How to Get A Cheap Ticket to Hawaii in 5 Steps

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welcome to Hawaii well you're not here

yet but you're looking to book the

cheapest ticket to Hawaii I got to Maui

of a $474 first-class Alaskan airline

tickets by following these five steps to

book my flight hi I'm Jordan from the

wide vacation guide and these are my

five steps booked the cheapest ticket to

fly so you can come join me here in Maui

or whatever Hawaiian island you want to

go to before I get started I'm finding

the cheapest flight to Hawaii let me go

over some baseline information for you

about the Hawaiian market because it is

always changing so first of all budget

carriers there's three low cost carriers

that come to Hawaii right now they're

Alaska Airlines Southwest in Hawaiian

Airlines they're all really good

carriers so I hate calling a budget

Erica have flown all of them and really

liked them I'm Hawaiian even gave a

glass of POC it's really nice and who I

need to be the only ones or are the only

ones who serve you a meal and economy

for free so those are the cheap airlines

the big airlines are United Airlines and

Delta but they're a great airline but

they also can be a little higher in cost

you will see that they're starting to

slash prices stay competitive so why are

they slashing prices well because the

thing called the Southwest effect this

has been great for us Maui locals in

Hawaiian vocals and also good for people

like you come in I heard of Y so

Southwest has entered the Hawaiian

market because they're 737s were

grounded about thirty four of them so

they came over here to Hawaii and they

had been causing all sorts of trouble

for the competition like last year in


they offered $99 flash sales this mean

national news ninety nine dollars to go

to Hawaii and they still continue to be

cheap today Hawaiian Airlines in Alaskan

have also cover eights to compete with

them like last year in November Alaskan

airlines are offering $77 flights $77 to

come out to Hawaii it's been great

alright so now knowing the carrier's

these are the main people were going to

look at the other tip for you is to be

flexible that's really important right I

know you can't say your

but if you can't the ability to wiggle

your date's around a few days or even a

few weeks is gonna set you up to save a

lot of money on your ticket the last

thing is how I like to call the misery

index kind of stole that from Hipmunk

but they were not business in January so

the misery index is be ready to have

some long layover x' or have multiple

connections to get out here especially

if you're coming from the east coast and

you can save some real money on the

return home because a lot of flights do

red-eyes is if you do a long layover on

the way home you can save some serious

money so be flexible and be ready to

have a little misery on your flight to

save some extra money and find the

cheapest ticket to why so with that

let's jump into the five steps to help

you find the cheapest ticket here we go

okay as we jump into five steps let's

try to find a baseline right a baseline

ticket that we should expect to pay for

a flight out to why so I I'm gonna look

up United Airlines but to be fair step

number one to find the cheapest ticket

Hawaii is to go into it kognito mode on

your browser so to go to incognito mode

you have to hold down command shift and

when you're using Safari or Chrome

so that's or control shift and if you're

on a PC if you're doing Mozilla Firefox

or Explorer you can do ctrl shift key or

command shift P so doing command shift

and you can see I am now in private

browsing enabled Safari and just for an

example going over to Chrome if I do

command shift and again I go into

incognito mode which is a whole another

window so what's so great about

incognito mode is that resets all your

cookies the cookies are the way the

airline's track you so you're not being

paranoid the airline is actually

increasing the ticket price every time

you keep looking so if you're looking

for tickets over a period of hours days

or weeks the airline is knowing that

you're looking they know they're getting

close to booking so they're gonna

continue to increase that so that's why

step number one is going to incognito

mode in your browser so onto Safari

we're gonna look United Airlines is our

example for our baseline ticket price

and we're going to be looking at dates

of April 18th

26 so for example just leaving from a

West Coast City San Francisco and

heading over to Honolulu

that's gonna be April 18th and then

going until the 26 sick and I economy

you can use this you steps also for

finding a first-class ticket to so

restriction for flight saying United the

more we're finding United is a round

trip for 378 that's really not too bad

right I like 378 that's pretty good deal

for round trip so I need me give you the

recommended Airlines for so without

selecting all of them I'm just gonna

leave that United all right so step

number two while we're still incognito

mode is looking at flight search engines

this is how you really good idea of what

the cheapest airlines are out there so

my favorite is sky scanner sky scanner

is great because looks at a lot of the

airlines but it also puts flights

together different airlines together to

find the cheapest routes so once again

we're gonna go Honolulu San Francisco

Honolulu departing on April 18th and

then come back on the 26 this will keep

it consistent still looking at economy


so we fine right here on Skyscanner

the price has come down a lot from 378

so Skyscanner has brought up Alaskan

airlines in Hawaiian the United still in

the mix right but Laskin is showing 349

dollars this is great right so we just

knocked off 30 dollars from the price

not bad what I like is Skyscanner is

showing two separate airlines with

different segments to try give you the

lowest price possible which is really

nice all right

so if you notice Southwest doesn't come

up here or hey kind of surprising I love

it that they're advertising up here at

the top corner yes so Southwest doesn't

put their flights on the search engine

so no big deal we just go ahead over to

Southwest to see what they have when

we're coming to Hawaii so once again

we're gonna punch in heading from

San Francisco San Francisco to Honolulu

and heading out once again on April 18th

and then come back on the 26th all right

so let's see what Southwest has for us

Southwest usually has the best deals to

compare the other airlines especially

Alaska and Hawaii ah

so no flights available so that's one of

the problems with Southwest is they

don't fly all the time out of the major

airports which brings me on to my next

one right is step number three is fly

from the cheapest city this is what's so

nice is being have the flexibility to

look at cheapest cities in your

surrounding area and these regional

airports is where a lot of these cheaper

carriers fly out of we just look at the

bay area south of us flies off San

Francisco San Jose Oakland and even up

from up to Sacramento which is a little

bit of a drive but hey it's okay so you

don't always have this luxury based on

where you live but give this a shot to

see what works best for you

so to do that on Skyscanner we go back

to our search and we just click the box

and nearby airports right super simple

see what comes up on that one so by

looking at nearby airports on Skyscanner

let's see we see if we can beat 349 and

it looks like we can write so Alaskan is

no longer the cheapest if we fly out of

Auckland we get a ticket down to 319 so

319 compare

$378 with United Airlines right and

we're flying

only on Hawaiian which makes it a little

simpler Alaskan Sully mix also at 3:19

so you know you have the choice of what

your line you want to go with so once

again Southwest is a non Skyscanner so

we'll hop back to Southwest and let's

see what they have for Oakland because

Oakland popped up as a cheapest place to

fly out

so looking at Southwest out of Oakland

flights are a lot cheaper they come down

and really the nonstop once so this is

the misery index the cheapest one isn't

too bad because a lot of these budget

carries have so many flights so Hawaii a

day that it's not it's not that bad

right you're not gonna get some crazy

schedules coming out so Southwest is 327

so that's 327 for Southwest compared to

319 for Hawaiian and Alaskan airlines so

in this example of April 18 to 26

it looks like Hawaiian Airlines in

Alaskan airlines one so I don't book out

of Skyscanner or other websites because

they usually have a little fat in there

in the price so I go directly to the

website to book my ticket and usually

you can save a few bucks so I did this

before with wine Airlines and I was able

to save a dollar so not big in this

example but hey also booking directly

with the airline helps you with your

reservation if you have problems it's

best not that have booked your ticket

through a third-party site like

Skyscanner or Expedia or Google flights

with you so we got down to let's just

say 319 with Hawaiian Airlines but we're

not done on our steps yet right I talked

about being flexible with your vacation

if you have the ability to move your

dates around that is great so if we go

back to Southwest at Southwest has this

great feature called the low fare

calendar and this is a great place to

look at dates when you're starting to

plan your trip so right here you can put

in your cities that you want let me just

put it in Oakland here on it but then

click the box too low for your calendar

or up here on the flight menu flight

option on the menu you can check low

fare calendar and this gives you a

visual bind off of ticket prices so once

again we'll just look at how to Oakland

to Honolulu and let's just start looking

at March for it so low fare counter is

great right you can actually look by

date to see what's the cheapest options

out there especially we have that

flexibility so flexibility this brings

me to step number five book when

airlines offer the cheapest ticket right

Kavanaugh brainer but I see this

three major parts three parts of booking

the cheapest ticket number one day of

the week you depart number two time of

year that you go and then number three

is actually physically when you booked

your ticket how far in advance right so

let's look at part number one is Dave

the week to the park so looking at

Southwest slow for your calendar and the

day of the week to the part so if we

just changed our days for April so the

18th we go on the 20th and then come

back in like the 29th so it's the park

and come back on the 29th


so now the flights come down quite a bit

right so by booking on the cheapest time

of time to fly we're down to 277 right

so now we're at 277 compared to 378 for


so that's $100 savings on one ticket

that's pretty good I like that right


so part number two I'm booking the

cheapest ticket is booking during that

they're going to Hawaii during the

cheapest time of year so Hawaii the

weather here is perfect all the time

right but we still have our low seasons

we call them the shoulder seasons the

shoulder season is in spring time from

mid April to early June and then also

again in the fall from September to

November excluding Thanksgiving right

times you want to avoid is Christmas in

New Year's and then also the summer high

season but those low seasons you can

find some really good deals on tickets

and then also January in February is

also a great time to come to why so

those are the cheapest times to actually

come visit why so the second part of

booking the airlines when they offer the

cheapest flights is in looking at the

time of year to go alright so back to

the low for your calendar for self West

we still have Auckland we saw Honolulu

in there but let's play around with the

time of year to figure out if we can get

some good deals so if we look at March

you see a lot of 139th but still mostly

164 is in 219 up to 259 so what I like

to do is this check out Southwest for

each a month to see where the cheapest

one is so I like this at the end of

April cuz now you're coming down to the

139 range and then leading it to May

you're mostly on 139 144 which makes

sense because you're in the spring

shoulder season Hawaii where demands the

lowest it's a great time to come to

Hawaii as you get into June you can

already see a May there the price we're

increasing and that's what you see in

June right you're up to 184 now is your

cheapest option going into the summer

months you're into the $200 range now

for tickets so it gets up there in price

so a Southwest only lets you booked six

months in advance so if you want to look

out farther you have to look at the

other airline's

so let's go back to Skyscanner so back

here in Skyscanner we set up Oakland to

Honolulu with our specific dates let's

try changing up the dates you open up

the specific date area and then you

click and spend instead of a specific

date you click the whole month then I

love this feature you look at the

cheapest month and then let's search

flights there so this looking at the

whole year figure out the cheapest

months off and fly and what comes up

December so it's looking like for 2020

so far December's your cheapest time to

fly so you look at here you get two

flights outta 166

even this 135 right here and then you

can come back in a little less than a

week for a 134 ticket right there so

that's two hundred sixty-nine dollars

compared to two hundred seventy eight

dollars that United had for us so of

course is having the ability to change

up your dates and being flexible but

also just points out is when you want

booked your ticket and that's part three

of finding the cheapest one is booking

well in advance of your trip you're

going to set yourself up for again the

cheapest ticket by booking at least what

we like to say is four months out you

get the best deals also it's nice you

can sign up for these newsletters then

they come that the airlines have and

this is how you find their flash sales

so Southwest the click and safe

newsletter wine Airlines newsletter you

can even sign up for Skyscanner price

alerts I love the price alert because I

actually look at your itinerary and then

track it over time and they email you

when the flights going down and that's

what we always want right is try to get

the cheapest flight to make sure that

the guy instead Nix you probably paid

more for a sticker than you do so that's

our five steps we started off with

United Airlines at three hundred seventy

eight dollars and we got it down to

three hundred nineteen dollars by

keeping our same dates but by being

flexible with their time we got down to

two hundred sixty nine dollars for it so

$100 savings for about ten minutes of

work following these five steps that's a

pretty good deal I'll take that any time

now well Hawaii flights get cheaper in

2020 and beyond we think they will

because Southwest is continuing to

expand to the Hawaii market so you

continue to see the other

here's offer some really good deals so

as the year goes on like we saw on this

thing October November are the cheapest

I bet those flights will continue to

come down so hopefully we see you out

here in Hawaii in the late part of 2020

because you'll get some good deals on

flights to get all these steps written

down for you might be a little easier to

understand head to the Hawaii vacation

guy comm slash cheap flights

that's the Hawaii vacation guide comm

slash cheap flights and you'll see our

full article on all of our five steps

plus some additional tips on booking the

cheapest ticket to Hawaii and even we

share the cheapest month to fly to Maui

so take a look and we'll see you next

time thanks so much