When Is The Right Time To Consider Divorce?

maybe you two should get a divorce maybe

you shouldn't but what you should do is

make this agreement we may get a divorce

and we may not but we will not stay

married this way another day in our life

that's what you should agree we're

certain we should make that agreement

for sure and if that means you can't be

around her

then don't be around her if that means

you can't be around him without lighting

into him or what then don't be around

him at this point what I would hope you

would say is we're not getting a divorce

and we're not staying married like this

anymore either

that's what I would hope you would say

because I can tell you you're not ready

to get a divorce yet because you haven't

done the work you haven't earned the

right to quit this yet

the time to get a divorce is when you

can look at each other and yourself in

the mirror and say okay there is no

stone left unturned I can honestly look

myself in the mirror and say I've done

everything I know how to do I have no

unfinished emotional business I'm not

angry I'm not bitter I'm not hurt I've

I've done everything I am at peace with

the decision that it's time to end this

relationship and you can't say that now

and you can't say now because all you've

done is suffer and vent you haven't done

any of the work