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get into it so there's a lot of

different brands and types of diapers

out there but picking the right one is

extremely important just to keep your

baby comfortable and to prevent leaks so

most kids begin potty training by the

age of two is what they say we're not at

2 yet but I'm we've been using a ton of

diapers obviously so so it's really

important to understand when to move up

in diapers when the baby is starting to

outgrow the one that they're in right

now so there are several ways to

determine when the diaper is too small

and when you should move up so I'm gonna

go over the top 5 okay so number one is

know your baby's weight so most diaper

manufacturers will let you know what

diaper is in the correct weight it'll

say kind of on the box so stage one is

from this weight in this way stage two

is this way and this way so it's really

important that you know your baby's

weighs so you can kind of base it off

the Box weight that it's made for so

your doctor can let you know the baby's

weight every time they have checkups but

I know sometimes there are like large

gaps in between your next doctor's

appointment like we had one obviously

like I heard six months appointment and

we haven't had one for like two and a

half months so I'm not really too sure

what weight she's at right now

so if you don't just have a doctor's


that was pretty recently I know that

seemed to be kind of like a guessing

game so another way to figure out your

baby's weight without doctor's

appointments if you can purchase a baby

scale if that's something that you want

to do if you want to save a little bit

of money you can also do this instead

where you have your own weight you weigh

yourself and then you get on with the

baby and win weigh yourself and just

subtract it and it can kind of give you

like a rough estimate of how much your

baby weighs so then you can kind of see

the sides that she's meant he or she is

meant to be okay so that's number one

pretty much just base it off the

manufacturers recommended weight against

your babies okay so number two is check

the fit of the diaper so if the diaper

fits like a bikini or it pulls on one

side it's most likely that it's too

small time to move up inside the diapers

should be straight and symmetrical the

waistband should fall right at the waist

not too high or too low in the front or

in the back because you definitely don't

want it in the back because that's how

you get blowouts okay so number three is

inspect your baby's waist and legs so

you can look for signs that the diaper

is too tight by seeing any red marks on

the legs or the waist or any rashes

where the diaper is just too tight

against the skin even if your baby is a

correct weight with that diaper and you

still are seen those red lines it is a

good chance oh that's still too tight

even if it goes against the weight so if

it's irritating your baby time to move

up inside okay so number four is when

you put on a clean diaper these flaps

that are on the front go around the

waist without having to pull on it this

way or even with these they shouldn't be

meant to stretch out and completely go

across it should just be comfortably

around and then this velcro will just go

over it also when you're using a clean

diaper when you're putting the clean

diaper on I like to go over the belly

button just a little bit here and then

when it's wet it'll be a little bit

under the belly button and that's also a

good indication that you're using the

correct size of diaper okay number five

is to pay attention to how the diaper is

working if you notice that your baby is

leaking through the diaper onto the

clothes probably too small so you'll

definitely need to go up inside you can

expect occasional

and occasional blow out stuff like that

but if it's something that's frequently

happening then you probably have too

small of a diaper size but just remember

that you can get leaks also if the

diaper is too big so you just want to

make sure that it looks comfortable on

them you're not getting any signs of

irritation and the weight is a good

guideline to kind of help you estimate

what size the diaper fits up correctly

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okay so this is how the baby looks after

she has wet her diaper so okay so see

how it's right below her belly button

because it's wet so usually right when I

put it on her and it's dry it's gonna be

a little bit over her belly button so

that's when you know that it's perfect

it's not too snug so let's go all the

way around here and then the velcro just

kind of goes over it we're not

completely like pulling it to make it

fit it's nice and comfortable of course

we have to change her diaper I just

wanted to show what it looked like wet

but you know here we don't see any lines

of irritation nothing like that no

rashes so we know this is a perfect fit

for her and this goes with her weight

and everything like that so I just

wanted to show that real quick