6 Little-Known Ways to Buy the Cheapest Airplane Ticket


an airplane ticket for $5.00 seems to be

nonsense but not one you know how to

search here's some unusual ways to find

the cheapest option at the end of the

video we've included a list of the best

search engines to help you buy an

airplane ticket for the price of a movie

ticket the best time to buy the 60-day

rule works perfectly but for your flight

not later than one point five to two

months before the trip buy tickets on

dates from mid January until early March


Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are

when the ticket prices are lowest try to

purchase your tickets on Tuesdays

between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. if you're

planning a weekend flight it's best to

buy your tickets on a Friday night or

Saturday airline system failures no

price calculator is perfect and

sometimes they malfunction this usually

happens with complex flights it's not a

law by any means or of luck it's almost

impossible to buy a ticket to the city

you need with the help of a system error

but it's perfect for a spontaneous

vacation the website airfare watchdog

comm has a top 50 fare section that is

updated daily another site secret flying

comm posts a selection of system errors

daily that are following on Facebook and

Twitter to stay updated and holiday

pirates dot-com has an alert system for

holiday and weekend deals and particular

airports of departure the 24-hour rule

check the same flight the next morning

after you've booked it because search

engines often set filters to defaults

and may suggest cheaper options

if the price is lower you can cancel

your booking and repurchase your ticket

in this case you'll have to pay a small

fee depending on the airline and booking

platform check out yap comm to track

prices for a particular flight and to

change tickets if you need it the

cheapest airlines they are otherwise

called budget airlines and their policy

is the best price you can get brian air

one of the most popular budget airlines

in europe is well known for its crazy

discounts recently it's said that its

flights might become free before 2020

how to use budget airlines features

using Ryanair as an example inspect the

price chart of your airline the cheapest

tickets by Ryanair are fifty four and

ten days before the flight avoid popular

cities if you want to get to Paris don't

select its central Airport go with

champagne aardeen or a battery whose

prices are much lower use other search

engines - rather than only the low-cost

airlines as they track budget airlines

and system errors however don't forget

to check the airline companies websites

on rare occasions their fares might be

lower a hidden city feature

this one is well known to experienced

travelers they hide their destination in

the middle of the route if you need to

get to Istanbul don't rush to book a

direct flight

sometimes a flight to Rome with the

transfer in Istanbul may be much cheaper

what a sneaky hack cheap ticket search

engines their job is simple to analyze

the prices among hundreds of Airlines

for the route you need and sort them by

price date time a flight number of stops

and other factors here is a list of the

most popular ones