ONLY 4 Hrs of Daylight = The Shortest Day of the Year in ICELAND!! 🌛

it's ten o'clock in the morning and it's

still dark


it's 21st of December the longest day of

the year here in Iceland we still have

about one and a half hour until it's

fully day and I thought I'd grab myself

some coffee

okay Sun is almost up


okay so here's the thing about living in

Iceland around this time of the year you

only have about this much of day time

versus this much of night time so I

always try to stay outside and use the

day as much as I can because before you

know it it will be dark again



training check

choking somebody out check being choked

out check this this is a bakery

I've just made myself an army you see

they follow me wherever I go it seems

like I'm the ghooost man now so there is

a snowstorm outside and unfortunately my

camera gear is not waterproof you know

so I fled into the city hall look at the

snowstorm look I know if you can capture

it maybe not behind me here we have the

coolest thing about this place this is a

really really really really really big

what you call it Lika Lika an Icelandic

maybe I put a subtitle it's like I'll

try to get a picture of how humongous it

is I told you this this thing is crazy

big and when I was small this was even

bigger or or this was probably not

bigger it felt like it was a way bigger

like look if I can show you like this

here look here

here is a Fla you're good and here we

have noodles you're good and it's no


Icelandic lesson one one say with me

this here is a EF felt like you could

it's pretty easy right if I can you can

okay we only have like half an hour left

of the Sun and I thought that I maybe

gonna use the daylight to Sun what am I

saying daylight and I'm Sun in Iceland

so I and I thought that I would maybe

take a walk around town just to use the

glass like half an hour off of the

daylight so come with me



it's almost 5:00 in the day and it's

already dark I don't know if you can see

me but what are you supposed to do now

go to sleep