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your own horn here why would you tell

people that it's smart to call a plumber

what would be the most important

occasions plumber said plumbers have

field experience you know we were

talking before the bill about a handyman

handyman do a lot of different things

plumbers do plumbing everyday they we

see problems we see better than that we

see opportunities we see new product

good plumbers do training they go

through training for different systems

even different products through water

heaters through faucets through water

filtration systems we have people we've

had people come into our office actually

one of my other plumbers a many went up

to Grand Rapids Michigan to go through a

water heater training class for Bradford

white and we were up there two days and

it's it's a very extensive training you

get in you learn a lot of things that

teach you how to work on a system most

people if their water heater quits

working the plumber is gonna walk in and

say you need a new water heater truth be

told if the water heater is not leaking

chances are it can be repaired now once

that water heater reaches six eight ten

years old you may not want to spend the

money to repair it because once again at

six eight or ten years old it could

rupture the next week it could rupture

the next month it could rupture a year

or two later it depends on funds

available it depends on what the water

heater looks like it depends on where

it's located so there are good reasons

to talk to a plumber one of the

to me and I've had handy men say look I

put I put plumbing together with

sharkbite fittings nothing to get shark

bites but I don't use them as a

professional I don't allow my plumbers

to use them I think anytime you can take

two pieces of copper and stick them

together you've got a chance for a leak

okay now you mentioned new products what

what sort of new products have you seen

recently just in the last few years the

tankless water heaters and those are

going to become more prevalent as we

move along

they the are allowed on this fantastic

you all of us in North Texas that have

tank water heaters we pay all day long

for either gas or electricity to keep

that water hot I'm headed out of town

next week I'm paying to keep my water


the whole time I'm gone that's fantastic

it's gonna be hot when I get in when I

get home with a tankless water heater it

heats the water on demand meaning when

you call for water when you demand hot

water it heats it up then that way

you're not keeping it hot all week long

that's one another one is a great

product I'm working with a company out

of Kona Hawaii a company called meter

dog they have a product that you can

actually attach to your meter and your

cell phone can let you know if you've

got a leak your cell phone can let you

know if water is running through your

meter so say while I'm out of town next

week my phone goes off and says you have

water flowing or you are you have water

detected at your water heater behind

your washing machine under your lavatory

under your kitchen sink with a push of a

button that water can be shut off if you

have the entire system installed that's

amazing what now what does that entail

what kind of costs costs vary it depends

on on how intricate of a system you want

it can be as basic as a few hundred

dollars plus a monthly monitoring fee

and and that's actually very low - you

get the app on your phone so you can

control it a plumber needs to come out

hook it up tie the system together link

it up to your app

another good thing about it is that the

system and and I'm still working with

them on the things that I want on the

systems that we're installing but a neat

thing about that is say you've got one

on your house and I installed that

system for you I can get we can set it

up if you want to where I get a

notification to that way if you're out

of town or if you're asleep I can see it

and I can call you and say John do you

realize you have a leak or I can go

directly to your house if that's the

agreement we come up to and you say

Roger look if a leaks detected you have

permission to turn my water off you can

do whatever you want to do along the

same line as you're supposed to get a

little bit of a discount with your home

insurance if you have an alarm in your

house I'm thinking you should be able to

go to your home insurance company and

say I've got one of these water leak

detectors so the likelihood of a large

loss due to water leak while I'm not at

the home and not at home should benefit

me they'll go now we're not gonna do

that for you but what at least if you

save piece of your house you save a

piece of your house and everything

everything you have now you mentioned

about a if you're going out of town for

a week if somebody is vacation times are

starting to come up and do you recommend

the people with the normal water the non

tankless the normal water tank systems

turn their systems down while they're

away you can a gas water heater on the

control valve has a knob that you turn

down to vacation

it keeps the pilot light going it may

kick on the burner every now and then

but it does not keep the water heated up

to 120 hundred and 40 degrees whatever

homeowners have it set at so at least

that way your water heaters still

running but you're not keeping it fully

heated all the time electric water

heaters a little bit difference you

would have to turn the breaker off I

know people that want to control their

hot water usage on electric water

heaters so they actually have them on a

timer where they have hot water

available from 6:00 to 8:00 in the

morning and then they have hot water

available from 6 to 8 in the evening so

they know ok we need to take showers

during this time wash laundry during

this time run the dishwasher whatever

they want to do that way that water


heating up four hours a day instead of

24 hours right just like your home

thermostat absolutely

okay now you mentioned earlier about

permits pulling permits and what are the

what are the types of normal things that

you do need to most towns to get a

permit pulled if you're a homeowner if

your homeowner is registered as your

homestead you can pull that permit

yourself you can you can actually do the

work yourself whether it's the water

line the sewer line the gas line it does

not matter as a homeowner in Texas is

like I said as long as that house is

registered as your homestead you're

allowed to work on it and do anything in

it as a plumber we've got to pull

permits when we change water heaters

when we tie into the domestic water line

and when we tie into the sewer line

anytime you do new work where you're

tying into the main system you've got to

pull a permit if you install a shower

pan we pull permits we pull them with

water we plug the drain line we get them

inspected as a homeowner you're supposed

to do all those things too so as a

homeowner if you're calling a plumber

and he's doing this work for you and

he's not getting it inspected that may

tell you something right there right and

I have to say well I hated the time and

I don't remember if there was much of an

investment in pulling a permit the last

time I had a hot water heater changed

when the permit when the city employee

came out he found that the licensed

plumber who I had putting it in had

missed a couple of things

maybe guy was just cutting corners maybe

just you know just one of those things I

say I'm not perfect either

but I'm glad that the inspector came out

it happens different cities have

different addendums meaning whatever

code they agree to build by each city

can go in and write their own addendums

so as plumbers we have to know what

addendums each city's doing why they're

doing it that way we can install at the

wait city walls most cities are very

close but there are certain things about

each city that may be the chief plumbing

inspector in that city is look this is

my big deal this is my pet peeve

I always want this right so you need to

make sure the plumbing company needs to

make sure they look at the addendum and

get everything the way that city wants

it now I have a little hesitant to bring

this up but I've got to one of the

things we hear people say about plumbing

all the time is why does it cost so much

you've got a lot riding on it with your

house you who don't want a big problem

but uh what is your comeback for that if

somebody says that I get that question

off and wire plumber is so expensive

plumbers are expensive because number

one and guys it's going to get worse the

day that there's a less young people

getting into the plumbing train it it's

really funny because it's hard to get

good young kids that really want to do

this get them in they all want office

jobs or they want to be the next

multi-millionaire and plumbing is a

great trade they're explorers are

expensive because we're in a big city if

a plumbing company is running trying to

cover Dallas or even a big part of

Dallas you've got what we Victor that we

have to factor in is about a 50% drive

rate meaning if a plumber works on a job

for an hour it's gonna take him about an

hour to get from one job to the next job

in this big city so basically for every

four hours of plumber works he's got

four hours of Drivetime as the plumbing

company we've still got to pay for that

we we still have to pay him we still

have to pay his benefits we still have

to pay his insurance we still have to

pay for the truck the insurance the rent

everything else when a plumber or any

other trade as a matter of fact goes out

to do a job we've got to figure in 50%

work time so that's the way it's all set


it's it's not a bad deal really because

if you're calling a real plumbing

company you're getting a good trades

person out there and it takes his green

plumbing that's what we want to do we

want to send out good people to do the

right job mm-hmm now does it you

in a situation where the time that you

have to spend for to get somebody out

there is at a loss if you don't add all

that in and the plumbers ever go out of

business because they try to cut corners

as far as charging absolutely you've got

to know what it costs you for a man to

work for an hour and that cost has to

include your rent your your vehicles

your insurance your gas your tires your

tools everything and that all has to be

factored in people say well you're more

than my doctor you're more than my

attorney if your attorney was driving

around to meet you all the time his

price would be double what it is same

thing with the doctor yes he would be

charging you by the quarter of a minute

quarter of the hour that's very true

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