How Long Should You Date Before Getting Engaged?

but I didn't notice an interesting trend

I wanted to ask you about there have

been a lot of celebrity engagements or

reported engagements as of recently in

the world of pop you know Pete Davidson

confirming engagement to Ariana Grande

and Haley Baldwin and Justin Bieber

getting married Nick Jonas Priyanka

Chopra reportedly engaged as well and

they're all very quick engagements we

were yes nothing about this backstage

just first Mitch that's what I'm

wondering I think Nick and Priyanka knew

each other or were dating for just two

months before this engagement if it is

true and confirmed and Pete and Ariana

it's really interesting I was working

with Pete right before this happened

single guy doing a TV show with him I'm

guest starring on it he's the star of it

like two days later he's engaged right

terrianna Grande well what what is the

like how long should you date what is

that amount of time do you think you

know for them it's it's obviously may be

different but how long should you know

someone before you get engaged in your

view okay in my view and I can only go

off of my view I've been married now for

21 years together with Harry Hamlin for

26 years

five-year engagement

so wait not dating a fun engagement or

dating having four five let's say a

five-year five and a half years dating

maybe an engagement for two and a half

years oh it's a long time I was mad at

him I was mad at him I'm like what are

you doing why have you not asked me

earlier now Mike was his answer to well

I am the third wife he didn't really

want to get married again

you know he was kind of gun-shy so I get


so what do you think so I'm kind of

skewed at what the time is I think it

should be earlier than five years but

longer than a month or two months

well I yeah I I agree with that I also

and I know my mother doesn't subscribe

to this because she's very traditional I

also believe you need to live with

someone for sure you marry someone I

know a lot of people will disagree

mostly everyone I know but I'm just I

just don't know if someone like maybe

I'm different when you live with me you

are know and I mean that not in a bad

way no we've known each other long time

I've known Robinson Robin

that's what she calls me little secrets

out come on Batman

tell him little secrets out we each

other a long time what was so how long

should you do or dead-ass the amount of

time yeah one to two I think that's

reasonable and do you think you should

live together

send us responses at my inbox I think

you have to because that person you have

to know what is gonna bug you right

right right

you have to know going in I think