UnPHILtered: What To Ask Yourself Before You Divorce


well you know I'm yeah we choose the

stories that we do here based on how

broad their relatability is and by that

I mean if if we do a story like this you

can bet there are ten thousand letters

that have come in and obviously custody

is a it is a big thing and uh and I

admit I've never been through a custody


we've been married 42 years and I just

and had we ever split up I would never

have even had the nerve to even suggest

taking the kids and your mother always

said she would go with me oh yeah

my mother said if we ever get her

divorce she was going with Robyn and she

was serious but I thought we'd never

been through this but listen I I know

that it gets emotionally charged and I

know people's feelings get hurt

and most people divorce before they

should I've you can tell when you're

ready for divorce when you have no

unfinished emotional business you

shouldn't get a divorce when you're

upset you should get a divorce until you

have turned over every rock looking for

solutions till you have examined every

possible Avenue of rehabilitation and

you shouldn't get a divorce when you're

angry you should get a divorce when you

just you're a pathetic it's just like

I'm I'm done I there's I don't I don't

feel one way or the other that means

you've done everything you can and this

is a highly emotionally charged

situation they didn't finish their

emotional business so they're still

running their emotional agendas and the

child's caught in the crossfire and

that's what's so tragic about the whole

situation and you would think they would

be able to see I mean when you say it

out loud and you see it on video you

would oh my god I'm doing that so my

point is seriously in Georgia in a lot

of states but in Georgia it's

presumptive if the child says I want to

go here they're at 14 go

unless there's something that says not

and there are 17 factors in one of them

does do they disparage the the spouse

the ex and if they do that's a toxic

environment you don't put the child

there so that's got to stop or the court

will never allow it they'll appoint

someone like me that's a forensic

psychologist to come in and evaluate the

situation I hope they really hear what

I'm saying and take the help because if

the help says they're not playing the

game then they will report the situation

and I hate for that to happen