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oh that's way heavier than I expected

actually I'm probably not good for the

MacBook Pro on the bottom hey guys I'm

Tom a tech chap and I think if there's

one eternal truth about tech it's that

there's always something else around the

corner but right now I think the tech

world have kind of aligned in such a way

that it's a great time to buy a new

laptop even if everything else in the

world right now doesn't seem so great

okay so at number one and at the

beginning of the year at CES we get to

see a glimpse of the tech that's coming

and now fast forward a few months it's

starting to hit the shelves

well virtual shelves take this guy for

example it's the LG gram 17 aka the

world's lightest 17 inch laptop I first

saw this 2020 model with a new processor

and bigger battery back in January but

now it's out you can buy it yourself and

that's the case with pretty much every

brand we've got the new lineup of MAG

books with all new air and pro 30 models

Dells new XPS 13 and 15 laptops around

now with the 17 inch coming out in June

I've also got the brand new Microsoft

Surface go-to with me here and also the

surface book 3 is just coming out plus

there's new Asus Swift's Asus Zenbook HP

spectres razor blades gaming laptops I

could go on forever but the point is

this is the time of year where you can

now buy a lot of twenty20 models of

laptops and that brings me to the second

reason I think now's a great time to buy

a laptop the obturator the new hardware

what these 2020 models actually give us

starting with processors and every year

there's a new Intel stick or any laptop

and it means it's slightly faster but

this year things are getting a lot more

interesting for two reasons but firstly

as you can see by this shiny little

silver sticker down here we have Intel's

latest tenth generation processors and

they're a significant upgrade even in

the last year I don't want to get too

techie talking about ice lake comet Lake

you series h-series and clock speeds but

to take one example the new MacBook Air

and the entry-level 2020 model I

recently reviewed with an Intel 10th gen

dual core i3 is 27 percent faster in my

tests than last year's MacBook Air with

a dual core i5 we also get much faster

graphics but I'll come back to that at

second but as impressive as that is I

think it's actually AMD this year that's

really stealing the show when it comes

to processors their new Rison 4000

series of chips are incredible broadly

speaking but these 4,000 chips

often be more powerful more efficient

and cheaper than intel's laptop

processors and so laptops like the Zeus

ROG Zephyr is g14 or the new asus swift

3 both with new rising processors offer

great performance and also really good

value but the bottom line is regardless

of whether you go for 1/10 genin tell or

a 4000 series risin we're getting much

faster hardware and I can really make a

difference when it comes to a photo and

video editing gaming or just you know

having more than 2 chrome tabs open at

the same time but most importantly it

means your laptop will last you longer

you won't have to worry about upgrading

for quite a few years but I think it's

in the graphics department that things

get even more exciting for example on

laptops with Intel processors that have

a G suffix such as the i7 1065 g7 I have

in the gram 17 here we get Intel's

fastest iris + graphics which is often

around 50% faster than before and it's a

similar story with AMD's Vega graphics

built into their processors but while

it's not exactly going to replace a

gaming laptop the performance is pretty

impressive given its just an integrated

chip and you can get them in super thin

and light form factors like this however

if you're more of an enthusiast gimr or

you're working with applications that

need a proper dedicated graphics card

then Nvidia's lineup can't be beaten

right now on laptops from the GTX 1650

all the way up to the RCX 2080s super

there's a lot of performance on offer

and importantly there's something for

most budgets for example Nvidia is

brand-new r-tx super range of cards that

in my tests offer a 5 to 15 percent

boost in performance over the regular

RTS cards while not a huge jump every

frame helps especially in gaming laptops

that have high refresh rate displays

with the latest offering up to 300 Hertz

so if you want a super gaming laptop you

can now literally get one with a super

graphics card but hold on because I

think this is kind of overkill for most

of us and certainly we're of our budgets

so actually what I'm more excited about

is how this new hardware is basically

giving us this trickle-down technology

so that we're getting faster better

gaming laptops for a lot less money I

mean now we can get an RT X 2060 laptop

for under a thousand pounds so faster

processors and faster graphics there are

two big reasons why now is a great time

to upgrade but it's not just about

performance and specs there's some

really interesting new designs and full

factors of laptops that actually kind of

make you want to upgrade just based on

the designer

so this is the Microsoft Surface go-to

which I think is officially the cutest

laptop in the world

well technically 2 in 1 laptop it's had

a spec boost over last year but they've

also shrunk the bezel given it a bigger

10.5 inch screen and just made it an all

around better laptop I love the size of

this thing and it's also reasonably

affordable starting at 400 pounds

although for a decent spec and with the

keyboard you're looking at about 700

then you have the new Dell XPS series

I've got the 13-inch here the 15-inch

should be coming next week and I love

the trend towards taller 16 by 10 aspect

ratios which gives laptops a bit more

vertical space and I think makes them

much nice to use coming back to the LG

grammed there's thirteen fourteen and

seventeen ish models but find me another

17 inch laptop that weighs less than

three pounds

we get a massive screen great for

editing coding working watching YouTube

and Netflix but in a super lightweight

form factor that's really easy to carry


then there's dual screen laptops which

are still kind of rare but definitely a

new trend and last year's as Susan book

pro duo was so much fun to use and now

we have the new 20/20 Zenbook duo UX 41

which is a 14 inch version with later

specs and costs about 1,500 pounds and

while you may be thinking this second

screen seems a bit gimmicky for me I

found having my Premiere Pro Media

Browser or a YouTube video twitch or

discord on a second screen was really

helpful so let's definitely want to look

out for another option is the iPad pro

which together with the brand new magic

keyboard make this more into a laptop

than ever it is expensive and probably

not for everyone but depending what you

use it for it could be a good laptop

alternative so at this point you may be

thinking Todd that all sounds great but

I can't afford any of it well the good

news is that a lot of this tech is also

trickling down to more affordable budget

laptops and as we saw with the MacBook

Air even if you're getting an i3 or

Rison 3 if you try to get one with a new

a tenth general AMD 4000 chips they're

going to be a lot more powerful than

before or even if you don't care about

the latest spec but just want something

cheap and cheerful then I recently

tested the Acer Aspire 3 which cost just

300 pounds and maybe is a second laptop

for the house or something for your kids

to do their schoolwork on from home it's

great so I put links to some of my

favorite 20/20 laptops in the

description below hopefully you found

this video helpful and maybe it's given

you some ideas but let me know in the

comments below

what you're currently using and if you

are thinking about upgrading which

laptop do you have your eye on don't

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