Animal Crossing New Horizons: SNOW & HEAVY SNOWFALL (WINTER DETAILS & Everything You Need To Know)

hey youtube welcome back to a brand new

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today we are taking a look at everything

you need to know about snowfall

what it adds to the game and how it

affects the new horizons island

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so winter has officially begun in the

northern hemisphere and snow has finally

started falling for many players

however it seems a lot of people are yet

to experience this despite being up to

date and playing in real time

so i thought it'd be nice to run down

everything you need to know about snow

when it occurs and what it brings to the

game and hopefully answers some of your


now the winter season begins on the 26th

of november

and runs through to the end of february

but it's important to note this doesn't


everyone will see snowfall right away

basically because it's just a type of


in the earlier weeks of december snow

replaces rain so you will only see snow

when it would normally rain and this is

of course random and based on your

island's weather pattern

personally for me it's been winter for a

week now and i'm only now getting my

first snow shower today

which is the 3rd of december but it

varies for everyone

just like rainfall there are two types

of snow including light snowfall and

heavy snowfall

with the heavy snowfall seeing darker

snow clouds and more snow falling than


now during the first few weeks of winter

from the end of november and through to

the middle of december

snow will fall but not settle on the

ground meaning you'll still see your

grass although sometimes it can seem

misty or icy on its surface

which is really cool now the snow

falling affects your island in pretty

much the same

way rain does for example you may notice

your flowers sparkling while it's


because the snow waters your flowers

just like rain does the same goes for

pumpkin patches

furthermore the snow affects the

critters that can be encountered around

your island

in exactly the same way that rain does

for example you can still catch koala

cancer in the ocean

whilst it's snowing now snow continues

to fall randomly throughout the winter


however heavy snow showers become more

common and finally

settles on the ground on the 11th of

december in new horizons

when it completely covers the grass

buildings trees bushes and fences

and completely changes the atmosphere of

your island

this is the same for all players

although there's no guarantee what kind

of snowfall your island will experience

on that day

you could find you play on the 11th see

a bunch of snow everywhere but with only

a super light snow

shower anyway because of this settled

snow it's around this time that isabelle

will announce the latest crafting


that's been spotted around the new

horizons island from the 11th through to

the end of winter

the snow will bring with it all new

snowflakes that randomly float around

the island

these act just like other seasonal

materials and can be caught and used to

craft snowflake themed items

including things like the snowflake

wreath and ski slope wall

furthermore with there now being heavier

snow showers and plenty of snow on the

ground in the second half of december

you will also encounter two snowballs

which randomly spawn on your island in a

different place every day

these snowballs can be kicked and moved

around the island and just as you'd

expect grow larger the more they're

kicked around

growing these snowballs in size and

merging them together will result in a

snow boy

who is extremely charming to talk with

this special character knows everything

there is to know about crafting in the


and will often hand out diy recipes for

items from the frozen series

including items like the frozen counter

and frozen wand which i think will be

super popular

now the snowfall also has a noticeable

effect on your villagers

who start to wrap up much warmer wearing

hats and coats

and look even more adorable than they

already did villagers who are outside


often comment on the amount of snowfall

there has been or the colder weather the

island is experiencing

if nothing else is quite refreshing to

get some different dialogue

anyway the final thing that the snow

adds to the game is a slight adjustment

to the soundtrack and background music

if you listen closely you'll notice the

hourly music now has a festive twist

and sounds much more christmasy which

again really adds to the atmosphere of

the game

now it's also worth mentioning that

these cedar trees on the new horizons

island during december

will also have some colorful decorations

and lights added to them thanks to


these will also allow for a second

seasonal crafting material called

ornaments to spawn

which can be used to craft a number of

festive items including the illuminated


and the big festive tree amongst others

however this

isn't actually connected to snowfall as

those playing in the southern hemisphere

will also see these decorations and

craft materials

just without the snowfall i know many of

you have been asking that so hopefully

that answers your question

anyway that's pretty much everything

there is to know about snowfall

when it occurs and what it adds to the

new horizons island

but what do you think about snow are you

excited to see your island covered in


and has snow already started falling on

your island

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