hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about five

different signs a guy will give you when

he wants you to kiss him if you've

watched some of my other videos or you

saw the ones where I talked about like

how to be a good kisser or the first

things guys see when they look at a girl

a lot of the time it's like your mouth

or your teeth or is something to do with

your smile but for today's video I

thought I'd just give you some different

signs that guys will give you when they

do want you to kiss them because there

are so many and there's so many little

things that you can pick up on but you

might be like missing every time you're

hanging out with someone so these are

just some things that I came up with I

hope you guys enjoyed today's video also

before I share anything with you guys

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here are five different signs a guy

wants you two kisses alright the first

thing that I came up with that you guys

might be missing every time you talk to

you a guy and he might be doing this he

just don't even notice it if you noticed

that he's usually a talkative person or

he's always like outgoing and stuff and

anytime he's around you he gets really

quiet this is actually an indication

that he wants you to kiss him if you

think about it you can't really kiss

somebody when they're talking or they

like have their mouth open or whatever

so one thing guys will do on

in order to show you that they want you

to kiss them is they will become really

quiet so that it gives you the

opportunity to like lean in if you

notice that he's just being quiet for no

reason that might be a good sign that he

wants you to kiss him alright the second

thing that I came up with which kind of

has something to do with like the

beginning of this video where I was

telling you guys about teeth and all

that but whenever I guys doing a lot of

like mouth maintenance or like doing

stuff to his teeth or his breath or

making sure that is like lips are not

chapped and all that kind of stuff those

are all things that guys do when they're

preparing to like kiss somebody or have

you close to their mouth or whatever it

is because like nobody likes bad breath

or like stuff stuck all in your teeth so

if you notice that a guy has like mints

that he's always popping in his mouth

he's like brushing his teeth at random

times or you just notice that he's like

really taking care of his teeth and his

breath and all that these are all signs

that guys are trying to like get across

to you that like their mouth is clean

and that if you did want to kiss them

like it would be minty fresh and all of

that kind of stuff so you notice that

they are doing a lot of stuff with their

mouth that might be one of the reasons

and one of the signs that he wants you

to kiss him so watch out for that and

that is the second thing that I came up

with alright the next one that I want to

tell you guys is 100% something that

they will do if they want you to kiss

them is they will stare at your lips

when you are talking to them or they're

talking to you the reason that they do

that is because any time you're having a

conversation with somebody and you're

looking them in their eyes if they're

looking somewhere else you definitely

notice that and whenever a guy is

looking at your lips and you're looking

at him in the eyes you can kind of see

that like they're thinking about

something else even though they're not

saying anything I definitely think that

like we see that a lot of movies too

like if a guy and a girl are sitting

next to each other and a guy starts

looking at a girl's lips and they're

like really into each other they usually

end up kissing or like getting really

close because that's what it is like

guys just look at a girl's lips when he

wants to kiss them and you'll be able to

notice that anytime you're talking to a

guy so that one's straight out of a

Hollywood movie but I think that it will

be able to help you guys out because if

you've never heard it before or you've

never really thought about it now

anytime you're talking to somebody you

might have that in the back of your head

and you might think like hey that person

is always staring at my mouth there's

just so many things that are going

through a guy's head so next time you

see that definitely take note of that


realize that that guy's thinking about

something that maybe you never saw

before that's the third thing look out

for that one as well because it does

really all right the next way you can

tell that a guy wants you to kiss him is

by how much room he leaves in between

you guys when you're talking to each

other one really big thing that I think

you can take into consideration when

you're talking to somebody that you like

is the amount of room that they give you

or like personal space that they give

you when you're around them if you

notice every time that you're hanging

out with this person that it seems like

you guys just getting like closer and

closer and closer there's probably a

good chance that like they're wanting to

like either give you a hug or give you a

kiss or if they want you to kiss them or

something along those lines because they

wouldn't be getting closer if there

wasn't a purpose now this one might come

before the one where he's like staring

at your lips because I mean if you're

really far away from each other you

might not be able to see where their

eyes are what they're looking at but if

you notice that they're getting really

close to you and then all of a sudden

you guys are having like really close

conversations and then he starts looking

at your lips that's just kind of like a

math equation being put together like as

soon as you put those two together

they're just wanting that to happen and

that's something that you can really

look out for and notice so just like

take note and watch that gap get smaller

and smaller if you are talking to a guy

that you like that's just another little

sign to look for and like the personal

space thing is huge because you only get

in somebody's personal space if you're

really feeling something for them and

all of that so that's the nice thing

that I came up with that is the fourth

thing and that is another thing you guys

should look out for all right the last

thing the fifth thing that I came up

with is fidgeting I think that guys

fidget when we have something else on

our brain and we're talking to you and

one of those things is definitely

wanting to kiss you the reason that we

visit is because you're thinking about

something while something else is going

on but we don't know really how to get

it out besides like doing something with

our fingers or hands or like doing

something random in order to like get

those feelings out without having to say

anything Fran and like when you're in

somebody's personal space and you're

looking at them and you're doing all

that kind of stuff and you're fidgeting

especially if there's like feelings

there like you like somebody there's

nothing else that you can really say

besides like that kiss is gonna come one

day and whether it's today or its moral

whatever it is there's certain signs

that a guy will give off when he does

want you to kiss him so fidgeting is one

of those things to look for we do do

weird stuff with our mouths and

with our hands on our face and all that

that is another sign that a guy does

want you to kiss him so those are just

five things I know that they are

probably so many more but if you do have

some guys that are chasing after you and

they do like you and you don't really

know what to do or if you have questions

about a relationship put them down in

the comments and we will all answer them

as a group I think that's super awesome

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