When is the best time to mow your lawn

all right guys ooh blurry today's video

is when should you mow your lawn what's

the best time well I'm gonna go against

mold and say the best time is whenever

you can do it here's why

you look at it it happens to be evening

which is what everybody says is the best

time but think about it

when does when do golf courses mow their

lawns early morning when do sod farms

mow their lawns middle of the afternoon

don't believe me I Drive by sod farms

all the time and see the mowing any time

of the day and then same thing with

multi-million dollar homes that have

landscapers to it you really think the

landscapers going to come do that

multi-million dollar lawn while the

homeowner just got home from work

probably not now for that virtual owner

doing it in the evening is a perfect

time but if you work evenings or you

just have a better time to do it do it

then don't stress about it because it

doesn't really matter that much these

multi-million dollar homes the sod farms

the golf courses they all want better

lawns than we do well sort of they they

want the perfect lawn too but we're

willing to do crazy stuff for that but

anyways you get the point so they're not

destroying their lawns by mowing at the

wrong time so don't worry about it

so this is the only time in Suns going

down so you probably won't see any

stripes but I'm still striping oh by the

way check it out mulch came in









look how thick that is oh yeah all right

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