Should You Change Doctors? Here's What You Should Know!

you uh co-authored a book right called

it when nutrition doesn't work in the

subtitle I believe is what went wrong

right how to find a new doctor how you

know are people afraid do you think to

move on to another physician and and how

would someone know if you know this is

just isn't working for me I need to go

somewhere else yeah there tends to be

two different types of patients that

really fall into that category one is

they they go from Doctor to doctor

practitioner to practitioner and they

you believe and it's sort of ingrained

in their their head now that petitioners

don't know what they're doing doctors

are dumb and they can't understand me

and so there's that the angry patient

there's also the patient that is hard

it's hard for them to move on because

they do develop a relationship with that

other human even if that human might not

be right in what they're thinking or

their thought process so it's a little

bit of emotion a little bit of

behavioral and it depends on which side

we fall on I have advice for both people

number one for the the second type of

patient not everybody can know

everything so it's okay to get a second

opinion it's okay to add somebody to

your team if that relationship is super

strong it's okay to maintain the

relationship while bringing out a new

doctor you don't need to cut cold turkey

for the angry patient realize that these

people myself included very human we

have our own insecurities our own

questions and sometimes we end up

projecting those maybe inappropriately

but we do our best there's a I would

imagine a lot of patients feel some

guilt too and don't don't take this the

wrong way but I want to go and ask this

person but they feel like they're kind

of betraying their doctor a little bit

too I don't think yeah absolutely

they've had one of two different

experiences and the first experience is

I read this on the internet or I told I

was told this by somebody and I brought

it my doctor my doctor said oh that's

bad and they just missed it

right well more and more and I tend to

find that this is really helpful I say

bring me those questions

bring me your stack of stuff give me all

the all the books that you've read or

wanna read to give me all the advice

that your neighbors gave you and I want

to find out what you're thinking because

then I

can optimize our treatments because

there might be a you know there might be

something that I really need to tell you

that's different than that but at least

I know your preferences at least I know

what you want to do a lot of that just

goes with communication with your doctor

too and I think a lot of people find

that that's hard to do it it just to be

frank and honest and not just say okay

this hurts go you know yeah a lot of

patients have a lot more a lot better

relationships with a person on Facebook

or a guru on Facebook then they have

with their own physician