10 Signs You Need a New Mattress AND How to Make It Last Longer!

did you guys know that you sleep for

almost a third of your life that is a

lot of time so finding the right

mattress is so important but how can you

tell you need a new mattress what are

the clear signs now I just want to say

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new mattress definitely check them out

but now let's talk about the clear signs

okay pesky back side of the way how long

should a mattress last well on average

mattresses are supposed to last between

7 and 10 years so we've had that

mattress for that long it's probably

time to start looking for a new one

or just to upgrade but if you're

sleeping your mattress might be under 7

years maybe it's like in that 7 to 10

year range how do you know it's time to

replace your mattress

well first sagging now this can happen

with innerspring mattresses memory foam

mattresses hybrid mattresses so the

coils that innerspring or hybrid

mattress can start to weaken they're not

going to be quite as supportive also if

it's with foam that can start to sag

over time so you're not getting quite

the support and comfort you need because

of the memory foam you can also see on

your bed these are an indentation so I'm

a big guy I'll admit it and I've had

cheaper memory foam mattresses before I

pressed in after a couple years of big

indentations so if you're rolling into

that same spot every night it's probably

time for a new mattress also noise now

this mostly applies to innerspring

mattresses and hybrid mattresses with

coils so your coil starts to squeak in a

very loud way they're kind of getting

rusty they're also thinking it was kind

of like losing their strength you

probably know it's time for a new

mattress all that as well if you're not

using your ears use your nose if it's

starting to smell I know it's a little

bit gross it's probably time for a new

mattress as well so mattress is all

all-times can't wrap mildew they can't

wrap mold other allergens as well so

over time they can catch that sense so

if your mattress just stinks get a new

one another point is allergies so if you

wake up every morning and you're stuffed

up your eyes are watery it might be your

mattress a mattress can actually trap

allergens like pollen and dust mites and

exacerbate your allergies so if you feel

ok the rest of the day but wake up every

morning feeling kind of stuffed up it

might be your mattress another sign is

pain you wake up with pain on your lower

back you feel pain on your shoulders on

your hips on your elbows and your knees

on your pressure points so you're not

getting enough support you're not

getting enough comfort from this

mattress so it might be time for a new

one also if you can't sleep it might be

your mattress you're tossing and turning

all night you just can't get comfortable

it might be your mattress not giving you

the comfort and support you need as well

and the best test of this is you sleep

somewhere else

and you sleep better let's say you go to

a hotel or a friend's house and you wake

up feeling great

no pain no allergies you slept well all

night it's probably your home mattress

that's the problem

and then finally change a situation

let's say you get pregnant you're gaming

or losing weight you have a new bed

partner or you have new health issues

like arthritis it might be time for a

new mattress to meet those needs so

those are the clear signs is too late

for your mattress and you have to get a

new one but how can you prolong the life

your mattress make sure it lasts as long

as possible

well first use a mattress protector did

you know a lot of companies actually

void your warranty if you don't use a

magical protector so it's smart either

way it also protects from dust from

allergens from dirt can definitely make

your mattress last longer

also make sure you have the right amount

of foundation so if you have a heavier

mattress make sure your foundation can

support that amount of weight if you a

mattress that requires an a box-spring

definitely get that too if you don't get

enough support for the mattress it can

sag pretty quickly alright I don't want

to be the fun police or anything but

there are some things that are fun to do

on your mattress that are bad for your

mattress first you can't jump on the bed

if you have kids the lot of fun to have

them jump on the bed I don't have any

kids I like jumping on the bed but it's

bad for the mattress it can damage your

mattress over time cut into the life of

the mattress too so no jumping on the

bed also it's a lot of fun to have the

dog go in bed have the poppers come in

you can't do it that also can be bad for

your mattress they bring dirt they bring

allergens they bring other critters not

a good idea

finally you can't eat in bed I

personally love eating a plate of

chicken wings Saturday afternoon that is

my idea of a good time when I learned it

was bad for my mattress I had to stop

doing it again that's gonna lead to have

some critters move into your mattress

bed bugs and off that - those are your

worst enemy and you won

avoid bedbugs at all cost so with having

the dog in bed with also eating a bed

that can lead for critters move into

your mattress and when that happens the

mattress is done your living situation

might be ruined as well so avoid bed

bugs at all costs because of that if you

do make a mess on your mattress spot

clean it immediately with the proper

cleaners also vacuum it twice a year

keep it clean over time and rotate or

flip your mattress now some newer design

- mattresses you can't rotate or flip

but more traditional like inner spring

mattresses you can definitely do that so

when you rotate it's gonna be 180

degrees it's gonna fight divots and

indentations when you flip it same thing

you're gonna add some life your mattress

finally if you have to move your matters

across town across the country between

apartments definitely wrap it in plastic

because you want to make sure that

allergens don't get in dirt doesn't get

in bed bugs don't get in so those are

the main ways to prolong life your

mattress so let's say all the signs are

there it's time for a new mattress what

should you be looking for in a new

mattress well I definitely recommend

checking out mattress Clary com Google

mattress clarity mattress reviews we

have a lot of great resources to help

you out finding a new mattress but what

should you be looking for well first if

your matters has foam in it definitely

look for something with a higher density

lower density like three pound or 3.5

pounds it's definitely not enough it

might sag more quickly look for

something in a 4 to 5 pound range also

consider something with coils in it it's

gonna help add some life to your matters

to give you some extra support as well

then just think about your sleeping

preferences so first sleeping position

if you're sleeping on your back you want

to make sure to balance of comfort and

support so your hips sinking enough not

too far but you also feel support

underneath that as well moving into your

side you want more of some softness

there on your shoulders and your hips so

usually a softer mattress is a good

choice moving to your stomach finally

you want more of a firmer mattress a

more supportive mattress make sure your

hips don't sink in quite too far now

think about your sleeping temperature do

you sleep hot do you sleep cool me

personally I'm a hot sleeper so I need a

cooler sleeping mattress if you want a

cooler sleeping mattress definitely

think about something with some coils in

it for airflow however if you want a

foam mattress there are some with

elements that are very good for cooling

to finally think about your size

I'm a larger person so I needed more

support and I'm on my back and on my

stomach when I'm on my side I definitely

a bigger comfort layer so if you're a

smaller person than meat might be

different for you but definitely

consider her size by now you should know

if you need a new mattress or not you

know what to look for you know how to

make your mattress last as long as

possible and if you need a new mattress

you know what to look for if you are

looking for a new mattress again check

out mattress Clary com

give it me specific questions just leave

a comment below