5 Signs it's time to change your Apple Pencil Tip!

hey guys Nicole here I recently changed

my Apple pencil tip and I just want to

pop him real quick and just share some

of the things I started to notice and

the happening that made me make the

decision to do it this is really for

anyone that has their first generation

iPad pencil Apple pencil because

obviously the second generation is

pretty new you're probably not going to

need to change that for a good few

months yet and so if you can if you

still have your original box there's a

replacement tip inside there so that's

really handy but don't worry if you've

lost it I've put a link to the blog post

and that has a link to where you can get

online you can get a replacement pack of

four for about twenty US dollars and and

I don't know if you'll be able to see

really no probably not on the camera's

not focusing quite on the tips but the

old one is in my hand here and the new

one is on the pencil but so the five

signs that I notice were obviously time

so if I use my iPad really regularly if

you use your pencil regularly

you know you will wear it down just it's

just going to happen and so I've had

mine for over a year and that was I

reckon that's about a good amount of

time that's about their lifespan and I

started to notice number two was the

sons to notice a bit of friction using

it on the screen so I've got a Mac

screen protector but it shouldn't be a

real you know it shouldn't drag along

the screen too much it should be smooth

kind of feeling and I also noticed

brushes in procreate started to sort of

fracture and split a little bit and so

especially not brushes that are meant to

they're just supposed to be a smooth

brush they were breaking throughout the

strokes so that was a good indication

that yeah it was it was becoming a

problem and also I noticed that the

Apple pencil was less responsive when I

was tapping on my screen it wouldn't you

know register that the initial tap we'd

have to tap again

so that was a good indication as well

and also it's it's it can you can easily

tell by just running your finger along

the tip you know if it's rough to touch

then you're feeling that way and you

know I did start to even notice a bit of

Indian in the screen protector so I

could see some streaks in there so

anyway I just want to show you how quick

and easy it is it's a simple process and

it's just transformed 24 pencil and like

it feels like new again so it's really

cool but anyway to take it off this is

the new one now because obviously I've

already replaced it but I'll just put

the old one on so you can see how to do

it but it's really simple you just

unscrew the nib from the top and that's

in anti-clockwise direction and you can

see that there is what delivers the

pressure sensitivity so that's how the

pencil knows that you're applying

pressure and then the new one or in my

case my old one just flips on the top of

that little node and you tighten it and

you don't want to over tighten it just

just firm until it feels secure and

that's it

it's as easy as that so it's it's really

worth doing I reckon there's quite a few

of you out there that are in the same

position because you know I know a lot

of people that I know I'm kind of on the

list have been you know there for at

least a year so I know you're out there

using it and it's just there's no point

life's too short

changing it won't change the tip it's

easy to do so it'll it'll be great

anyway I hope you're well happy

Valentine's Day for Valentine's Day I

hope you're having a lovely time have a

great weekend and I'll speak to you see