When should you buy a new phone?

what's up guys Joey here if you attack

and nowadays it feels like there's a new

smartphone coming out every week it's

crazy but the big question is when

should you buy a new phone should you

upgrade to the latest greatest handset

right now or should you wait a little

bit let's see if we can't answer that



so when new smartphones hit the market

you have the choice to either buy then

and there or wait for the prices to go

down new technological improvements

aren't always relevant to your needs

many additional features are not that

important for a lot of people and

sometimes it's simply just a way of

marketing it's how these phone companies

show off and these extras may or may not

make a big difference in your smartphone

experience sometimes these features do

provide convenience think

huawei's reverse wireless charging or

maybe IP water and dust resistance or

faster forms of charging if there's a

feature that's particularly appealing to

you it might be worth upgrading to a

phone with these features it really

depends on your needs though ask

yourself what's most important to you

know what you care about most for your

phone does your phone still works

smoothly does it still get regular

updates or has it gotten too slow to use

Apple supports its iPhones for as long

as five years with OS updates while the

majority of Android devices at best

provide you with two to three years of

OS updates and three years of security

updates app developers usually stop

supporting OS versions that are older

than those so you may want to consider

replacing your phone if the manufacturer

has neglected updating your phone if

you're still stuck with marshmallow

KitKat jellybean or even worse

Gingerbread do the apps that you rely on

suffer from crashes sometimes even the

simplest of games like candy crush take

too long to open only to crash simply

because system resources are

insufficient do you need more storage

does your battery run out quickly do you

need some of those extra features a

larger screen size but their camera

quality we swoon over these extra

features but in reality do they really

make a difference in how we conduct our

lives asking yourself these types of

questions help determine your choice now

most leading manufacturers bring out at

least one new lineup of phones each year

for example Apple announces its new

iPhones in September Samsung's Galaxy S

series comes out in February the Galaxy

Note series an August 1 plus in May or

June Huawei Spee series in march and

mate series in October but should you

always buy the latest

greatest model consider this the

previous year's flagship phones come

with specs that aren't necessarily

outdated by the time the current models

are out considering that they were once

the latest and greatest only that now in

the present they're now probably cheaper

Apple's iPhone 7 for example is now sold

for a lot less and you can still get

most of the experience that today's

iPhones would offer also don't forget

the mid-range smartphones the ones

manufacturers release every now and then

like Samsung's a series vivos v series

opus F series and some others from

huawei xiaomi redmi a real mean Nokia

and Asus these phones might not come

with the top notch specs but again ask

yourself what features do you really

need and that's not to say that

mid-range phones are completely crushed

by flagship phones some of them can keep

up in certain ways just look at the

polka for f1 the xiaomi 90 the google

pixel 3 a a phone that needs to be

replaced will most definitely show you

the science but if your phone is still

in good condition you may want to still

keep it for a while and either wait for

a newer model to launch and then get

last year's model for less like for

example wait for the oneplus 8 series to

come out then buy the 1 plus 7 pro just

because the oneplus 8 would be greater

and newer doesn't mean that the 7 is bad

and for a final note of recommendation

when should you buy a new phone probably

not right with a new phone launches wait

for other people to test them out and

review them after all that's what we are

here for it's our job it's our duty to

let you guys know what's good and what's

bad after all it's the major driving

force of why we are hearing YouTube

talking to you guys about all these new

devices so that's it for this video guys

now I'm gonna pass the question off to

you when do you buy a new smartphone let

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