When it's the Last Day of School

when it's the last day of school this

will be mean flying jumping can't stop

smiling running all the way to school

mean when it's the last day of school I

won't talk to Tony during silent reading

time or cut in line to sharpen my pencil

I'll say all the words the Pledge of

Allegiance and not skip over the

republic part i'll get my drink from the

fountain one two three and not spit the

water back out because it's warm I'll do

all my work right on time and I'll get

mrs. brim woods last gold sticker for

the year

she'll be amazed I could do all my work

with my lucky pencil the one that's just

an eraser and a point if the pencil

everyone wants but I tell them that it

takes a lot of standing in line and a

lot of sharpening and a lot of writing

to get a pencil to look like mine when

is the last day of school I'll only go

to the bathroom one time in the morning

and one time in the afternoon and on the

way back from the bathroom I'll just

wave to John the janitor instead of

stopping in his office and asking him

about what he's been cleaning lately did

he know that the towel machine and the

boys bathroom was jammed at lunch I

think the lady who always smiles at me

and even the grumpy the one with the

grumpy face and I'll tell them that it's

a good lunch even if it's not I'll tear

open my straw and not blow the wrapper

off at Tony or smash my milk carton or

show Trish me primrose how I can burp

and talk at the same time when it's the

last day of school i watch a film about

lizards during science I won't think

about riding bikes through the fire

hydrant water with Tony or maybe going

camping if we can get a tent or finding

that secret crabbing spot

I'll sit in my chair and not tip it back

or put my head in front of the projector

or laughs with an outside voice because

of science guy in the movie wears weird


I'll think about lizards and how they're

reptiles and what they eat and how they

live in places that are hot like summer

like what's coming up when the last day

of school is over I'll clean out my desk

and I'll scrub the top of it with paper

towels and the spray stuff that smells

like my dentist and I'll give the desk

three squirts not a bunch just like mrs.

broom would says I'll load my backpack

with my lucky pencil and my leftover

crayons and the markers that work in the

scissors that don't and the sucker from

a long time ago that I forgot to eat

when it's the last day of school and the

bell rings the last bell I'm gonna give

mrs. Fernwood my strongest hug ever and

I'll kind of pick her up a little bit

and she'll laugh and say I still enjoyed

having you in class James have a

wonderful summer and then and then I'll

explode and that was when the light when

it's the last day of school