have you ever asked the question when is

the best time for me to get on the scale

well I'm gonna answer this question for

you in today's video the scale can be a

great tool when it comes to tracking

progress however the relationship with

the number can become unhealthy and my

name is Zachary frito and I'm the

creator of beauty and the face making

fit bodies and beautiful souls and I

really want you to focus before I go any

further that the number on the scale

does not define who you are you are

worth so much more in this world so do

not let that number on the scale throw

you off make you feel any less of a

person than you already are

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that's the truth

the number does not define who you are

so let's get into this discussion about

when is the best time to weigh myself on

the scale my first tip is to stop

obsessing about the scale are you one of

those people that weigh yourself once a

week every day once a month regardless

of how often you will yourself and you

look at the number no the number does

not define who you are and it is not an

accurate representation of all your hard


your health your body your wellness it's

just a number and don't let that number

powered by a stupid weight system with a

battery to dictate your life do not let

it be a part of your everyday life or

you're just thinking about that number

every meal that you eat you're like this

number this number a number does not

define who you are and always remember

that tip number two send increment by

which you weigh yourself now I don't

want you to be obsessive about the scale

but I don't want you to be weighing

yourself once every four months you have

to have a happy balance between the two

right because I don't want you to weigh

yourself three months from now and be

like how the heck did I gain five pounds

well you weren't really tracking and

sending an increment about which you

wanted away yourself so typically I

would suggest weighing yourself once a

week if you do end up weighing yourself

once a day you need to be aware of the

fact that your weight will fluctuate

from 2 to 4 pounds based off of a number

of factors and that leads me to step

number 3 know that your weight

punctuated s' every day by 2 to 4 pounds

there are so many things that can affect

your weight from the last meal that you

ate the amount of sodium intake in your

meals or your foods that you

ladies your cycle and guess what even

the rotation of the earth can alter your

weight so don't be stressing out if you

weigh yourself today and then you weight

yourself tomorrow and there is like a

four pound difference it really comes

down to all those factors what you eat

the amount of salts the earth rotation I

know it's crazy but don't fret it's okay

my last tip is to make sure the number

you're striving for is realistic too

often we will think of this number this

perfect number that we think if we hit

this number our lights than we perfect

I'm gonna get that job the man the woman

the life the yachts guess what that

number is probably so unrealistic and

it's probably and it could be a number

that you once weighed you know maybe ten

years ago five years ago but so many

factors have changed you're a different

person now you've adapted better

lifestyle habits you change you know in

a good way you need to remember that

know that you may have felt comfortable

and confident with the number that you

weighed five years ago but you got to

take in factors of age where you're

living lifestyle so don't be upset about

this number that you have in this head

find out a realistic number and stick

with it

bottom line is don't judge yourself

based on the number on a scale you know

you are worth way more than a stupid

battery-powered device you are worth so

much and if only I could have a

one-on-one conversation with you and

just show you all the wonderful magical

things that make you who you are because

you need to hear it you are loved by so

many you have a fantastic life and it's

all up to you to change them make those

healthy habits so don't you don't freak

out about this number

don't let the weight consume you don't

be obsessed know your Worth know that

you are loved you know that you are

healthy you're living a healthy

lifestyle and you're creating positive

changes in your life so what I want you

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so thank you so much for watching this

video and remember vu times too and

don't let that scale obsess you you are

worth way more than a number on a scale

bye guys have a fantastic day mwah