The #1 Travel Hack Of 2020 - How ANYONE Can Get 50% Off Hotels

right now I'm in Hawaii staying at a

resort that costs $700 a night but I

only paid $200 and I'm gonna teach you

just how to do that over the past couple

of years I've become a pretty savvy

traveler using all sorts of travel hacks

to save me time and money but the one

thing I couldn't seem to crack was the

price of hotels there hands down

they must expensive part of travel and

when I recently wanted to take a trip to

Hawaii the prices were so high I

honestly just refused to pay that so it

forced me to do some research on if

there's a way to get hotels for a

cheaper price and what I found was crazy

I've been using this simple hack for a

few months out and it saved me hundreds

if not thousands of dollars on every

trip that I've taken from now on it's

something that anyone can do and today

I'm going to show you exactly how I do

it and be sure to stay till the end of

this video because I am going to be

doing a giveaway of some hotel stays so

I've been wanting to go to Hawaii just

because why not right my favorite island

is Maui and I like staying on Kaanapali

Beach but every time I look up hotels

they are so absurdly expensive like

let's look them up right now Kaanapali

Beach hotels $400 $600 three hundred and

seventy five dollars six hundred dollars

four hundred dollars all my favorite

hotels are like four hundred dollars a

night and I just don't want to pay that

but I was getting to a point where I was

about ready to pull the trigger and just

pay the price until if I did some

snooping around last night and I found a

Travel hack that's literally gonna save

me almost two thousand dollars on

booking this trip to Hawaii and I can't

believe it I can't believe no one's

talking about it so what could this

amazing hack be well it's using the

Hotwire comm mystery Dale Hotwire comm

is a discount travel website and every

day they have these deals of the day and

hot rate deals these are typically fifty

to sixty percent off regular hotel

prices but there's a catch you don't get

to know what hotel you're booking

until after it's booked the only thing

you get to know is the ratings of the

hotel and the location it's in here's

where my hack comes in I found a way to

make it not so much of a mystery you can

actually predict what hotel you're

exactly going to get and I'm gonna

test that theory out so here we go I

want to go to Maui and I want to go the

10th through the 15th so you put in your

destination you put in your days and the

first thing that comes up is the deal of

the day so I've been looking at these

days a lot and I actually found if I go

11 through 15 the daily deal is even

cheaper its 201 dollars per night or

what's originally a 529 dollar hotel so

I know you're thinking this is super

scary though like you don't know what

you're getting what if it's not that

good okay I figured out how to find out

what it is so I'm gonna open up in a new

tab this deal and what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna look at the ratings here the

ratings are four point four four point

six four point three four point six and

four point five so then you can look at

all of the hotels available and you just

match it up to those exact specific

ratings and that's how you find the

exact hotel so first we're just gonna

look for the other ones that say four

point four so Lahaina Beatrice or it

says four point four Grand Wailea says

four point four and the Westin Kaanapali

Ocean Resort Villa says four point four

those all say four point four so it

could be in any of those but the way to

figure out exactly which one is to match

it up with each of these other ratings

so the hotel service comfort and

cleanliness - let's start with Lahaina

Shores beach resort you're then gonna go

to verified reviews because basically

these both match up to TripAdvisor

for the mystery trip they're showing you

the TripAdvisor reviews this one has a

four point five four point four four

point five four point three with a 4.4

can't be Lahaina Shores because this

says condition of hotel at four point

six and Lahaina short says four point

three so we know it's not that next up

is the Grand Wailea and this one has the

same review ratings but if we look at

the location it is located in Wailea

and our mystery Hotel says it is located

in Kaanapali so it cannot be the Grand


so it must be the westin Kaanapali Ocean

Resort villas which go for six hundred

and thirty nine dollars a night and this

deal is going for two hundred and one

dollars a night at sixty two percent off

so here I have the mystery hotel pulled

up against the Westin Ocean Villas and

we'll start off with they both have a

4.4 for overall satisfaction they both

have a 4.6 for condition of hotel they

both have a 4.3 for quality of service

they both have a 4.6 for room comfort

and they both have a 4.5 for room

cleanliness so I'm thinking it must be

the Westin Ocean resorts Kaanapali so

next thing I'm gonna do is look up and

I'm just gonna make sure I'm getting a

good deal with the $200 a night you want

to look through the entire internet and

make sure you're getting a good deal so

for the 11th through the 15th sure

enough the whole internet has no rates

under $600 except if you go to the

website it is showing something a little

bit cheaper I can't believe this I feel

like I just landed on the jackpot I'm

gonna book it out and we're gonna see if

that's what it is cuz I am like freaking

out and I'm booking it here we go I'm so


what if it's not what I think it is but

I'm like so sure this is what it is what

if I'm wrong though says we're about to

reveal your hotel I got it right you

guys this is crazy I literally got a

hotel that's over $600 a night for $200

a night this is absurd so the last thing

that I want to do to show you guys this

isn't just some fluke I didn't just make

a lucky guess I'm gonna book one more

night and I'm going to also guess what

that night is gonna be I want to get in

on the tent so I'm gonna put the tent

through the oven gonna search that and

we have this deal I'm going for the

cheapest deal basically so we're gonna

open it up in a new tab and we're gonna

see that it has a 4.0 rating so then we

are just going to also open up any other

hotels you can find with that 4.0 rating

the Westin Maui the gardens

West Maui the Westin Maui in the gardens

at West Maui so we're gonna check both

of these gardens at West Maui has a 4.3

4.0 3.9 4.1 mystery hotel has a 3.9 4.2

4.2 4.2 so it's not the gardens at West

Maui because that just doesn't add up

next the Westin Maui which is different

from what I just booked I just got the

Westin Ocean Resort villas alright so

you guys should be experts at this by

now if you're this far into the video

and as we can see this is a perfect

match so I'm very confident that the

mystery hotel for this date is the

Westin it's saying they have a room at

$399 but this has it at 242 dollars so

it's not quite as good of a deal

obviously I just scored the most crazy

deal of my life that I've ever gotten

like that was absurd but this is still

like over $100 off like it's still a

really really good deal it's what I'm

willing to pay so I am super positive

that this is the Westin we are gonna

book this for the first night and it is

it's totally the Westin sure enough it

is the Westin you guys this is a

foolproof way to get hotels for cheaper

I can't even believe it overall on this

trip I saved one thousand eight hundred

and sixty eight dollars and forty seven

cents so I have my trip booked but I'm

obviously still a little bit skeptical

is this too good to be true so now we

wait and we see if this pans out as

being the best vacation ever for the

best price ever right everyone

here at the airport it is one week later

Hettich of life

we're gonna see

this hotel expectation or the deal is

too good to be true my first night a

vacation is at the Westin Kaanapali this

was the second hotel that I booked it

was for a rate of two hundred and forty

dollars versus the listed price of 399

it for us so okay most important part

how's the view it's pretty cool Mountain

upon check-in we were given a mountain

view room which as of today goes for

four hundred ninety three dollars on

their website

this is room 502 and it looked exactly

like the photos the mountain view was

nice and every room had these pod like

terraces upon checking in however there

was a notice that emergency repairs were

being done and there was a pool closed

down on top of that the hotel has been

going through a remodel because of the

remodel I am sure that is why these

rooms are listed for such a cheaper

advise because if you go on the Western

website you will see there are remodeled

rooms as well so they're obviously gonna

give the newer remodeled rooms to people

that paid full price and these older

rooms nobody wants them so that is

probably why they are cheaper but with

that said the room was nice I've

actually stayed at this exact hotel

before and remodel or not it was still a

nice room the repairs and the

construction going on was surprisingly

not invasive as you can see by the

footage the walled off construction

section was not ideal but it wasn't

super ugly or loud either so yeah this

hotel had a few kinks but still for two

hundred and forty dollars a night to get

a beachfront hotel on Kaanapali it was

still the best deal around and I have no


I had a nice sleep in overall completely

normal hotel experience here and overall

Newser is really nice I mean the grounds

were super nice it's right on the beach

it definitely is like worth the money

and a great resort

I think they remodeled a lot of rooms

and we didn't get a remodeled room I

think that might be why we got a cheaper

room but even was it not being remodeled

it's still really nice room I have zero

complaints about it and overall I'm

super happy now I'm packing up all of my

stuff and getting ready you head over to

the next hotel the next day we checked

into our four nights stay at the Westin

Kaanapali Ocean Villas this was the

hotel that I got for 201 dollars a night

marked down from $700 a night just got

our room keys to check in upon walking

into the room I was shocked you guys oh

wow sounds like a full on other bedroom

apartment well I did not expect to

actually get a one-bedroom unit I

assumed when booking this deal I'd be

given the absolute cheapest room they

had and on the website at the time of

booking that showed that they had a

studio room but upon my check-in I was

given a one-bedroom so I think it's safe

to say regardless of the price it's not

going to affect which room you get and

you're not getting treated differently

than any other guest that booked on any

other website this resort felt like the

older sister to the other hotel it was

definitely a little bit more luxurious

and upscale and I seriously cannot

believe I got it for such a steal I'm

happy to report that Shelby and I had a

great time in Hawaii at

for reasonable price so with most things

in life if it seems too good to be true

it is and that's honestly what I thought

was going to happen with this but it's

not it's for real this is a legit hack

that actually works I figured this out

in the beginning of January and since

then I've booked for trips using this

hack and every time I get it right and I

actually save hundreds of dollars a

night it's absurd and if you're not

doing this you're just throwing money

away like it's that good so there is a

reason why this is a thing though hotels

will have vacant rooms and they're not

gonna fold them at their price because

you know it's just maybe not a high

travel season or something like that but

they could maybe fill them if they would

lower their prices more but the thing

with hotels they have a certain

threshold that they're not gonna go

lower then because they just don't want

to cheap in their brand a lot of the

time and Brewin the integrity of their

brand like a Four Seasons could have ten

rooms that are vacant that night but

they're not gonna go to $200 a night

because they're Four Seasons they're

expensive they'd rather just have those

rooms vacant so these hotels will

partner with Hotwire though and they'll

just have them listed secretly at a much

much lower price so that they can fill

these rooms and you know gain a little

bit of revenue without cheapening their

brand so it's really a win-win-win

situation for everyone it's a win for

hot where it's a won for their tiles and

it's a huge win for us the people that

have to spend the money if you're still

skeptical and want to learn more I'll

have a vlog linked below for my most

recent trip I went to San Francisco I

did this hack for my fourth time booked

a hotel room that was $100 for the night

that was usually $300 so that was really

great and now lastly for this giveaway I

want to give away a four night hotel

stay anywhere you want I'm gonna book it

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contest will be running for two weeks

it'll end on this day and I will direct

message to the winner on Instagram and

then I'll post who the winner is in my

Instagram story thank you guys so much

for watching I hope you use this and I

hope it really helps you save money on

your travels I'll see you guys next time