm

saying as far as pushing the envelope

wise know what Janet they've kind of

gotten used to Janet and they know okay

you know what Janet's pretty tough but

they they know better but if you get a

dog that has a violent or an aggressive

tendency and you get somebody like a

trainer to say Oh see the dog is great

now bring your child over and child

comes over in the dog isn't oh I'm not

even look at the child and goes in to

escape avoids and I've got no problem

with escape avoids I think escape

avoidance can be a pretty good thing but

when these issues start to come out and

then suddenly nobody's watching the dog

and nobody's watching the child and then

the dog bites the child and mauls the

child then what are you gonna do right

because that's there's no coming back

from that it's not like they peed on the

rug and you got a new rug but when a dog

attacks a child that's irreversible so

that's where a dog must be put down

hey humanely it must be put down must be

put out of its suffering right dogs that

attack people and then you get these

people you know who will defend these

two three four dogs that attacked and

and mauled and tore apart a person and

every time I see this in the news I just

think what's wrong with humanity that we

want to defend a an animal that did this

to another person to a person just like

the same people who go out there and

start defending murderers and saying

they had hard childhoods or they had

this or that or mental illnesses I'm

sorry if you murder then you must die

and if a dog attacks violently that dog

must be put down right so a

that has these aggression issues like

talk about the first one the Shepherd

has some mild aggression aggression and

resource issues that are tied to a

specific behavior and I do think that

can be trained out of the dog right

especially a shepherd a shepherd is

really conducive to biting and nipping

and doing these things and it can be

counter conditioned when you have a dog

and I wouldn't care if this other this

pitbull was a shepherd or or a collie if

it attacked a baby I would advocate

putting it down right or granddaughter

I'm suing his granddaughter's young I'm

suing he's not like a 20 year old

granddaughter it was like hitting the

dog of this day but think of this so

what people tend to do this and well

this you know there's got to be a home

somewhere where it's oh there's no other

dogs there's no people and he's got a

big yard and it's up in the hill

somewhere well I I've lived in those

hills and there is no home that exists

like that right there's no home that is

this perfect oasis of just one dog all

these beautiful plains to run in with

where lassies running and and no other

dogs and no people no children no

bicycles no no no what no wild animals

no sheep no dear no nothing like that

right it doesn't exist but people do

think it does and they'll spend

countless hours and weeks and months

trying to find this home for that dog

but it doesn't exist second of all the

people will take the dog to the shelter

and well you say well somebody's gonna

have a home for this dog right there's

got to be somebody who wants them but

here's a little secret if you don't want

that dog and you can't have that dog

because of the dog's behavior chances

are somebody else doesn't want the dog

either so it and it's not saying that

you know use dogs or shelter dogs are

bad or or or not good in fact they're

great baaz is a shelter dog and my dog

boots was a shelter dog but what you

want to look at is the behavior of the

dog right is the dog you know placeable

in the average home and that's what you

got to look at cuz you know who's going

to shelters to get dogs the average dog

person it's not a specialized handler a

police dog handler you know whatever

that's not who's going in there right

it's the it's the middle American couple

who on the weekend want to do the right

thing they saw the commercial on TV for

the Humane Society and they want to go

rescue a dog

well shelters need to be very very

present in giving all the information to

a potential adopter about a dog they

need to be able to tell the adopter what

the dogs issues are what the dogs

hurdles are what the dog is what the dog

would do good what kind of family the

dog would do good and what kind of

family of the dog would do bad in and

shelters are inevitably overrun with

dogs and people don't want they bred

them for the wrong reasons they they

didn't condition and it didn't rain and

they show an aggression to shown this

has shown that there's a lot of great

dogs in shelters I'm gonna say more than

half of the dogs and shelters are good

right so I'm gonna I'm gonna hedge that

back I'll say 60% but there's a good

percentage of those dogs that are not

necessarily bad but they require special

handling they require special training

special knowledge special skills now you

take this aggressive dog and you bring

them to the shelter you say well

somebody I want them and you place him

there well first thing that's gonna

happen because I don't know a shelter in

this country that's not overrun I've

never gone into one where I look and man

all the kennels are empty they're just

looking for dogs it's not the case the

case is all the kennels are full and

they need to figure out how to get dogs

out of there and the only two ways that

dogs get out of the shelter is one out

the front door about being adopted or

two out of the back door in a barrel and

if there's not enough adopters they're

going off the back door because shelters

will kill dogs for space because they

can't keep building more and annexing

more and more because people keep

backyard breeding these dogs and they

have no responsibility of these dogs

we're a responsible breeder we'll and

I'm gonna do a video podcast or just a

regular podcast on responsible breeders

at some point really soon because not

too long ago I saw a friend of mine

who's a breeder take back a dog after

seven or eight years without a question

without asking money without questions

without making the person feel guilty

this woman was so amazing that when she

did it I had tears in my eyes to see a

person who bred this dog herself place

this dog I sold the dog for whatever she

sold if I know it was

a lot and then seven years later the

person the owner says I can't keep the

dog and hands the dog over to her she

take and she's not a rich person right

breeders are not very wealthy people put

the dog in the back of her car in a

plastic crate and said I'll get the dog

and good home and you know what she did

she got the dog an amazing home this

person's a very very dear friend of mine

and I'll talk about that in another

podcast but you take the aggressive dog

you dumped him in the shelter and what

happens immediately the dog that the

shelter needs to make room for that dog

and how are they going to do that well

easy they're gonna go through the

shelter they're gonna find the dog

that's been there the longest and that

dog is gonna be taken in the back giving

a needle and be killed and excuse me

and that's highly unfair so the shelter

doesn't say well let's get the best dog

let's keep the best dogs because they

can't they have to take that dog coming

in and and and and obviously try to

place it unless you bring the dog in and

say this dog needs to be put down you

don't have the money taking root of that

I understand but the dog needs to be put

into a kennel and now the dog sits in

this kennel and the shelter will find

out okay the dog has reactivity issues

and I pray to God that the people who

would drop the dog at the shelter would

fully disclose what happened the dog bit

my granddaughter the dog bit me and my

partner whatever and be clear about that

because what a horrible shame it would

be for that dog to then be placed to an

unsuspecting person whose child

grandchild niece nephew a husband wife

you know mother and father would get

attacked by the dog but dropping these

dogs at the shelter is not the answer

the answer is being a human being man or

woman being a being of real human being

taking the dog to the veterinarian

putting the dog down yourself and owning

it right it doesn't feel good and it's a

really crappy thing for me to say but a

crappy thing to do is to take the dog

and try to put it on somebody else

because you can't handle it and if

you've had the dog for several years and

you can't handle it what makes you think

somebody else can handle it because

somebody like me who handles dogs or not

a trainer who handles dogs that have

these issues isn't going out and looking

for those dogs right we're busy training

dogs or working with our dogs or doing

these things the responsible thing to do

if your dog has first of all as I said

in the beginning of this podcast if your

dog has issues such as is older is is

suffering and when I put older and

stuffing again it can be a young dog

that's suffering maybe the dog broke its

pelvis or the dog has some kind of a

cancer that's it that's uncurable or

something like that that it's your job

to put that dog down right when you take

that dog when I bring a dog into my home

I say the only way you're leaving my

home is through death that's it and I'll

make sure of it that if the dog is

suffering that I'll do it I'll stand for

that dog I held my father's hand when he

died his last breath

you know I've held other friend's hands

when they died their last breath I've

held my dogs to their last breaths and

that's the responsible thing to do so if

you have a dog that has aggression

issues and they're beyond normal right

it's not just a little snapping and

little and and and and lunging and stuff

like that but it's aggression it's a dog

that you know if this dog got hold of

another dog it would kill it if I got

hold of a cat it would kill it if we got

a hold of a baby it would Maul it it's

got a hold of a person it would bite it

if you have that dog and you don't want

to keep it right if you keep it you

muzzle it and you walk it and you keep

it on a leash and you keep it in a

contained yard and you're sure that that

nothing's gonna happen kudos to you I

think it's great but if you're gonna

place this dog and give it to somebody


no don't do it nobody wants that dog you

know my friend Lewis and I say you know

the only person who wants that dog is

God and you need to be responsible

enough you need to hold this dog's hand

Paul head you need to cradle the dog you

need to tell the dog you love them and

you need to let the dog go you need to

put the dog down you need to do the

right thing by this dog because it's

your responsibility it's not something

to pass on to somebody else I hope you

understand what I'm talking about this

podcast I hope it makes it somewhat

easier and I hope you understand that if

you do that if you're that person who

can actually put that dog down

and be responsible like that then you're

a better human being than all these

other people who try to pawn the dog off

and think that somebody else might want

that dog because nobody wants that dog

and it's not anybody else's

responsibility to fix it it's your

responsibility and you've got to get on

it you got to own it and you got to do

that so that's I'm gonna wrap up this

podcast on this and have any time for

questions why did you know there's two

emails like I addressed in this video I

hope you hope you enjoyed it I hope you

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I hope you do that I hope you have a

great week hope you love your dogs give

your dogs all the love that that you can

give them they're there for you they're

man's best friend they are truly a

blessing from God to be in our lives I

mean I love my dogs so much I'm so

grateful for them and I hope you love

your dogs that much and I hope you

understand the meaning behind what I'm

talking about here and the importance of

being responsible with it as well take

care see you next week