6 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Best Friend Version 2


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topic of this video no problem there are

references at the end are you lucky

enough to have a best friend or at least

have known a deep trusting friendship

finding a true loving friendship one

that makes you feel happy safe and

secure is so rare and special that when

we do we can't help but wish that it

would last forever having friends like

this can be one of the greatest

pleasures in life so it can be

devastating for us to lose them saying

goodbye to a best friend is

heartbreaking we're trying to salvage a

friendship that's not meant to last does

more harm than good loving someone means

doing what's best for them even when it

hurts you with that said here are six

signs that can help you realize when

it's time to let go of your best friend

1 you're second-guessing your friendship

though you don't want to admit it you're

starting to second-guess the

relationship questioning what the point

of the friendship is you've both changed

so much that it's almost as if you're

completely different people now you no

longer have anything in common and you

don't know what to talk about

conversations that were once easygoing

and fun now feel constantly awkward and

forced everything you used to love doing

with them you've seemed to stop enjoying

all together no matter how much you want

to hold on to the past

and the way things used to be between

you two you know in your heart that

everything is just too different now too

you don't communicate anymore another

common reason why friendships end is

because people tend to grow apart over

time you and your best friend have both

gone your separate ways but you're still

holding on and pretending like you

haven't you still think of them as your

best friend even if you haven't kept in

touch or talk to them in ages you barely

see each other anymore and neither of

you make any effort to get together you

might want to pretend as if this is

normal especially when you're either

busy or live far apart from one another

at some point though it will all start

sounding like empty excuses to you three

you want different things

we all have plans and goals that we want

to achieve in our lives and sometimes

pursuing them can mean having to let

certain people go it's hard when you and

your best friend both want different

very different things for yourselves and

stinging the friendship means

sacrificing one or the others hopes and

dreams asking someone to give that up

for you will only make them resent you

for it in the end or you found other

friends you may not realize that you and

your best friend are already drifting

apart until you make new close friends

when being with people other than your

bestie feels more compatible and

comfortable that's already a clear sign

that it's time to let go or at least

accept that the friendship isn't what it

was and that the status of best friend

drop this doesn't mean that the new

friends treat you better or that you

like them more than your best friend it

simply means that you feel like you

belong more with them than you do with

your old friend and that you owe it to

yourself and to them to be honest about

it 5 they've broken your trust this is a

particularly sad reason for ending a

friendship unfortunately it does happen

Trust is after all the foundation of any

healthy relationship without it things

can never move forward or get better

between you and your best friend maybe

you've just had one fight too many or

you've said some things to each other

that can't be taken back either way

there has been too much hurt to save the

friendship Collins involved almonds 2006

study posits that although repeated

forgiveness and moving on is an option

the best thing you can do at that point

is to start over and find peace with

someone else and 6 you're the only one

holding on finally if you feel that the

effort to keep the friendship alive is

virtually one-sided with you being the

load bare then it might be time to end

things with this person as much as it

hurts to be rejected especially by

someone you've considered to be your

closest and dearest friend trying to

force them to change their mind is still

if they don't want you in their life

anymore spare yourself the indignity and

leave asking for answers to get closure

it is an option any more than that

though has not recommended generally

speaking it's not good for your

self-esteem and mental health to stay

with someone who clearly doesn't want

you no matter how you look at it letting

go of someone you love is one of the

most difficult and painful decisions

you're ever going to make in life you

may experience a cycles of grieving with

stages of anger denial and sadness

before accepting it through it all

though you'll understand deep down

inside that it is the right thing to do

some things are just meant to come apart

and that's okay people are meant to

change and mature moving forward in life

means learning and growing from your

past not being held back by it can you

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