The Best time To Kiss a Guy For The First Time


hey it's Joe and Moya founder and

creator of GPS for love calm today we're

gonna talk about when is the right time

to kiss a man and I said right time

because I truly believe there is a right


there is a window a specific period of

time where it is right and best for you

to kiss a man and if you do things

before that window it's way too soon and

if you do things after that window

you've done things in the wrong way and

that's gonna actually work against you

and I want you to explain why so I

believe that this window is within dates

three to five and I want you to

understand why I'm not just saying this

because I want you to take it as fact I

want you to understand the reasoning

behind it because if you meet a guy and

you start playing tonsil hockey on the

very first date because you feel this

intense attraction in this great

chemistry with this guy well what

happens is your hormones kick in okay

now your brain starts going all gaga and

you're not looking and identifying the

red flags you're not seeing if this is

the kind of guy that you can potentially

be with and now because of that those

hormones kicking in it very often causes

you to make bad choices and decisions or

it causes you to miss those potential

red flags and those deal-breakers so

that's why a big believer in the first

couple dates as a woman you want to be

saying you know what is this the kind of

guy I could possibly be in a

relationship with right that's all is

that's what the first couple of dates

for so as you date a guy the first night

you know you want to give them a peck on

the cheek and the reason being a peck on

the cheek lets a guy know you know it

hey thank you I appreciate you you know

I'm interested in you okay that's what

is calm oast like a sign of respect okay

and do that for two or three dates as

you're getting to know a guy and that

and again the right guy if you feel that

you know if you feel guy this guy's a

turd I'm you know he's a troll and I

don't I'm not attracted to him at all I

don't want to be with them then I'm not

saying to do that

I'm saying this is a guy that you're

interested in your you're interested in

having a relationship with so you do

that the first couple of dates now a man

is going to say look I respect that you

know you're not a woman who just plays

tonsil hockey with anybody you kind of

know what you want you're clear what you

want and you've got a brain okay so a

guy saying I kind of respect that I kind

of like that to a certain degree

okay and it usually comes between dates

three and five and then the guy started

saying okay look you know what I was

respectful I was a gentleman I did you

know try to show you my best self but

I'm also a guy I've got needs I've got

desires I've got to see if we're

compatible you know physical connection

physical intimacy now I'm not talking

about sex I'm talking about just kissing

first you know that deep passionate

kissing it's important because that lets

us know is this a path we want to

continue down because us guys we want to

know we want to try and figure it out

quick we don't want to waste our time so

if this isn't something that's going to

work and we're not going to be on the

same page well I kind of want to know

that I don't want to waste weeks and

months of my life only to find out

something I could have found out on the

Third's of 50 so that's the mindset of

God you may not like it you may not

agree with it but that's simply how it

is now we're talking about a guy who's

looking for a relationship a guy who's

looking to get late on the first date

he's gonna be pulling her on the

full-court press he's gonna be telling

you well you know it's the new

millennium we're just adults it's just

part of a relationship it's no big deal

we're gonna do it anyway

okay that's the boy that's the guy who's

just looking to get what he wants he

doesn't really care about you what you

want the gentleman says look you know

okay I get it I'll wait some time but

after a certain amount of time you got

to give me something okay and again

that's the mindset I'm paraphrasing I'm

kind of blowing it up a little but I

want to give you a little insight so for

most guys it's between the dates three

or five now after that if you don't kiss

you don't show any affection now in the

guy's head he's like all right what's

going on something's wrong here

she's not into me she just doesn't want

to tell me maybe she's using me maybe

she's you know she's got some

shoes maybe she's emotionally

unavailable and now that got once you

get a guy seeing that he's gonna start

looking for all the red flags and I

promise you he's gonna check out the

majority of men they're gonna check out

so I want to give me an example of how

this worked in the real world when I

first met my wife because we were both

looking for relationships first couple

dates you know went out had a great time

you know kiss on the cheek it went out

again kiss on the cheek went out again

kiss on the cheek held hands as we were

walking went to dinner in Little Italy

held hands and and I'm like okay cool

and now in my head I'm like well I think

she likes me you know she keeps going

out with me but by the fifth date it's

like all right

wait a minute you know and even like on

the third and fourth date I tried to

kiss her and she kind of like just like

gave me the cheek which was okay because

again it was still the beginning but

then I started to wonder okay like is

this girl frigid like is there something

there she had some issues and then we

went out and went on a date and the date

come back hanging out and all the sudden

you know I went to make the move kissed

her and all of a sudden I got this kiss

that like knocked my socks off and I was

like whoa like I like this and so like

okay now we can proceed because up until

then there were some reservations in my

head like okay what's going on with this

woman is she not into me is she's got

some stuff going on you know those were

the questions but once I got that kiss

it's like okay things are cool now we

can proceed so that's all I want you to

get from this video is that if you move

too soon you're gonna be sending the

wrong signals and if you wait too long

you're gonna be sending the wrong

signals as well so that's why that sweet

spot between dates three or five is I

believe the really really important time

but again that's just my opinion

I'm just sharing with you to help you on

your journey but as always I'd love to

hear from you do you agree like do you

make out on the first date it's never a

problem for you or you know do you wait

too long and saying you know what I see

that you know what guys take off they

disappear you know again there's no

right or wrong we want to learn

from your experience to make the

necessary changes that will help you

create the relationship that you desire

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much love