Buy New Or Upgrade Your Bike? | GMBN Discusses The Pros And Cons

one of the age-old questions in mountain

biking is should you repair and upgrade

your existing bike or should you save

your pennies and upgrade to a brand new


we'll be looking at the pros and cons of

each today yeah and also we do try and

tell you to repair your bikes but

sometimes you do have to buy that bullet

as well and get a new one

so when really should you be investing a

new bike well I think the point is

there's no hard and fast rule as to when

you should do that it's kind of up to

you and how how you actually treat your

bike in the first place which of course

is why we recommend that you look after

your bike and you follow on mates in

this videos for example on this bikes a

little bit tired but a fresh set of

tires on there's chain cassette Mable

cable overhaul of stuff and it will fill

out so you're fine you can keep on

trucking with it and of course some

people get really attached their bikes

they might find that it really suits

their type of ride in their body size

etc yeah but you might find there's a

tipping point we're actually financially

it starts making more sense to save you

money and invest in the latest and

greatest bike where this bike is the

brand new spectral that's the old

especially you see the difference in

design where things have incrementally

got better and actually don't forget the

desirability factor of getting a new

bike going online trying to check out

those bikes try and decide what you want

can make a big factor on that choice of

actually thinking you need the new bike

also let's not forget as well what

happens when you make us a new bike

wherever you want when I'm not it

definitely plans to seize I thought that

your bike is the 2016 can inspect your

minds the brand spankin carbon fiber 29g

rattle so yours it's an alloy frame

that's right keep that going forever

pretty much pretty much yeah though

pretty reliable I mean of course it's

gonna get these things and stuff but

it's not gonna fix it too much but

you're gonna run into some issues I

think as time goes on because standards

of course change this is not my boost

yeah is that a viable upgrade well not

really no so on the back of this it's a

114 mil axle and a back your once is one

for eight on the front is hundred and

110 so it does pose a problem if you do

need to change your wheels at later date

whilst you can still buy one for two

years you wouldn't be able to move them

onto another bike later I'm not sure

something that I would consider a

performance upgrade I know I want

yeah but I'm not sure I'd use that to

completely reverse my very frightening

new bike because a boost yeah but

looking at that bike the shock I think

that was pretty tired yeah of course you

get that service but if you need a new

shock that's a few hundred pounds yeah

straight away yeah it's very expensive

part of the bike and that's a really

valid point if you consider the whole

price of a bike the suspension

components all really expensive on their

own right I mean if you're going to sell

the fork aftermarket probably three

hundred quid tops chicken again for that

and that's like 900 Forks when you're

buying them there's an individual piece

so for argument's sake let's say you

need a new rear shock you need a new

drop a post

yeah that could be six seven hundred

pounds yeah you can tend to sell that

bike for eight hundred quid yeah

probably yeah any reason 700 to a grand

depending on the condition of all the

parts on it stuff yeah so say for

argument's sake that's almost 1,600

pounds you could put towards a new bike

this is the column five one so this one

comes in at three six and three thousand

six hundred pounds but you can get the

al 6.0 for 2,000 259 pounds yeah that's

got SRAM Eagle GX and stuff so yeah

almost comparable to that bike so it's

not a huge jump up for and potentially

keeping that and upgrading to actually

buying a brand new bike yeah but there

is something that's also worth saying is

the new bikes as amazing as they are

they lose money as well so there's

definitely a cutoff point where if

you're deciding you want to sell your

bike if you're thinking that you

basically get on the case if not you

keep the thing going kind of like an old

car you can just keep pumping money on

it and keep it by going and it will be

fine you often find we're selling bikes

as well but you might get better money

if you actually split that thing so yeah

so you get I'm just I wasn't paying for

that boy you might actually be better

off taking the fork off selling that

separately etc sometimes you might end

up with a few spare parts you can't get

rid of so easily yeah yeah definitely I

mean in particular fork in the shop

because you could buy spare parts for

them getting serviced have a new lease

of life basically so it'll be good for

another buyer but no one's gonna want to

buy an old chain and cassette although

no fish or less are consumable parts you

know wear them out get rid of them

upgrade imagine need to never consider

them as a lure for buying a new bike or

we're spending on your own really what

about benefits of a new bike well it's

brand new it sure

it's a new bike of course that's gonna

be the biggest one you've got all the

latest and greatest geometries

technology's going on don't forget you

got warranty on a brand new bike yeah

and why even give you a bit of

motivation scare ride a bit more often I

can't deny having any bike is a great

thing but you still got fork out a lot

of money for a bike even basic bikes

these days cost a lot of money you do

get a lot of bike full of money but you

still have to pay that money but

maintaining your current bike and

upgrading it I think you can save a bit

money doing it

what about showing off your mate you

need the latest and greatest yeah but

there's some things we said about and I

work awesome a case you've completely

fallen for the lure and you've decided

you want to buy a new bike and once

inside as I say it you need it what

should you do

what should I look for for the money if

I saw a thousand pounds of 1,500 pounds

you can look at a proper performance

hardtail where actually there might be

better value than going for a full

suspension bike probably a better fourth

better components you can get budget

full suspension bikes in the UK cleaver

boss nice about that price Oh decent

bikes going up the scale 1,500 to 2,000

that's you know proper full suspension

mountain bike maybe not a drop of post

but when you start looking above that

you're going into the technology you've

got on these bikes all-round decent

suspension lockable sponge and drop of

posts the latest and greatest one by

twelve even but there is the other

option it may be deciding to buy a

second hand bike a new to you second

hand bike but you can fall into problems

there you to look for something so it

can cost you money buy a second hand

bike I think that's a that's a different

video last another we make that one yeah

I'm big on just one thing actually if

you are buying a new bike you've got a

factor in you might want to change a few

things on that bike as well the tires

that comes with the bike might not suit

your local conditions you might not even

come and pedals you might not like the

grips the saddle

you might need some lights all those

extra things you have to budget for that

as well I told you I decided I'm going

off money to buy a brand new bike what's

the best bang for buck I'm gonna upgrade

my old one okay well if you exclude just

all of your consumables like your chain

your cassette your brake pads in that

which you should be doing anyway I think

a set of wheels really as in new wheel

new tires on the bike gets a nice new

lightweight ones the bikes going to feel

a lot more alive when you do buy new

wheels see if you can future-proof your

wheels and what I mean by that is if

you've got bike like this is not boost

you can get wheels that can take boost

spaces so you can use them on a bike

further down the line and the other

thing of course I would recommend is

getting suspension serviced and tuned if

it's not something you're happy doing

definitely invest some money in getting

that done by an official tuner because

it gives a whole new lease of life to

your existing bike well I'm a sucker for

a brand new bike but you do need deep

pockets I'm a bit of a sucker for

maintaining and upgrading boisei if you

want to see how excited I am about

riding my brand new a new proof mega

click over there yeah and if you wanna

learn about maintaining and looking

after your bison upgrade name click down

there for essential series absorb