How to tell it’s time to get a new computer


we all rely on our computers for

everyday life from paying bills work in

just fun but over time they start to

slow down and we get frustrated so the

question is is it time to buy a new one

first off if it's five years old you've

had a good run when it gets to a point

where the manufacturer stops making

updates for your operating system

it's time to start looking those updates

protect you from the latest security

flaws and can be dangerous for your

online security if you start hearing odd

noises from the fan or clinking sounds

something isn't right some of those can

be fixed by a repair shop however

sometimes the repair cost is so high it

makes sense to just buy a new one if

it's just working slow make sure you

don't have a virus first if not it could

be that a new program you download it is

just too much for your older machine to

handle you might be able to upgrade your

computer with more memory and RAM this

can be cost effective and will give you

the results you need I'm Rob Martin for

tips on how to pick out the right new

computer for you check out our buying

guide on under the read tab