5 Signs You Need A DIVORCE

hi I'm life coach Landry and the topic

is five signs you need to get a divorce

if you've been considering divorce

you may be wondering whether it's the

right decision it's a big decision

a lot of people stress over it and who

can blame them it's one of the most

important changes that you can have in a

chapter your life is getting married so

of course getting divorce would hold a

very similar weight in change of your

life and chapters so it's normal to have

doubts creep into your mind from time to

time but sometimes it's necessary to

take a step back and closely evaluate

your situation so how do you know you're

doing the right thing how do you know

whether to fight for your marriage or

just cut your losses well I'm here to

help you here are a few signs v in fact

that may indicate it's time to call it


number one you'd rather be alone when

you think about the possibility of being

single again you get downright giddy in

fact you've probably already been

picking out outfits and future dates

with your crush or going out with your

guy friends or going out with your

girlfriends and just saying you know

what that's right rather be is a thought

of divorce gives you the giggles you may

want to turn that thought in action and

stop playing around number two your

spouse's touch makes your skin crawl now

this one is one of those has a gone to

the point to where your sexual chemistry

has broken down to where it doesn't

exist you know his or her touch gives

you goose bumps but not in a good way in

fact it feels like a thousand ants on

your skin for some people this is bad

this is real bad when you've gotten to

the stage in a loving healthy

relationship you should be longing for

caressing cuddling having sexual

intercourse and kissing and all the

wonderful things that come with being

with someone that you're truly in love

with or you just love if this is not the

case you need to get to the bottom of

why you're suddenly repulsed or turned

off because this alone may not be a

reason enough to get a divorce but it

signals some serious trouble in your

paradise number three you cheated not

just once but several times I said some

a lot of my videos you know making a you

know making

or doing something wrong one time is a

mistake doing it multiple times as a

pattern so if you or your spouse is

getting some action on the side it's

clear sign that you have some serious

issues okay so once you've gone this far

your best bet is to take a step back and

file for divorce because you may also

want to get checked for SVT's while

you're at it because this is one of

those issues where you you've learned to

fill a hole inside your relationship

with something that is outside your

relationship and sometimes

subconsciously you end up going really

far and much further than you actually

agreed and actually contrary to popular

statements and things like that men

cheat you know and women cheat almost to

an exact percent of each other so

there's no who cheats more who cheat

right men and women cheat differently

but they both cheat equally okay so

don't think just because you're with the

man that all men cheating you because

you're with the woman all women are

going to cheat the thing is is that when

people are unhappy

the byproduct of unhappiness and things

being unresolved is they reach outside

their relationship to fill a hole inside

the relationship does that make it right

no but does that make it realistic to

talk about something that actually

happened that happened so you should be

turned away from it have the

conversation if you can't resolve it in

two to three conversations max

regardless of how long you sit down and

talk about it then you're at odds with

each other and you need to make a


number four you don't see a future with

your spouse in the next five years you

imagine a wonderful future full of

success yet get you know you get to

where you want to be in your career you

finally get up the nerve to move to a

new city and you're truly happy however

your dreams don't include your

significant other when you think about

it if you can't see how your spouse fits

into your life do yourself a favor and

find someone who does because dragging

somebody through the mud over a course

of time just because you're going

through the motions is worse a lot of

people don't get out of relationships

because of financials children things

like that but what they don't realize is

you're mentally suffering and you're

stagnating your entire life okay

so don't do that number five and the

final reason and the one that just

really matters the most and where most

fights come from

when you're ready for a divorce is

number five you just don't care anymore

your spouse did something that would

normally make your blood boil but now it

doesn't even faze you not because you've

learned to deal with it or you've got

you just don't care at this point in

relationship you've checked out

emotionally checked out mentally and

obviously sexually it's very likely that

comes before the mental so if there's

just no desire to work on your marriage

you're pretty much done it takes two

people to make a marriage work either

seek counseling in whatever form you see

proper doesn't mean the therapist

there's many forms of counseling some

people go to a church some people do

lots of things some people count to each

other but see how you can make them need

to change this pair of JumpShip you know

and that's the five keys right there the

five most common reasons that it's time

to get out but let me throw some caveats

in there number one you know first you

need to make sure and take a step back

and you need to make sure it's not

because something is unresolved that

you're leaving needs to be something you

know can't be resolved okay there's a

difference one is you're putting it off

and not having the conversation and the

other is you've had it and the desired

results didn't come for either one of

you so you remain unhappy okay remember

it takes two people to make a

relationship and if you still love

somebody then when you resolve things

well and get any shirt to be come back

in love with them but when you just

resolve it and you're still just going

through the motions but you're not

trying to interact on an intimate level

get out okay healthy relationships have

two major parts to them business

operations and love business operations

are how you handle kids how you handle

discipline how you handle money you have

to have that down and you have to have

love you know the basic you know

fundamentals are very easy but if you

just have one or the other let's say

you're a great operational couple you do

everything you get up in the morning you

go to work you'll come home you watch TV

but you're not in love that means it

eventually long-term that's not going to

work number two is on if you just double

up you just have loved but you don't you

don't see things the same way when it

comes to children finances resolving

arguments then it's going to be a dead

end you have to have both those in them

in order so when you date keep these

things in mind so that when you get to

that point you're asking the right

questions and you're doing the right

things and if you're wondering what

those kind of questions are I have

plenty of videos on what equals a

healthy relationship and what equals an

unhealthy relationship go back and watch

those so if you're in a if you're in a

mode of life right now where you can't

figure out whether you're in a

relationship for the right reasons if

it's time to get out it's time to get

divorced if it's time to get married at

four it's time to take the next step

move in get engaged or you're just done

with it overall or Danya just not

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