How to Downsize a Home in 5 Days

do you need to downsize a home fast

maybe you have less than a month to move

a loved one out of their home where they

have lived for decades a sudden illness

or death can for siblings

partners or family friends to take the

role of decluttering expert hi I'm

professional organizer Catherine

Lawrence I help you live a life with

less clutter so you can have space for

the things that truly matter folks hire

professional organizers to downsize

their home in just a few days so how is

that even possible and how can you help

expedite this process this video is

about how to downsize a home when you

are under an extreme time crunch for a

written guide of a day-to-day breakdown

go to the blog post on my website and

I'll add a link to that in the

description box of this video okay so

day number one you want to inspect the

space and secure resources now you may

be familiar with the space or you may be

entering it for the first time you want

to do a complete walkthrough including

sheds basements crawl spaces attics

garage find out what you see there are

there large collections and bulky items

like cars or antiques that will need

special handling

are there cabinets filled with papers

photos and small items that are going to

be tedious to sort are there categories

like clothing linens kitchen items that

may not have monetary value but that are

filling up a couple of different rooms

once you have a sense of the space and

its contents it's time to secure some

resources you will not have specific

details yet but the resources you will

need to enlist our haulers movers

auctioneers appraisers charities

consignment shops cleaning services a

storage unit and all the free labor you

can secure

I'll leave this up for a moment go ahead

and take a screenshot you're also going

to want to identify a source to purchase

the supplies what you will need are

trash bags banker boxes painters tape

sharpies miscellaneous bags and boxes

for recycling and donations moving boxes

weather-tight storage bins packing tape

full adhesive sticky notes a tape

measure photo boxes mask and gloves go

ahead and take a screenshot of that and

I'll also have some of the products

listed in the description box below you

may not need to purchase all of these

and certainly not on the first day you

may make several trips over the week but

just today get a plan in place keep your

tablet smartphone or notebook handy to

keep track of a list of services you can

call and the supplies that you need to

secure ok on day 2 you are going to

clear out the four keys so one of the

most valuable things I learned from

working with the state sellers is that

other than the four p's with the

exception of trash everything else in

the home can be sold so what are the

four p's they are photos paperwork

perishables and prescriptions so this

really changed the way I looked at

downsizing homes with enough hired help

even the largest estates could be

downsized quickly now this does not mean

you have to sell everything in the home

you know via and a state auction service

but it gives you the option and a

starting point

two of the four PS which are photos and

paperwork contain things of such great

value that are so tedious to sort that I

recommend in an extreme time crunch that

you pack these items up into photo boxes

and banker boxes and move them to

another location or a climate-controlled

storage unit

when packed properly a small 5x7

storage unit will hold tens of thousands

of these documents now you may need to

locate certain legal and financial

documents and the downsizing process

provide a list of these items to your

helpers so everyone can search for these

items as you pack away the papers to

sort when you have more time clearing

the other Pease perishables and

prescriptions do not typically take as

long and can be easily discarded quickly

okay let's take a look at day three

today is all about picking favorites if

you or your loved one is downsizing

because of a move now is the time to

pick the furniture and other large items

that will be accompany them to the new

space if the downsizing is due to a

passing this is a time to choose

valuable or sentimental items to keep

and relocate you can use painters tape

to mark these special items if things

are going to multiple people or

locations purchase painters tape in

different colors like blue green or

yellow I don't recommend putting

stickers or regular tape to or using

those to mark items because the residue

can damage your valuables for large

complicated estates I recommend creating

a spreadsheet to list all the items and

collections including where the item

will go eventually and the means by

which it will get to its new home if you

are downsizing to a smaller home it's

helpful to have a floor plan handy and

take measurements to assure that

everything will fit into the new space

ok day for today is about packing you

want to bag up the remaining trash and

recyclables pack additional items to

move to another home or to storage and

by the end of the day the only things

left in the home should be items to sell

or to donate and you want to label

boxes clearly like storage unit or Bob's

house in addition to notes about the

contents don't pack liquids or chemicals

as they could spill and damage other

items and do not pack in really large

boxes unless you're hiring professional

movers is easier to store and safer to

move smaller boxes if you want it box it

up seal it up label it and stack it up

now be really selective you only want to

pack the things that you will love and

use you do not want to create more

clutter and overwhelm in another

location okay day five today is about

moving today you want to have secured

charities haulers an auction house to

eliminate the remaining items ideally

you want to move items that you are

keeping out first and this ensures that

there's no confusion and that a

treasured item it does not get sold or

end up at Goodwill some charities offer

pickup in my experience they are very

selective and have narrow schedules

hiring a hauling service ensures that

all items are removed on time and you

can request that haulers take items to a

specific charity or to multiple stops or

you can hire a moving company to take

one little boxes to storage and the

other load to a charity if you are

working with an online auction house

like Mack sold you can leave items out

for the agents to photograph now you may

wish to do some sorting and inventory

for your own records but do not worry if

you run at a time just confirm that

everything in the house is for sale and

let the estate agents help you with the

final sorting and organizing in

researching an estate agent be sure they

have an exit strategy for unsold items

and a final cleanup you may also wish to

have a professional

Kru come in after the auction so that

the house is ready to go on the market

if you are selling the property the

important thing is that by this day you

have made all the decisions about the

things that you wish to keep

so are you downsizing for yourself a

parent a friend or maybe a client let me

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