8 Reasons To Break Up With Someone


saying goodbye to someone you love is

never easy but sometimes it's the right

thing to do if you stay together even

when things just aren't working out


you'll only end up making yourself more

miserable and may even grow to resent

one another you'll end up in an unhappy

unfulfilled relationship with someone

who just isn't right for you it's hard

to admit but are you having a hard time

figuring out whether you should end

things with this person or given another

go here are eight telltale signs that

it's time to break up with them 1

they've betrayed your trust

how's your partner broken your trust

whether it's by cheating on you lying to

you or keeping secrets from you if they

have it can put your relationship on

thin ice are they putting effort into

earning back your trust with their

actions and promises not to betray you

like that ever again are you able to

forgive them for what they've done if

you feel like your partner has hurt you

too much for you to ever trust them

again perhaps breaking up with them and

starting over with someone new might be

a better option too they refuse to


does your partner have a bad habit you

wish they'd give up you constantly get

into arguments about how they have

certain behaviors you just can't condone

whether it's drinking smoking gambling

excessive spending or substance abuse

you've already made it crystal clear to

your partner that you don't approve of

the things they're doing but they still

refuse to change if you don't see them

having a genuine desire or effort to

quit then they simply don't respect you

or care about you enough to listen 3

you're holding each other back do you

have dreams in your life you want to

fulfill sometimes pursuing your goals

can mean having to let go of certain

people in your life do you and your

partner want different things in life

are you sacrificing your hopes and

aspirations to stay with them this is a

hard pill to swallow if you can't find

any way for the two of you to stay

together and go after the things you

want it's not gonna work out between the

two of you or you're always fighting

while it's normal for couples to argue

sometimes fighting on a regular basis is


good thing do you bicker all the time

even about unimportant things do most of

your conversations turn into screaming

matches do you find it hard to work

things out calmly between the two of you

no matter how hard you try these

situations can take a toll on your

mental health and it's better to let

them go five your needs aren't being met

it's difficult when you and your partner

don't speak the same love language to

learn more about love language you can

check out our video what is your love

language does your partner call you too

needy or clingy when you want more

quality time with them did they deny you

the physical affection you crave when

you communicate to them which you need

to feel loved do they seem unwilling to

try harder to fulfill your needs you're

not wrong to have these needs you're

just with the wrong partner sex you've

drifted apart you don't ask them about

their day you stop planning dates and

you'll for weeks without texting and

calling or talking to them did one of

you move away or have both have you been

busy with your own lives no matter the

reason being in a relationship with

someone you hardly ever see or talk to

is barely a relationship at all 7 you

don't see the point anymore most people

feel obligated to stay with the wrong

person because they don't want to throw

away all the time and energy they've

invested into their relationship are you

one of them second-guessing your

relationship no longer enjoying spending

time with your partner and having

awkward conversations and forced

interactions with them are all signs the

two of you have grown apart and a

they've stopped making an effort is your

partner losing interest in your

relationship talk to them about it it

can be a hard thing to come to terms

with when we realize that the person we

love doesn't love us back as much as we

need but you deserve to be with someone

who appreciates you cares for you and

wants to keep you in their lives if

you're the only one trying to make

things work in your relationship it will

only ruin your self-esteem and break

your heart in the end breakups are

painful and scary but ultimately they're

for the best they mold us into stronger

and wiser people and even though things

between you and your partner may be

ending that doesn't make the time and

love you shared together any less

or less meaningful do you relate to any

of the reasons mentioned in this video

as letting go of this person really the

right choice what does your heart tell


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