REALTORS: Thinking of Changing Your Brokerage?! 🏠

hey everybody it's that time of year

it's that time of year that some agents

who aren't hitting the goals that they

would like to are starting to think

about changing brokerages and if that

would help their business and in some

cases it will and in some cases it won't

what here are some things that I think

that you should think about things that

you should take into consideration if

you are considering changing brokerages

whether you are an agent a team leader

or I'm you know if your broker on or I

guess we're not changing brokerages

right or maybe maybe you're joining a

larger firm or something like that or

considering going out on your own but

here's the things that I recommend that

you think about one is how much support

are you going to get from the company

are they truly going to provide you with

support are they going to be there to

answer your questions after hours and

help you in any way shape or form that

you may need depending upon your

experience level those are the types of

questions you should ask you should ask

specifically who would answer my

questions when I have a question after

hours who would answer my question on a

Sunday afternoon if I'm having trouble

writing an offer those type of questions

related to support are very important

now let's also think about various other

things like leads if you're a newer

agent in the business you're going to

need leads it's hard to create enough

leads on your own despite what some

companies might tell you when you're

brand new to the business it is

difficult to produce enough leads on

your own so is the company going to

provide you with any leads and if they

do what does the Commission look like

when they do it's obviously going to be

lower if it's their lead how often can

you expect to receive a lead will you

receive training on how to deal with

those leads and training is my next

subject so so far we've talked about

support leads those are - now we're

going to talk about training what type

of training does the company provide is

it real is it you know are they going to

talk to you about contracts and where to

sign in laws and all those kinds of

things that scare people away or are

they going to talk about real things

that will actually help you grow your

that will actually help you in a sales

process you know what to say to a buyer

on the phone what to say to a seller on

the phone how to get someone to sign a

listing agreement all those types of

things are they going to teach you that

that is critically important so leads

support training what about services

what about help okay what about things

that you need you know there's many real

throws that out there several Realtors

out there especially at this time of

year that are simply overloaded and they

need help and some companies provide

different types of services be an

administrative assistant services for

their transactions

maybe they help with putting up their

signs that lock boxes things like that

if you are an agent who's doing a lot of

business services is possibly the most

important thing to you and you should

ask specifically how that works is there

a cost to it if there is you know what

is the cost

always remember nothing good is free so

that's something to keep in mind last

but not least I just want to mention

don't get too caught up in splits and I

don't say that for some self fulfilling

reason or anything like that in our

company you know depending upon what

level and agents at depending upon how

an agent gets a lead some of the splits

are lower some of the splits go very

high and are generous all depends where

the agents at how much business of their

own they're doing and we have agents

from brand new to 35 years in the


we have agents from selling two houses a

year to age and so on 6070 houses here

so this no self plug here but what I

want to point out to you is don't get

too caught up on that because as I said

a minute ago nothing good is free

nothing good is cheap so focus on those

other areas first support services you

know when you say service is some type

of help from the company leads training

those kinds of things inquire about

those find out about those dig deep on

those interview a few different

companies see how good they are interact

and see if they're on time see if their

office looks good all those kinds of

things are critically important for you

to make the decision because choosing

the right brokerage could be the major

difference between you being very

successful or staying the way you are or

even seeing a decline in your business

that's all folks thanks very much and

have a wonderful day