When Is The Best Time To Sell a House

Kris Krohn with REITV. Today we're gonna talk about the absolute best time to sell a house.

So when is the best time to sell a property? Well, the truth is it depends. If you bought

it the right way, then anytime should be the right time. However, will there be times in

the market that are more advantageous than others? Try this one for a minute: Consumers

and investors usually follow separate and opposite tracks.

So when all the consumers are buying up real estate, do you know what investors are typically

doing? That's when they're selling! When everyone is in this buyer's market, that's when you

can usually sell for the highest price and that's when investors wanna trade into different


But the opposite is also true. When all of the consumers are dumping and saying "The

sky is falling and it's the worst investment that we saw in '07 and 2008 and 9 and 10!".

What were investors like me doing?

We're buying up everything like crazy! Warren Buffett - he had his own hedge fund at the

time. He was buying 30... 40,000 homes per year into the markets that actually were totally


So, best time to sell a home is really at the market high before it falls out is when

you're going to really cash in on top dollar. But if your strategy requires that, then you

may have in fact, the WRONG strategy. Because if the market is ever turning and moving it

away that it's not advantageous for you, you should be able to continue holding that home,

cash flowing it, and continuing to make money on it.

This is one of the reasons why one of my many rules in real estate is that I buy below the

median. Why do I do that on my short-term buy and holds? Because if the market ever

turns AGAINST me, I'm gonna keep on cash flowing that property and those lower-priced homes

- they don't lose value like a million or a half a million dollar home does.

So Warren Buffett has this principle, right? He calls it the margin of risk. And really

when you talk about the best time to sell a house, I wanna draw attention to how Warren

Buffett has become a multi-billionnaire and the, one of the greatest philanthropist of

our day and age; all based on a very simple principle you may have heard called Buy Low,

Sell High, okay?

Warren is a really great example if you read his book Snowball, of an individual that really

live his principles. He says if you wanna reduce your risk, you gotta increase your

margin of profitability. So it's real simple: If you buy a house as an investor, you buy

it with a lot of equity 'cause if you do, whether it's the wrong or right time to sell,

you can sell profitably!

Understanding this principle is key for this next part:

If you buy the right house, you can sell it anytime for great profit. I've got an example

here of the house that I've just recently sold. This is a house that I sold in... purchased

in '05 and sold in 2015. So I've held onto this house for 10 years and here's some background

on this house: I actually leveraged a partner's money and a partner's credit to buy this house.

So how much money was I into this deal? I wasn't in it at all. And I used my staff and

my team and we basically lined it up.

Now I have here the HUD. This is actually the closing documents on selling this house

where I received as you can see here a $38,986 check. But here's the summary on this spread

that I wanna point out...

I purchased this house in 2005 and we bought it for $109,000 and a down payment of 10%

was $1,069. My expenses over the life of holding this was 70,000 but my income was a 107. What's

the difference? Roughly $37,000 that we got to make in cash flow and to down payments,

deposits, along the way. Then when we sold the house, we collected a check for $28,000

that me and my partner got to split after I paid back my partner the $9,000 that he

put in.

So he put in the money, he got paid back. So basically there's 28,000 of profits to

split, there's 37,000 that was made along the way, 37 and 28 is roughly $65,000, okay?

So this tiny little house - 4 bedroom, 1 and a half bath, did a good job taking care of


Now let's just for a moment take a look at the ROI. I could've sold this house at any

time but why did I sell it now? Well, it's been a cash cow. The little bit out, how do

I know it's a cash cow? For a moment, take a look at the ROI! We put in $9,000 but look

at what we got out? $65,000! That's a 720% increase.

Now, divide that over holding the home for 10 years and that is 72% a year on your money.

Now, my business partner and I made 72% a year based on whose money? His money! He's...

he and I get to split the ROI 36% each. But let me ask you, if I put no money in, what

is my real net ROI? It's infinite! Think about it. I didn't put anything in, but I got all

of that money coming back out to me.

So this is an example of 'I could've sold this house at any time. It's been cash flow

cowing. Why did I really sell it?'. Because the market was right! What do you do when

the market's wrong? Just keep making money and keep cash flowing!

When you do real estate the right way, it can always be a great time to buy, hold, or

sell... which is why I love short-term buy and hold strategies 'cause I get to make my

money along the way.

I hope you've enjoyed today's video on the best time to sell your house. Put some comments

below! We'd love to respond and give you the help that you need as we work on turning you

into a brilliant, bright, and successful real estate investor.