Maximise your chances of getting pregnant

in this video we'll explain how

accurately identifying a wider fertility

window helps you maximize your chances

of getting pregnant couples around the

world are planning their families and

for many timing is important planning

when to have a baby around a busy life a

career ensuring financial security or

planning the ideal gap between siblings

can be difficult so it helps to be able

to plan ahead with confidence predicting

your most fertile days in advance is

extremely important so you know the best

days for baby-making sex but how do you

know when these days are ovulation tests

are simple urine tests that detect a

sudden rise in the level of a natural

fertility hormone luteinizing hormone or

LH which occurs 24 to 36 hours before

ovulation so they identify a woman's two

best days to get pregnant in advance

however it's not always so easy to find

time to be together on these two

important days just imagine if you could

accurately identify more fertile days

within your fertility window so you

could be much more flexible in your

planning the new clear blue digital

ovulation test with dual hormone

indicator is the only test that

typically identifies your four best days

to get pregnant that's two more than any

other test it shows your to peak

fertility days like all other ovulation

tests but in addition it also tells you

the days before when your fertility is

high no other ovulation tests can do

this it can do this because it not only

detects the LH surge it also detects the

rising level of another key fertility

hormone estrogen which increases in the

days before the LH surge and finally

it's smart algorithm adapts to your

body's individual cycle to give you

results that are personal to you a key

fact is that sperm can survive for up to

5 days in your body and that's why

you've got more opportunities to get

pregnant if you have sex on any or all

of your high and peak fertile days

identifying typically for days instead

of just two

means you can plan further ahead relax

enjoy your time together and be

confident on your journey to pregnancy

clearblue maximize your chances of

getting pregnant