When Is the Best Time to Work Out to Burn More Calories?

the next health question begins with a

tale of two workouts there is Brooke who

works out in the morning there she is

and there's Courtney working out in the

evening she's actually running so when

is it really better to exercise we've

actually brought both of our exercises

their sisters book importantly yeah

before getting all this we get to say I

told you so more often Brooke does I

just like I'm better

oh you are yeah it always never goes

away does it that was a little bit all

right so let's talk about time of

exercise why Brooke do you think the

morning is the wiser time to exercise

because none of my children are awake

yet I get up it as tired as I am once I

start moving I got going and get it out

of the way and I'm done

Courtney what do you think it's just

just completely wrong and evening is the

right time to go

because for me I have to get up go to

work by the time I get home dinner the

only time I have is the night to do the

workout so I can rewind get my workout

and then go to bed eventually at least

you with Courtney on this one I gather

well I am because I'm I bought 4:30 in

the morning is not a kind of morning

person I am and and honestly if you've

kept kids as you know the only time I

have phrase at night after dinner I like

the morning first of all I feel like I

can be proud the rest of the day like I

am now is that already worked out this

morning right the whole day I'm

celebrating they already did it and I

feel like I feel physically mentally

looser so to find out because there's no

easy engine of this we asked Brooke and

Courtney to be part of a very dangerous

social experiment we called it Oprah's

live your best like fitness expert Laura

I'm the log come on in Laurel and he

designed a 45-minute workout at your

sister's but you had some very specific

instructions what were they yes okay the

first thing we did is to start off

before the workout with some

carbohydrates okay I'm going to talk

about food first and imagine your body

as a car going on the trip right what do

we need to do is to fill up that tank

with fuel and the preferred fuel before

a workout is carbohydrates then we will

do the workout what we did is we start

with 30 minutes of strength conditioning

and then 15 minutes of cardio

all right so we use three criteria to

evaluate you guys we have to talk about

this openly no holds barred even if

you're sisters first compliance did you

skip because of what time you worked out

second side

benefits is it better for your sleep and

pure energy level depending on which you

worked out in the morning or the evening

and finally how he's burned you want to

know which one actually got you into it

more you worked harder therefore burn

more calories all right Brooke you go

first let's talk about how many times

you worked out this week I did it every

day every day every day she died but she

can still work out tonight so you guys

if you don't intend on skipping if you

can keep doing it that's fine so no

points for that for that you both are

equal you say enough energy benefits

actually so much sleep first can you

talk about energy does you like the

energy stuff okay how did it affect your

sleep well I found that as notice the

lights dimmed a little bit follow these

as the week went on I started to sleep


Courtney honestly Courtney for me it

took me a while to fall asleep once I

fell asleep then I was okay but it made

my day go longer because I wasn't fully

tired like the edge might be the morning


well okay so energy wise how was your

energy after working out that was great

because it was like it recharged

everything I think my metabolism kicked

up and I was I was good to go for the

day and your energy I notice in the

morning I would be okay but then of the

day went on I started to get a little

tired where I would maybe need like a

snack or something to get me through the

rest of the workday to get home to then

work out I guess I I really do think on

my head in this I'm just saying just say

well but you know that's that it be

decided by calories burn because if

you're excited about working out if you

got a routine you'll burn a lot of

calories and if you're not that excited

just doing it cuz you have to do it

maybe you want so are you guys ready to

reveal all right how many calories

Brooke did you burn in the entire week

ready 2220


3500 835 so it looks like you burn a lot

more calories in the morning that's my


I think I many guys think about this

result it yeah I'm with me you think

that mornings might be better I'm with

you I hate to say it but I told you so

this one I got right what do you think

of those results well normally I would

agree with the wife because you know I

know what happens but I'm going to eat

with dr. oz on this one all right Laura

you're coming to my house tomorrow

morning right right on right in charge

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