yo what's up guys thank you so much for

joining me today my name is Cody and as

you can tell I'm pretty serious about

eBay resale I do it full time now but I

wanted to put this video out because I

feel like there's something extremely

important when selling on eBay and that

is when to list your auction items so if

you follow me on this channel at all you

know that I try to stay away from

auctions it's definitely a buyers market

with the auctions if you're buying on

eBay it's great to to bid on options

because you can get items for cheaper

but if you're selling you're gonna

maximize your profits by doing buy it

now now the truth is sometimes you'll

get an item and it won't sell for

whatever reason maybe you selected a bad

item maybe you selected a good item and

then a lot of other people around the

world selected that same good item and

then the market just got flooded and

there's so many sellers it not enough

buyer so you just can't sell it item but

there comes a point in time when you

need to get rid of an item and the best

way to do that is to list it as an

auction now there is a good time and a

bad time to listen auction and you

really want to just begin with the end

in mind you want to think as a seller

you want that auction to end with a bid

war you want like three or four buyers

to just be clicking each other up within

60 seconds of the ending of the auction

they don't have time to think and they

just keep bidding because they get their

competitive edge kicks in their

competitive nature kicks in and they

want to win that item right so you want

that item to end at the most convenient

time for somebody to be bidding on an

item for what every day for whatever

reason sunday is the biggest day for

people to buy stuff on eBay and that's

when you're gonna want your item to end

so if you're doing a seven-day auction

maybe start it on Sunday night and just

know it will end the next week on Sunday

night you can also do a three-day or

5-day auction but just try to make it

end on Sunday night I've found the most

success doing that

alright so my phone died but we're in a

new setting same message there's one

more thing I wanted to drive home before

I close it out and that is that you need

to start your listing as low as possible

and just understand that it's best for

you the seller if that item stays low


as long as possible so if I'm listing a

seven-day auction

I want that item to stay at $0.99 or

maybe get a couple of bids so that other

buyers know that it's a serious listing

and other buyers are interested maybe a

few bids but you really want that item

to stay low and this will attract more

traffic to your listing which will

attract more traffic to your other

listings and that will give you more

watchers now the more Watchers you have

the more potential people you have to

engage in a bid war on that final day so

in a perfect world if I listen item I'm

gonna list it for 99 cents on a Sunday

night it's gonna sit at 99 cents or

maybe a dollar two dollars throughout

the whole week I'm gonna get a bunch of

potential buyers because everyone's

gonna be getting excited oh look at this

hundred dollar item it's only 99 cents

and then on Saturday or Sunday night

there's going to be a bid war and people

are just gonna get competitive they're

gonna make stupid decisions and that

items gonna sell for a lot more than

it's worth

so that's it it's real simple if you

have to listen item as an auction list

it seven days Sunday night or five days

or three days just make sure it ends on

a Sunday night and don't freak out guys

if it's staying low early that just

means that there's a better chance for

you to have a serious bid war on the

final day of that listing so I hope this

video helped you guys out that's gonna

be it for this video thank you so much

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