Will THIS be the END of Fortnite?

I want to talk about something real

quick what's how about the game that's

gonna kill for tonight right here right

now I know I'm kidding

but there is a lot of hype around Call

of Duty war zone after having played it

a lot last night I just kind of want to

talk about how I feel about it and how

it compares to fortnight and also like

what this means for a fortnight moving

forward what it means for the battle

royale genre moving forward

first of all there are very different

games even though they're both battle

Royales but they're also very similar in

some ways so there's nothing gonna be

some cross play of players from warzone

the fortnight I don't know why you keep

swinging you lose that fight Wow and the

game is really well done it runs really

smooth especially cuz it has 150 players

you would expect it to lag a lot it

really does run extremely smooth and

right now since it just launched been

doing extremely well on on Twitch it's

actually been beating out fortnight for

the past three or four days this has

been out that's not like necessarily

surprising whenever there's a new games

with a lot of hype behind it like a Call

of Duty it's gonna be on top of which

for a while and a lot of the top

streamers doctor disrespect some X you

see in the 10th man you know they're all

they're all streaming it on Twitch so

but it's hat it's had a pretty good

start like averaging 200 ka+ viewers

it's been on top of fortnight since its

launch now is that hype gonna last we

will have to see and he's drinking

shields like averaging 200 viewers a

peak that like 500k but why am I talking

about this I'm playing for name well

when apex Legends dropped right pod

warzone has 6 million people playing it

already right on its first 24 hours

apex legends for example had 2.4 million

which is crazy right but it's kind of

expected because Call of Duty is the

more popular well-known you know IP

here's the thing about what happened

when apex launched when apex launched a

lot of people and a lot of streamers

were playing it a lot of them were

sponsored to play but some of them

continued to play I was a sponsored to

play Call of Duty war zone so I just

want you guys to know right now that I'm

speaking purely like from a unbiased

perspective was not paid to play the

game or say anything nice about the game

I played the game last night extremely

fun game I loved it right the thing is

when apex came out fortnight reacted and

they added like the X 8 you know

supporter creator code they gave away

the free skins now to be fair it's not

doing as well on YouTube or nice still

like dominating on YouTube but usually

YouTube takes a little bit more time

before a game you really takes off on

YouTube I'm just thinking like I'm

thinking like what what is thing what

are things that epic can add to the game

to make for a night like more exciting

I'm just thinking like if they threw in

siphon if they brought in some new stuff

they brought in vehicles like that but I

think the helicopter is also gonna drop

next week based off of just the leaks -

based off of the the data that we know I

think helicopters are gonna drop next

week that definitely can change things

hopefully for the better but it also

could potentially change things - the

works just depends on how like powerful

the helicopters and how it has enough


it doesn't have enough counters and

you're gonna get the helicopter it's

gonna be a problem

another thing I want to talk about I

want to talk about things that warzone

does that I that I wish fortnight did

because like let's be honest here you

know other games have copied things that

four-night does right but for night has

also copied things that other games do

and as it as a video game player I don't

care who copies who like as long as no

one's like breaking copyright law apex

legends had the reboot system everyone

loved the reboot system because you can

bring people down without thirsty and

then like I don't know a month later

fortnight introduced rebooting into the

game but I wasn't angry I wasn't like oh

poor not copied apex even though I was

playing a verse at the time I was like

okay now both games are cool because

both games have this cool mechanic of

rebooting down players so alright so

thinking about things that warzone does

properly that I wish for Knight would

copy when you die in Call of Duty war

zone there you go to this gulag place

where fight 1v1 against another player

and if you beat if you win in that 1v1

you get to come back into the fight you

read a play now I don't know exactly how

that would work in fortnight's scenario

because in that game you can get looted

pretty quickly like when you fly back

down you can get looted pretty quickly

like in fortnight if you're like in the

middle of a match you're flying back

down with like a pistol and a hunter

would it's a little tougher to get back

into it so you might as end up getting

killed again so we don't really know how

to how it how that would play out to be

honest with you like I said it doesn't

have to be exactly like that but I feel

like that mechanic makes the game just

so much more action-packed honestly

every time I get into those Gulag 1v1

it's like a it's like a different game

within a game and that's something that

Cod war zone does a really good job of

is they have like multiple games within

the games from the contracts where you

like you you put a bounty on people's

heads you try to kill him for like gold

to the Gulag 1v1 fights like for a

knight should think about doing

something like that another thing that I

found very interesting I'm gonna sound a

little bit ignorant on the topic as I'm

not a game coder

I don't understand servers or lag

all right Paul do reward zone has a

hundred and fifty players in its pregame

lobby and in the actual game it has a

hundred and fifty players yeah I don't

experience lag when I'm playing that

game or or extreme framedrops and that

game has better graphics than 49 and it

has a has more players now sure that

game doesn't have building and I feel

like building and for night is a big

cause of the lag in the game it's

definitely a little disappointing

especially the past couple weeks

fortnight for me personally I've been

I've been having these weird frame drops

and stutters but that's just something I

noticed when I was playing cod war zone

is that that game does run pretty smooth

considering I 150 players in it so we'll

have to see how that how that how that

pans out but I'm like I'm excited

because when when games are competing

against each other they both end up

better they both end up better that's

just how it works

that's really awkward fight when apex

trough man for tonight got really really

fun really really fast and then they

also did the support of creator bonus

it's always good when there's

competition between games and and and I

see a lot of people like argue or fight

against each other they're like no four

nights gonna be the bigger game or no

war zones you know screw for night and

that's just not the right attitude to

have like I want both games because what

happens when both games are good so this

guy just died the NPC I think he did

when both games are good they compete

against each other and they just keep

improving because both developers want

their game to be the better game you

know I want to have like a simple civil

conversation in the chat right now on

Twitch and then if you're watching this

on youtube you know let's keep it civil

guys don't need to go crazy

we all are video game players we all

want cool video games to play this guy

thinking the thing you know the thing

about new games that come out that make

them like loose a four-night is updates

something about something that's

recently changed that kind of that epoch

has kind of put put put forward is the

expectation of updates fortnight at its

peak not so much recently but at its

peak it was updating like weekly like

every week there was something new every

week there was a new item a new gun a

new vehicle it slowed down a bit but

even even at for tonight's lowest point

even when there was like little to no

updates last season right season one had

like very very few updates I had what

the grappler at the grappler the harpoon

gun and a few other things like it was

super super slow in terms of updates yet

that was faster than apex Legends in

terms of updates within a season

that was much better than apex

legislation favorite legends took

forever to update after they launched so

what could very easily happen to warzone

is people are playing it right now

they're having a great time but

eventually everyone's gonna want more

stuff like more updates or guns changes

balance fixes and if the guys over I

call duty aren't able to to fix that in

time or to update the game fast enough

compared to like how fortnight is

constantly changing eventually people

stop playing and they just kind of drop

off there's always that like that new

vibe with a new game everyone's trying

to figure it out everyone's trying to

learn and then once they've learned and

understood understand the game they

start noticing the bugs because they're

kind of like experience with the Matt

with the games and they know how things

should go and would they don't go that

way they're like okay this is broken

this needs to be fixed or this guns too

powerful that needs to be nerfed or we

don't have enough of this we need more

variety so that is eventually gonna

happen and if they're not able to keep

up with somewhat of some of the demands

then then they're gonna be they're gonna

get screwed and people are gonna stop

playing and and something that for Nick

does really well is they keep people

playing by keeping it fresh so

surprised by that shot three honest with


why am i I will heal up to full guy be

ready for him to trade his China trade

hits every single opportunity or should

we don't have a lot of time for the


you got a push you down anonymous I

gotta be honest I don't like the whole

loadout thing where you can get your own

loadout some people like it i personally

don't doesn't feel BR enough

I wouldn't want for a knight to do that

but I do like the money system you know

how like see this season was about it

was was like the season of gold and then

there was like the gold currency that

people found in the game what if they

had some sort of buy stationed at every

reboot man that you can also purchase

things with gold currency and gold

currency was something that you looted

you you got off of people that you


you know they added contracts like I

know like oh they're copying the game

but did that would slap in fortnight as

well like that would be actually really

good in foreign aid like you could buy

shields imagine if you could buy shields

like you collected enough coins let's

say your orangy sucks you opened 17

chests like I did one time got no

shields but you got a bunch of coins and

you open up those points dang you open

up this guy had low bro holy moly

pump how does it crazy

imagine you you collect enough currency

and then with that currency you could

buy shields or you could buy a launch

pad right I don't know that's just for

me that just sounds really cool and and

I and I think I think epic might

eventually do some like that cuz like

they they've like teased the the gold

currency in the game like they've shown

like the whole currency was in the game

I don't know if it was on purpose or if

it was just supposed to be like a little

hint but then it was not in the game

and I don't know if it still is though

you don't get it at that cabin over

there and they're weeping woods vending

machines existed but those those

required materials man a lot of times

people don't want to spend their mats to

buy a purple pistol you know like

doesn't seem like there's a reason he

wants I think he just there we go did he

survive that fall

judging of poaching in the open

what a strange player huh seems to be

obsessed with the high ground it doesn't

really know what to do with it

for tonight doesn't need to do more

things they can keep it simple and be

amazing I think landing with pistol oh

you do land with a pistol in war zone I

I wouldn't like that important I though

because I think there's there's too much

that can go wrong with laning with a

pistol it does reduce the RNG slightly

but it also changes up the dynamic a lot

I don't know we'll have to see

the double-team baby the double-team

I feel bad this house have to be

let me know what you guys think in the

comments down below about the discussion

in this video I hope you guys enjoyed

I'll see you guys next time for some

more commentary and when I can't play

whatever we got going on make sure you

like that video I'll see you guys next