Best Time Of The Year In FLORIDA 🌴?

what is my favorite time of year to live

in Florida one of the viewers asked me

that the other day in a live feed and I

said the summer time on the summer time

is my favorite time in Florida because

all the snowbirds had not have migrated

up north and there's more room and less

traffic to roam around and to enjoy all

that Florida has to offer because

traffic and driving in Florida could be

a negative I would say that's one of

this necks of living in Florida but

still overall the tropical environment

the weather the culture the outdoor


the tropical environment is just a

blessing and I love Florida

one of the best decisions I ever made

was to move from New Jersey to Florida

and as I make this video in the summer I

can tell you I love Florida in the

summer now I would also say that I love

Florida during Christmas time because

it's magical to have like boats with

Christmas lights and palm trees with

Christmas lights and there's a vibe and

there's a excitement in the air and it's

it's very magical for it to be 80

degrees 90 degrees nice and sunny and

it's Christmas time for me that's

magical I don't like snow I don't like

cold weather I don't like chimney

fireplaces I don't like any of that I

like being in a tank top all year around

I like endless summer what's my favorite

season what's my favorite time of the

year to live in Florida every day I love

Florida what a deep passion and I love

that not everyone loves it in the summer

I had a friend who watches my YouTube

channel who I met on YouTube his name is

Milano he lives full-time in Miami in a

class-b RV and when I first started to

have communications with him he said Sam

be thankful that it's hot in the summer

because that keeps a lot of people away

from living in Florida full-time and I

agree I don't want to travel up north

I don't mind taking vacations but I

don't want to be a Snowbird I want to be

a full time Floridian resident and I

love Florida at the height of the summer

someone once told me that all the summer

heat in Florida is oppressive and to

some extent it is but I like to sweat I

like it hot and even today it's cooled

down it's in the 80s and that's cool

there's an overcast but if you'd ask me

what are my favorite times of year to be

in Florida I would say the summer

because there's less traffic and it's

like the true spirit of Florida like

only people who really love Florida are

here in the summer hmm yellow Florida

and also Christmastime because it's

magical for it to be warm and see

Christmas lights again on boats and on

palm trees that's magical and I love

Florida its moist that it rains and

that's humid I don't like the desert I

don't like fires I like moist tropical

Florida flowers a blessing and screw

everyone that tells you Florida's not

nice in the summer huh ah maybe they're

maybe they're right for them for me I

love Florida every day 24/7 365 and

you're blessed if you ever love anything

like that

a day in your life huh some people don't

even like their spouse most of the year

I love Florida every day of the year and

that's what this video is about alright

peace and love