Breaking Up With Someone You Love | IS IT TIME ? Relationship Coach Shares Some Tips


how to know if it's time to move on


let's talk about it


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me and we will sort you out good so I

always say I cannot tell you what to do

I can only ask you questions to help you

figure it out yourself because even the

day you've got all the answers and I can

also give you a little bit based on my

own experiences things that have helped

me along the way and things that haven't

worked so yeah how to know it's time to

go why why do you think it's time to go

really assess that crash deep down

inside into you not your partner

go into yourself ask yourself really

dissect that question as if you're in a

science lab and you're dissecting oh my

god I just had a thought

of dissecting a frog oh that is terrible

but try to go into your subconscious

mind you know how we've got our own

self-limiting beliefs and you keep

telling ourselves the same narrative

over and over again he's done this she's

done at this and then every time I tell

him do this he does the other thing and

he does it again and then I forgive him

and then again and again and again so if

you're stuck Fay if you're stuck in that

you know rut of thinking he's doing all

these things

I mean every time I have to forgive him

ask yourself why the answers will really

come from you sitting down and

internalizing you have to go down to

those darkest parts of your mind to

really ask yourself are you able to let

the things that he or she is doing not

affect you okay without feeling like a

little piece of you is dying every time

you do that really truly let go if

you're not able to maybe it is time for

you to let go of that relationship maybe

you have learned all you need to learn

but at the same time have you really if

you're a conscious spiritual person you

know that there's always a lesson to

learn and I feel like sometimes we do

give up too easily if for some reason we

just when it gets tough when it gets too

hard for us we want to let go we want to

go because it's too much for us is it

ego or is it really something bigger

than you that's telling you that's

that's it I can't save this person if

you really feel like you've done all you

could do to help that partner because of

the other day you love that person don't

you you love yourself as well but if

you're in a committed relationship and

you've made a choice and a decision to

be with that person haven't you done

enough for yourself you don't enough for


are you leaving them in a good place

you're not responsible for them I'm not

saying you are I'm a firm believer I'm

not being responsible for other people

you're only responsible for you yeah but

obviously you have to you know live from

a place of good and when you're coming

from a place of good nothing you do will

rob the other person wrong so ask

yourself those questions and trust me

you will come to an answer sit on them

ruminate meditate you know go into your

own little space where

there's a lot of love a lot of

understanding come from that standpoint

don't make decisions based on those hurt

feelings or those things that you keep

remembering that he keeps the ring or

she keeps doing it just means that

you're able to see things a little bit

clearer and more fan honest to yourself

and to the relationship so I wish you

all the best of luck if you're dealing

with this if not if it does come around

in the future at least you know you've

watched this video and maybe it will

help you so thank you so much again for

joining me and I look forward to seeing

you again in my next video what love and

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