How Long You Should Wait Before You Start Dating Again

how long should you be single before you

start moving forward and moving on into

something new


Hey Girl hey how you doing I would never

forget the time when I got over my

biggest breakup ever

and I was just devastated you know but

then once you think you're okay you

start to notice other guys and you start

to entertain the thought of maybe I can

get back involved in a new relationship

maybe this is a fresh start I feel okay

so maybe it's time to move forward

my friend correcting me very fast and

she says Selena why don't you just try

to be single for at least six months at

the time I was like that is a very long

time like I don't know if I could do

that but let me tell you what six months

went by very fast I had a lot to deal

with I had a lot of restoration to go on

there was a lot of healing that took

place and by the time six months rolled

around I was okay being single I was

okay with it to the point where I

continued on to be single I don't think

I got into a real relationship until

maybe almost a year past my you know a

year and a half almost close to two

years from my last breakup it doesn't

mean that I wasn't dating other guys but

I wasn't in a serious relationship where

I'm gonna you know open up pieces of my

heart to you what Iowa suggests is what

my friend told me I'm gonna say the same

thing to you if you just went through a

really long relationship you know I'm

thinking like one year plus long

relationship and you're trying to figure

out you know where is the best place to

start I would say start at six months

see how you go from there and I mean six

months with no contact of no guys of no

kind no kind of dates just you by

yourself focused on you doing you first

six solid months if you feel like

once you hit the past the six-month mark

if you feel like you're still being

pulled in a direction that's not really

where God is pulling you in you know if

you feel like you're getting pulled

towards your ex or that relationship or

you feel like you're pulling you getting

pulled really fast into a new

relationship then I would say slow down

it might not be the time for you to do

that yet ultimately the only person who

knows whether or not you're ready to

move forward is you and God so if you

want to know the real answer whether

it's six months or a year or two weeks

then I suggest you start some prayer

sessions and you figure it out thanks so

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