What is the Best time to Study & Stay Productive?

what is the best time to study it's one

of those analyst debates among students

is it better to study at night or during

the day sign says that our cycles of

alertness and focus are governed by

circadian rhythms they are what form our

24-hour sleep-wake cycle that then

drives when we are hungry when we are

tired and even when we undertake

activities such as work and study it's

not hard to argue that studying during

the day is a good choice after all we

are refreshed in the morning after a

good night's sleep and should have just

had an energy field breakfast that will

sustain us well into the day during the

day you are less likely to require

indoor lightning sunlight is actually

good for your eyes it provides just the

right spectrum of light to maintain

optimal eyesight and actually works with

a budgetary gland to make you alert and

awake but wait what about people who

prefer to study at night the most

obvious advantage of studying at night

is the abundance of peace and quiet you

have night time is when people are more

relaxed the great risk with studying at

night though is that you may lose track

of time and end up sleeping less and

this is the great enemy of learning a

strong routine complete with deadlines

on when you stop studying and start

sleeping means you aren't breaking the

circadian rhythms that govern your

body's patterns so when is it best to

study it all depends on your lifestyle

younger people with a routine that sees

them more active at night will find that

studying at night comes more naturally

to them if you are an adult and

reentering study after a long time away

you'll find that day times are far

better suited as you are used working or

being active during the day in fact

study shows that only around 2 percent

of students over 30 find that studying

at night works for them 80% of them

would rather study in the morning the

important factor for everyone is making

sure you're getting enough sleep so

whether you're a morning person or a

night owl there's nothing stopping you

from taking one study in your own time

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